I am going out with a girl tomorrow for the first time in my life (28 year old KV)

I am going out with a girl tomorrow for the first time in my life (28 year old KV).

Wish me luck my dear brothers. It is literally now or never. I can't continue living like this anymore. I have to try. I might fail, but at least I will know that I tried. There is nothing worse than being old and living with regrets. I look at old people and think to myself, this is literally going to be me in a few decades from now. Can you imagine being this guy and thinking to yourself "why didn't I do this when I was young?". Fuck this shit. I will give it my best tomorrow. She is the only person that makes me feel absolutely like myself, with no stress, with nothing but joy. I really like her. My goal is to hopefully go from lunch to dinner, one step at a time, I really don't want to fuck this up.

Anyone else having a similar thing coming up in their lives? Share your thoughts.

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Best of luck user. Hope everything works out good for you mane you deserve it.

God, I wish that were me.
Good luck, user. I want to do the same as you, hopefully this month, with that specific girl I'm thinking about...

I wish you succeed in your quest to find companionship.

Don't forget to take your time and breathe.

Good luck OP, let's hope we will never see you here again

thank you guys, best wishes for you as well. I know how bad it sucks to be alone

I hope you can achieve this as well, it took me a lot of patience...and now it is literally all up to me, either I completely fuck up, or I make this work. I hope for the latter.

OP where did you met her, how long you know her?

27 khv

our story is very specific and I wouldn't want to reveal all the details. I can say that I've known her for a couple of years (met her at work), however because of my work I had to travel a lot (literally spent 7 months in China), and things just could not advance at the time.

ah okay so its the meet a girl at work thing. how did you know it was worth asking her out

we had spent a lot of time together and I felt there was a connection, plus she is very beautiful, her eyes are driving me crazy and when she smiles I forget everything and go completely blank.

well props to you for overcoming your likely anxiety about being a virgin at such an advanced age. im 27 kv and probably the biggest thing holding me back from trying with girls is both the humiliation over my pathetic life but also being this age with no experience, not knowing what to do on a date, how to kiss, let alone how to have sex if it came up.

I have never kissed a girl either, so I can really feel what you are saying. However, think about what the alternative is. Losing someone you really care about because you don't want to feel awkward for a few moments with her? It is worth ridiculing myself over and over again, if that's what it takes for me to be with her. I just don't want the alternative option. That option sucks, it's lonely, and very painful.

hey man, do you want to talk about it? let's just talk before you do anything.

It is taking me patience too, she never can have dates. I often think it's her dismissing me, but end up discovering she indeed was busy.
Just don't make the mistake I did of not kissing her eventually. We had dates already and I did nothing, which may be working against me. Don't rush or feel like you HAVE to do it on the "x"th date, but don't just passively wait for it to happen like me.

I'm slowly becoming an alcoholic and part of me doesn't even want to stop it. I don't want to lose my job even though the stress of it the main reason for this development.

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Good luck man. How did you two meet?

thanks, we met at work it is very difficult to understand exactly what is going on. I have made the mistake in the past to assume things, like over analyzing everything, which only made things worse. Unless there is a clear hint that she does not like you, e.g., she is dating someone at the moment, then the best thing you can do is ask her really. However, this is also not easy, as there is the right way of doing it and the wrong way. What is right and what is wrong depends entirely on your relationship with her at the moment, and you are the one who knows better. Follow your heart.

I am sorry to hear this... I have never been into alcohol that much, but is there a specific reason why you drink it? is it the taste? the feeling you get afterwards? do you want to just zone out and maybe forget something?

>but is there a specific reason why you drink it?

It just feels good and I hate myself afterwards when I got to work with a hangover

have you tried working out? that also feels good! and will make you not drink since it's very unhealthy for you, and it will have an impact on your strength gains

I also do that


can you tell us about the date afterwards?

also good luck op wish you the best
only thing i ever had was a one night stand with a fucked up emo girl from tinder

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