Sour belts are better than cocaine

Sour belts are better than cocaine

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I agree. These things are the shit

I sniff the sugar on the sour belts like cocaine

I used to slap my friend on face with these when I was a kid.

theyre good. sour belts or sour punch straws??

Black licorice is a drug for me, but most people hate it.
I like salmiakki

Based, here in the Netherlands everyone loves it in general

Not really

have you ever even tried coke? it's pretty nice.

Be careful how much you eat. It causes hypertension

Ah, im an americuck, everyone here hates it. If its not sickeningly sweet, fruity and chocolaty then they hate it. Whenever I eat it people leave the room like i ripped a massive fart because they hate the smell of licorice.

I'm aware, I'm broke so can only afford to buy some every few months, to sometimes once a year. The craving is really strong rn, haven't had any salmiakki in about 8 months.

Try our liquorice

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I tried salmiakki in German class. I was the only person who liked it. Really hard to get here

Not by a long shot man

Ever had some nice fishscale in the club? Shits sick as fuark nigga

Anything with sweet fillings I find pretty gross. Those pill looking ones I like. We have those here, good n plenty is the name, of course most americans still hate those... I like the really strong salty stuff, but some sweet stuff is alright sometimes.

It's not sweet though, almost all of it is very salty :')

Ah i see. Wish it wasnt so expensive tho. I can only really buy shit off amazon and most of it seems overpriced.

Yea its a shame its hard to come by. I hate buying stuff online and waiting for it to arrive, but its kinda the only option.

tfw no femanon to bloatmax online by buying them weekly boxes of free candy

where is my 3 hundo gf

Per kilogram of it here we pay around 7 to 8 dollars from the supermarket

tfw $3 in amazon gift card balance... $3 cant buy anything rip, or else id get you something

I dont really buy candy online. I have been planning on buying some Paris green soon.

>Paris green
Is this better than Panama Red?

I'm too scared to even walk outside, and only go out when I must. I'm just a shut in degenerate NEET so thats why I can only really buy it online.

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Well, it probably will give me arsenic poisoning.

I feel like they have cocaine on them already.

I like them but now I prefer just a fucking big ass jug of malteasters or a thing of twizzlers. It's a whole texture over time thing with me.

Feelsgood to be swedish and having liquorice and salmiak within a 10m (30ft) distance wherever I am.
If you don't like liquorice when you live here you'll be considered a faggot and everyone will think that you have the taste buds of a 4 year old girl.
We can get candy for around 4-7 usd per kg, (2,2lbs) depending on the season.

A place where people who hate black licorice are considered faggots... damn I wish I lived where you live. Just going to have to save up for an amazon gift card and buy some

My mouth immediately began watering as if I was eating that sour shit. Who the fuck even likes that. I mean it's like wanna die by drinking acid simulator.

Thats literally the reason we like it, its good mouth pain.

OwO They're amazing!

Salmiakki is amazing too! UwU

What kind do you like? I usually just buy the regular fazer stuff, nice and salty.

Fazer is good, but I don't really have a preference. :)

Ah I see, do you just buy it online A shame everything online is overpriced.

>tfw your teeth are not in good enough shape for you to enjoy candy

Damn, that must suck. Hopefully you can get them fixed up enough to enjoy some candies every now and then.

Completely agree. Tried cocaine again yesterday actually. I personally never really feel anything from it, but when I do, it's like an extremely shitty adderall. I don't understand the hype behind it.

Samefag here. My friend on the other hand always seems to instantly feel it. I can see and hear the difference when he does it. Never for me though...

We are but enlightened men of taste against a horde of obese goblins, and certainly not the fuckable ones. Such is life.