Can anyone who is kissless, handholdless, or hugless please post in this thread so i can feel better about myself...

can anyone who is kissless, handholdless, or hugless please post in this thread so i can feel better about myself? thanks!

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hi fellow khhv
u are not alone

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yea what'sup OP whaddup! 22 yo khv here and im ready to do a flip off the CN Tower brehdda


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I hope friends don't count.

Reporting in fellow khhvs

28 year old khhv reporting in. I hope my pathetic existence makes you feel better.

not kissless and handholdless here

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23 year old virgin reporting in. all i want to do is fuck qt girls the world is cruel

kv here, im 19 and in uni, its already over.
though i dont care, maybe that could change in the future but im pretty psitive that no one will ever want me until the day i die.

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why are you underage fags so willing to expose yourselves?

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>not kissless/hugless
>not a virgin
This is the worst

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Kissless yes. Ive gotten hugs before and ive non-romantically held a girl's hand.

Enjoy your ban, fag.
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

fuck you bitch ass mfer

bump. self gratification process is incomplete.

Voluntary KHHV here.
While the rest of humanity dies being deplorable perverts, I'll still be pure and unspoiled, feels good.

also 22 khv and friendless why the fuck have I always avoided social interaction since I was little I fucking hate myself oh god ADOAHWDOIUAHLDSJDLKAJD

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pretty much impossible to make friends with 22 ur fucked LMAO enjoy dying alone

I did pretty much everything with a girl except sex and I regret it so fucking much, I still hate women with every fiber of my being and want them all to die in agony
Will robots accept me back into their rows if I genuinely repent for my misdeeds?

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I'm here you faggot.
The damage is done. I'm too far gone.