Hope this isnt 2DEEP for r9k which is just sluts and trannies now...

hope this isnt 2DEEP for r9k which is just sluts and trannies now, but does anyone else feel kinda baffled that most people think this life and their actions are serious?

there are a few glaringly obvious points here:
> you will die, and forget all this
> your actions are driven by desires which you don't control
> your actions amount to fuck all
> put anything under critical analysis and within minutes its proven pointless
> you may feel a situation is bad or good, but you have no way to know what it will lead to, the other impacts, what bad and good even mean

everything amounts to staying occupied and telling ourselves its important because we have 80 something years to kill time here before we die. life is just attempting to overcome boredom, constantly, running away from that pain, but if you just sit in it and "become depressed" you lose the drive to even fight the pain, which is eternal, and the whole game is up.

i feel that the second most people begin to realise this, they turn on the tv, take a drink and will themselves to forget

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My god. Somebody unearthed the existential dread yet again. You're beating a dead horse here, almost everyone at some points at their lives thought the same yet little has changed. Your post is obsenely pseudo-redpilled. I'd rather you start changing your life and get out of this board at least. Shoo.

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Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye /b/, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. LJ

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None of those are glaringly obvious. You don't know what happens when you die. And no I'm not a christfag.

Socrates responds: For to fear death, gentlemen, is nothing other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know. For no one knows whether death might not be the greatest of all goods for a human being, but people fear it as if they knew well that it is the greatest of evils.

> thought the same yet little has changed
> I'd rather you start changing your life

you can make surface changes like location, wealth, partner.. but when you've done that enough, you realise it doesn't matter because you cannot change the core "YOU" that experiences the life. that realisation should bring you to my post conclusion

I know that life is ultimately pointless and am comfortable with this knowledge. However it doesnt stop me from feeling guilt and regret over poor actions.

Isn't the core you also the core of humanity? I mean, if you can't change something even you tried the hardest, that means that something is essential. It is the essence of something greater. Maybe all of that we do is just the same, essential, what makes us human.

There's no reason to believe anything other than what we know: the brain, which houses consciousness, stops doing that.
So baseline that's pretty bad.

Babbys first existential crisis is not interesting. You have no frame of reference. Youre just being edgy for having very normal insecurities.

Conciousness can be tiresome, doesn't seem too bad to me. I find the idea of eternal nothingness rather comforting. I still don't agree that is enough to say with certainty nothingness comes after death. Many a times have the seemingly obvious answer, the most likely guess on given information, been wrong.

But what does happen before the brain is dead and how does this person, who is dying but not to the point of brain damage, feel? How does it feel like dying?

Bitch is that a bb gun if not then fuck

> You have no frame of reference
just clear observable conclusions that any idiot can see if they stop clouding their mind with bullshit due to their own fear

life being pointless, us being evolved monkeys, the endless death, the banality.. it is so clear and proved

> You don't know what happens when you die
brain turns off, body rots, that is all. we learned this ages ago.. youre just in denial so you cant relate to my post

I'm not in denial I would prefer such an outcome. I just find your certainty arrogant and myopic

> how does this person, who is dying but not to the point of brain damage, feel?
scared, angry, confused, adrenaline, relieved.. all of the above

just imagine it yourself. i think ill be pissed that i tried so hard and now its over, and id wonder what the people i know will do after im dead, and id be kind of relieved that im leaving

occams razor desu

you're the one over-complicating with zero evidence. everything real is self evident.

Pointless compared to what? You have zero frame of reference. Also people use the same methods and logic to come to the conclusion that life has great purpose and meaning.

You are a pessimist, thats nothing special.

Sure, we might be wrong, but it's a Russel's teapot situation: you can assert plenty of arbitrary shit might be true but there's no reason to act as though any of it is unless you can find some evidence indicating such.

Fuck all the people hating on you for posting this, we should be reminded of this knowledge every day

You are happy spending this time doing these things
Therefore time is well spent
Therefore all is not pointless

compared to anything man made. a story has a point in the end, some kind of moral or perspective. a pair of scissors has a point to them, to cut things.

life has no such thing, it is a blundering accident constantly evolving towards .. its own destruction. over and over again. we are unfinished creatures, who will never finish. we already know that the sun will burn out the earth and the whole charade will most likely start up again elsewhere in billions of years, but with fish people or something this time.

The same good joke told 7 times in a row gets irritating

Nobody hates
Pure criticism of a weak-willed pessimist

you're just illustrating my post, that people don't want to remember this, they want to forget.

> "i feel that the second most people begin to realise this, they turn on the tv, take a drink and will themselves to forget"

Scissors may be destroyed or unused. Also you are retarded if your frame of reference for a pointless life is muh scissors to cut things. By that logic your point would be to have children, which is what most people do.

yes, and what is the point of children? to continue the same life, over and over. always dying, always forgetting, no goal at all.

you see where i'm coming from yet?

Negativity isnt something anyone should dwell on. If you understand actions have consequences then you know how negativity can affect the mind. Tv is one way to get positive influence, but actually most people socialize and make jokes and have fub

Duuude. Whaaaaat? Took the wrong drug

>your actions are driven by desires you can't control
I went on nofap for 73 days. Checkmate.

>Hope this isn't 2Deep
It's just kind of faggy. Like for all the 'red-pilled' Nietzsche-fellating nihilists out there we've had maybe like only a couple really go off the rails. Like they all still go to work, drink alcohol, watch TV, play vidya and bread & circus themselves from the cradle to the grave like the rest of us.
If you don't feel as if your life has meaning why not take one for the team for those of us that care and do something illegal that might also end in your death or alternatively life in prison but would benefit the common man (I'm not gonna say exactly what, but I think you get the idea).
Then there's the implication that you're special because no one knows the pain of life's absurdity. Nigga,everyone with an IQ above 100 gets those feels. I got them first when I was like 11, but I realized that I get one chance to live my conscious life, sandwiched between to infinite stretches of oblivion, and I have a mere 50 years of time I can work to make something out of it, which is way more depressing really.
Also I just gotta say, I never see successful, well-adjusted people going on about this. It's only those who are outcasts or losers that feel the need to tell us all how pointless life is, like fuck.

No because you have zero frame of reference. You saying you have a pointless life is no different from me saying life has great purpose. Mortality is not an interesting subject. Its almost always a projection of how you handle personal choices. If you made bad choices you want to rationalize it in a way that absolves responsibility. If I made good choices I want to rationalize it in a way that makes me look good

that was driven by the desire to not fap anymore, prob cause you think youre gonna get something else from it: confidence/girls < the new desire.

iv taken acid, weed, ketamine..etc, but none gave me any deep realisations to be honest.. that came from reading, and thinking

It does matter, in a way. We are the closest thing we've found to order in the chaos.
Sure, our assignment of meaning to things is arbitrary, but without us there wouldn't be anything to assign meaning at all.
We, humanity, can maintain these things outside ourselves. The same way an individual cell can die yet the human it was part of can remain, human creations continue to have meaning as long as someone still exists to find meaning in it.

>weak-willed pessimist
"it makes me feel bad so it's pessimistic"

yes most idiots do this. they win a gold medal "i worked so hard", they lose the race "i was unlucky".. but smarter people realise the whole thing was rigged from the get go. its basic science.

you're right, i am trapped in the circus too. successful people dont think this because they are trapped in the illusion, hence why they are succcessful. what makes them successful? wealth? their ego? their pride? family? all stupid games to allieviate boredom like anything else. nicer bread and circuses for them i guess. these are the people in the most denial of death, they have the most to lose

Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye Jow Forums, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. ZY

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>that was driven by the desire to not fap anymore
Sounds like a lot of guess work and conjecture to me.

Smarter people are more successful and dont worry so much about babbys existential crisis. We live as humans

Yes. You're sorta right. Yet you miss a bigger picture. It's not about form. Its about the function. But the function gives form. I'm pissed about the former. You imply I'm pissed about the latter.

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Well, yeah. So what? What're you going to do about it? You're here, aren't you? Might as well make the best out of and do something you enjoy.

dude wat

originalliyu tho

Focusing on what you consider bad and ignoring the good is pessimistic. OP is still eating and sleeping and enjoying life, he just doesnt want to think about how comfortable and good life is

in other words
It's just basically this:

joy does't exist, only the absence of pain which is a constant task

Thats just pessimism. Pain doesnt exist, just the absence of joy. See? Same weight

Nigga thats retarded.

and yet, if you do nothing, you will find yourself in pain - not joy

Incorrect. Laziness is usually comfortable and enjoyable

How is pain = absence of joy. If pain is absence of joy that means pain is nothing of joy. That means every emotion besides joy is pain. Yet you did not clearly define pain and joy. Elaborate

turn off your computer and sit in your room with no music or distraction. i bet you cant even last an hour

>hes never meditated
That can be very enjoyable. Also youre still implying that you spend your life in constant joy, you just dont want to think about it because you are a pessimist

iv done lots of it, mostly vipassana and mindfulness

i spend my life in suffering, like everyone else, im just the few who admits it

You just dont want to admit that your life is constant joy

He does nothing productive when lazy.
You suggest that doing nothing at all is pain. I can somewhat agree. Living without stimuli is plain boring. But not painful as in physically. Mentally it might be a challenge.
But then again why would you even do nothing at all. Its counterintuitive. It counters your human nature. Nature to do things. In other words if you deliberately derive yourself of anything to do, you're just not right in the head

just admit it triggers the fuck out of your anxiety

I think the last time I had an existential crisis was age 16. If anything, I think its a good thing to have an end in sight. But either way it doesnt affect my day to day. Difficult decisions need to be made with understanding of the local consequences, not how they fit against the big picture. Youll never make progress

I overdosed on recreational drugs and felt like my heart literally wanted to explode - so I assumed I was going to die. The feeling I had was deep, deep regret over the thought of dying due to such a trivial and stupid reason. Your thoughts focus on your loved ones and how you want more time with them. Nothing else matters at that point. You feel small and weak and realise that relationships matter far more than possessions.
During the days and weeks that followed my recovery, my perspective on life changed. I actually felt at peace, and felt closer to people. I also enjoyed the simple pleasure of nature more - sunlight, trees, the breeze etc. There's such beauty in it.

You're not going to make progress here either but you're compelled to keep replying to assuage yourself and yourself only

Im not the one with the problem. I only noted that pessimism is a way of thinking