to all claiming to be unwanted by women,

Would you date this mutt girl? Probably not, wanna know why? Because your standards are unrealistic, YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE, you are BELOW AVERAGE, so go for girls your league or stay alone forever

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Id fucking be her slave if she demanded it.

>Would you date this mutt girl?
Yes. She looks cute. She wouldn't date me though because I'm not exciting or fun.

That's refreshing. Rather than waaahh muh face

Not even 1/10 want Incels.

this is the shittiest bait i've seen in a long time.
even retards know most men are desperate enough to date a fucking 3/10 landwhale let alone a "mutt".

I never understood dating, how am I supposed to go out with her if I know absolutely nothing about her? Doesn't it make more sense to go out with someone you know you might have things in common?

But that's legit at least an 8/10. Would let that car run me over to have the chance.

is this cute to you? idk about that lad

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Lol people are dummy shallow. People will say "would date/10" just by looking at a pic of someone and not even knowing who they are as a person. We live in a society

what are you talking about, she's very cute, definitely above my league
she's attractive too, these are horrible examples to use OP. men are lucky if they can date a girl who isn't fat.

Their standards are unrealistic, she would never even look at an incel that way you delusional piece of shit

Bring a skinnier example and then we'll talk

you don't deserve a thin girl you ugly mutt

What kind of mutt is she user?

some kind of mestizo/asian

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OP got blown the fuck out pretty bad by this thread desu

You're mean OP. You know I would be happpy to date her. You suck.

i'd be completely happy with a girl like that as my gf

yea she is cute, she's not bad looking at all. i dont know what to tell you if you think this is ugly, the average woman looks much worse than this

Shit thread. Almost all women are at least moderately attractive to 90% of men as long as the woman is at a healthy weight, which the girl in your pic is. Virtually anybody on this board would date her.

I would honestly give her a chance if she was willing to come to the gym with me a few times a week. She has potential just needs to be toned up and lose the fat around her face and she could be pretty qt.

I'd consider myself pretty average in looks, except for being a little overweight. The problem is that I missed out on those "social milestones" that are supposed to help you develop as a person. I've never been on a date, held a girl's hand, kissed her, etc. Even if I managed to get a date at this point, I wouldn't be able to give her what she needs emotionally because I've never been in a relationship before.
I've given up trying to find someone because it's probably never going to happen.

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don't give up user, don't be a pussy

>t. nonincel

I mean yeah that's an upgrade from what I was just dealing with actually.

But deep down I'm not making the most of myself and it's sad that I have to put up with average chicks like this.

I don't think I'm a pussy for giving up. I got fed up with trying to find someone, so I decided to take a step back from it all

If by men you mean americans, you may be right. But at least the rest of your 1st world society is going great, right? A little (lol) fat is a small price to pay.

She is out of my league. She is average

>Would you date this mutt girl?
based purely upon her attractiveness, yes definitely, i find her pretty attractive.

based on other replies, i think this was a bad choice to try and prove your point.

Thought that was my workplace. I looked downstairs for a second.

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lol do you live in northern canada or something?

I'm in Ontario. I'm just phoneposting an older pic.