How can me white women self harm more often than other women?

How can me white women self harm more often than other women?

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White women are so thin skinned. Whatever they go through is heaven compared to what black and Hispanic women deal with on a daily basis but white girls are the quickest to have a mental breakdown because Whoopi Goldberg told them not to upload their nudes to the internet.

What do other women go through?

tfw white male with a bunch of "female" disorders

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having to live amongst non-white males

Racism, actual misogyny, etc

I hope everything turns out alright, user ):

Why do this mate?
Whats wrong with that? Men are men

Same reason they perceive periods and menopause as a medical problem at higher rates than poorer regions (rural etc) that just see it as normal

Try again in English, you retarded ESL shitskin monkey.

I am a polak unironically whiter than you American

>Whats wrong with that? Men are men
men of color are 1000x worse than white men

In what way? I am polish so can only speak about gypsys

white men can have empathy for other people.

Try being in a relationship and in love with robot.

thank you v much
i haven't cut in a while and have been off the dope for almost 2 weeks now
i don't know man it's like a compulsion, feel in control when i'm doing it, feel real yknow

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Chill out mate gg

High IQ (compared to most races) is correlated with mental illness
The "princess fairytail" bullshit doesn't help either

Most white women are vapid

>tfw male and too much of a pussy to cut

>Most women are vapid
The white and asain ones are smarter

>white and asian women are smarter than black women
Black cows are larger than white mice

Wtf is wrong with all you edgy kids, you cosplaying yuri?

at least you understand, when you see this on a woman

i got a load of marks on my thigh.

they are brainwashed with feminism

I tried cutting but I genuinely didn't find it painful, even though some of the cuts were fairly deep

An indian girl I knew would get beat up by her parents

>self harm
>pic related
fuck off attention whore

Those motherfuckers are worse than niggers. Btw im hungarian.