Cutting thread

why do you anons cut yourselves? personally I do it to get rid of anger towards others and to get rid of emotional pain by making it physical. the rush given from it makes it all go away.

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Literally one of the worst coping mechanisms start lifting or sumn

Self punishment. I only cut my thighs cause I don't want people to know. I regret it a lot I'm scared if I ever get a gf she will see them and get scared off

Just masturbate like the rest of us retard

I used to cut my leg pretty deep, but the cuts were not very long and I would only do one or two cuts. I sometimes get the urge, but the fear of people seeing the scars keeps me from doing it again. Unfortunately because i cut so deep, the scars will most likely be there forever, but ill at least try my best not to add to them.

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I used to cut myself. My reason was I though I was sub human garbage who deserved nothing but pain and suffering.

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Why dont you guys just exercise? You get the pain with no downside of scarring

Yeah but being cut feels almost good, muscle burn just fucking sucks.

i used to do both. they aren't really comparable. one builds you up, the other tears you apart. sometimes when depressed you self destruction feels better than anything else

My hamplanet ex used to threaten to cut if I left and then never did.
I do it because it alters your mood radically. After a cutting sesh I feel calmer than ever before, all I can focus on is the pain.

You're supposed to turn your self-hatred and depression into strength and stoicism, not cry about it on the internet. Cutting yourself doesn't make you edgy, it just makes you a giant faggot.

Go do some drugs if you're feeling too many feelings, maybe you'll make some friends instead of crying alone in your room. Eventually you'll just stop feeling things so much, and will have gotten yourself halfway to becoming a real man.

its not a cope for me, i genuinely enjoyed doing it but stopped when i felt like some edgy 14 year old. I have massive urges all the time to do it, but hate feeling like some edgy retard when im finished.

Once a cutter always a cutter. The scars are permanent so I am permanently a "giant faggot". So really the only logical thing is to keep the current course

>start lifting

Can you cover them up in any way? Like with a tattoo? Tattoos might be gay but they're less gay than cutting scars. It works for junkies and their track marks.

Listen bro... life is suffering. But you don't see everyone cutting themselves. Find some better coping mechanisms/hobbies. Sack the fuck up, and quit being such a little bitch.

most people have healthy relationships and aren't mentally ill

If you genuinely enjoy feeling pain there are like 100 more productive ways to suffer. And again, if you "genuinely enjoy" the relief for cutting then you've clearly set the bar pretty low for what enjoyment actually feels like.

Might as well shoot some heroin, you get to stab yourself and feel awesome, and then you get to feel extreme pain and self loathing when you withdraw. Hell, maybe you'll even die which is probably what you want anyways.

Junkies are literally garbage-tier humans and they're still much more respectable than some faggot who cuts themselves alone in their basement.

I know plenty of mentally ill people who hate their lives and will probably kill themselves, and they still aren't cutters.

They find ways to cope that don't involve being a faggot

Some junkie who hurts everyone around him is a piece of shit. Someone who cuts themselves and harms nobody is supposed to be lower than that?

I used to cut myself when i was an edgy 13 year old boy. Nowadays when i get angry or anxious i just hit myself really fucking hard in the forearms, i kind of like the numbness of hitting the same spots over and over again

Why are you so triggered by it? Seems much more faggy

>cutting yourself horizontally
basically you're an atention whore

I cut myself 97 times on my left arm

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Its okay dude, I've got scars all up my thighs and some in my upper arms and my missus doesn't mind

lifting is the best, it feels so rewarding afterwards literally better than sex

True, (Fuck you auto mod, I am very original)

kill yourself, fucking autist