3 hour long interview with disability examiner went well

>3 hour long interview with disability examiner went well

the path to NEETbux is a long and arduous one, but i am one step closer

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Good luck, mang. I always thought that the government bux was just a pain in the ass, but if it works for you, good on you

definitely a pain in the ass, but i can't rely on myself to hold down a steady job. it's my only option.

>diagnosed bpd, ptsd, ocd, bulimia, depression, anxiety, aspergers

>dropped out of school

>25 years old and have worked a total of 3 months my whole life

not my blog i know

good luck robit

may the path you choose was the right one

Good luck dude, now you're moving up in the hierarchy of neets.

how do you neets keep yourself occupied i recently took leave from work i have savings so i dont take govenment money but im struggling to keep myself entertained, i dont play many games since they infuriate me, and im struggling with self worth, but i need the break from work as the stress was killing me

O king NEET, we are not worthy brother

>missing full stop

Normalfaggot how can you honestly crave work then think you're allowed to post on the Jow Forums?

You're a slave. Go do volunteer work or something if you're really that much of a bitch.

it will all be worth it eventually

i hope to one day be the comfiest of the all NEETs

i spend a lot of my time just mindlessly scrolling Jow Forums. i dont have money though, if i had an income things would change dramatically because i would be able to pursue some of my interests, try to figure out what you're passionate about.

i want to start making my own custom apparel

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Oops that's five I's you missed.

So many bad typing skills. Such bad BAD typing skills the normalfaggots have. Such evidence of chronic phone posting it is. Yes.

So many I lose count and get accused of spam I do, yes.

aaah so your way of keeping yourself occupied is correcting peoples grammer on an chineese anime forum.

Oh noes it was two I'm's it was. Two indeed.

How abhorrent the skills. How malignant and degrading to the typed English language it is. Soon we will devolve further if it is abided, stop it we will YES.

dosnt phone posting correct grammer for people, im just generaly shit at spelling and typing, and ive been here longer than you kid

>tfw abided is improper English

I'm okay with it to be honest.

hypocrit, tut tut tut

NEET here, been on the road since mid-december and in the same boat.

Find something you wanna do. If your self worth is getting to you, do something that will increase your self worth. A useful hobby, or start working out, or something. It both kills time and improves your self worth/esteem/whatevers fucking with you.

was going to say, there's no better time for self development than NEEThood. you could focus your energy into getting physically fit, you could study a trade, you could learn an instrument, another language, the possibilities are limitless, you just need the drive. i think i will look into learning a few other languages while i wait for NEETbux and then maybe i'll just go on a little NEETcation with my money

your right, i should probably start getting myself a porper routine and set myself certain times that things should be done, eg 10:00 one hour of reading ect, do you think that would help?

Oh yeah. Without routines you piss the day away and you'd be better off wageslaving. It'd be the exact same, except with wageslaving you'd at least be paid for doing absolutely nothing for yourself

having any kind of routine is good for you because adhering to it builds discipline. an undisciplined NEET isnt a productive NEET, and its a shame to waste all of the free time at your disposal

I'm 30 and am an 09er newfag as I did not grow up with Internet and new about the site before I even got on it back in HS.

But okay you typing skill devoid slave-mind.



I'm in another thread without my trip on and am distracted by such tripless threads.

09er, oh sweet summer child, i went to the shops and spoke with james he said he was out of town next week on a buissnes trip, i said thats too bad as it would of been nice to catch up, he said its not a problem we can get a rain check, i suggested the weekend after and he agreed, i told my wife she was thrilled, it had been a while since we had been out with another couple, i told my wife to make some coffee, she did, she brought it over to me as i sat on the rocking chair with the news paper in my hand, an article had cought my attention, i called my wife over to show her, she burst out laughing, so much so she began to cry, the article read "faggot Incel corrects grammer on internet forum in spare time, wonders why hes still a virgin, yes he also uses a tripcode" i begin to burst into laughter

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Live alone for the rest of your life and die alone you man child

>skip a few
>another lower case I
>missing full stop

Type better.

You're lowering board quality.


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karen said to me the other day, i still cant belive it, but hey here goes, she said that becky and tiffany went down to ol'tampsons farm, becky knocked on the door and who should answer but greg tampsons wearing nothing but a dressing gown, and would you belive it was wide open, tiffany and becky got an eye full, and gregg well you know what hes like he wasnt bothered in the slightest, they said he just stood there and let it all hang out, well thats the tampsons for you i said to them, as i invited them in i said to them, "thats an amazing story, hilarious infact, but i have you one better", really? said becky, i said yes, well there is this guy right, and he corrects grammer on the internet. well before i had time to finished tiffany interjects "what an incel" she says, i agreed, what an incel, then becky said "that guy should.....have sex"

It sounds easier to get a job, to me. Good luck

I am not a stimuli junkie like you. The world inside my mind is more than enough.

The worst part about being NEET while living with other people is knowing that they could pop off on you at any time for being a loser NEET. Other than that its well worth it.

>The world inside my mind is more than enough.
in what capacity please elaborate

You can do it, fren robot

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It's the final step to the promise land that is NEETbux, get it done senpai and then report back.

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Good luck, may you be able to be a forever NEET.

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Is being a NEET and playing the lottery the only true way to live in this society?

getting disability is more strenuous than climbing Everest. everybstep of the way some government pawn tried to disqualify you. and it takes like 3 fucking years fron when you apply to when you are awarded.


I just take it easy. I can't believe that there are people out there that can't just relax and enjoy doing nothing.


It's the only bearable way.

>cant even get people to respond back about jobs, even the simple shit
>now apparently some are looking for some dumbass shit called cover letters which basically does the same fucking thing as the resume but I suppose makes retarded normalfags read it better or something
>cant even get military/gov shekels after getting med sepped from the navy since they only declared it a condition though that probably meant I can still be a Jow Forumsommando with firearms
But no, we definitely need more H1Bs to stimulate muh economy, afterall those big businesses can save a whole nickel!
Sometimes I just want to murder something and piss on its torched corpse.

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Takes longer than that if you're actually not mentally tenacious enough to get a job, you won't consistently apply.