You can pass the toilet paper roll test right? Right?

You can pass the toilet paper roll test right? Right?

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No, my penis is 4", I'm never going to get a gf or have sex.

Its not the size of the sword but the heart of the warrior-Confucius

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is having a curved dick cheating the test?

5x5 is apparently as average as you can get yet i get the "epic fail" one


what if my penis curves too much to fit?

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Most warriors prefer a big sword over a small one.

Not falling for that shit again, last time I got a bad paper cut

the toilet paper test is shit because different companies have different size rolls, and in different countries it's even more different. My rolls are almost 6 inches in circumference, if you can't fit in that you're thicker than 99% of the population.

>tfw epic fail
Good thing I'm a faggot bottom

but user, US and EU paper rolls aren't the same size
how am I supposed to know what's what

your penis has autism

Mua USA penis is a fail though.

For shame.

Sometimes a small sword is exactly what you need to get the job done

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dick cant fit inside toilet paper roll, my dick is longer than the toilet paper roll. This test is bs, my dick is fucking tiny and passes this test.


I don't know what kind of cheap rolls you use in the US, but where I live toilet paper rolls are certainly not wide enough to pass through, and I do not have a big pecker.

Epic fail here. Life is miserable regardless of my dick size.

You'd have to have a monster soda can cock to not be able to fit in a US toilet paper roll

DickIet copes

the test is just to determine what size condoms one should use.

>toilet paper roll test
also basically this. uwu

>My rolls are almost 6 inches in circumference
I have some that are 5.5" (14cm) inner circumference
Just last month the same brand had a batch with rolls that were 4.5" (11.5cm).

>if you can't fit in that you're thicker than 99% of the population.
And that's actually part of the idea.
That's why femoids came up with the idea and spread the "toilet paper roll test" far and wide.

Gigacope, women just want big cocks

Basically. I'm definitely longer than a toilet paper tube but my girth is almost exactly the same as one. If I force it a little my dick goes in but there is basically zero room left.

My dick won't fit in the cardboard tube is that a good thing

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My widdle clitty fits nicely in there. Lock it up, please tell me I'm so inferior for having a teenie tiny weenie. LOL

I agree, you should be locked up for forever and forced to only cum from your butt and nipples

You got trolled fucking retard

are all the people here talking about failing being truthful? no matter the brand i always pass

Toilet paper rolls come in different sizes guys

Generally 4 inches long by 5.3 inches in circumference though