If Jow Forums was transported to a fantasy or science fiction world, would you even try to get home?

You have no special powers, enhanced abilities, or status.

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that depends entirely on the world i get transported to you dingus

if it's a nice world i'll stay

if it's a shitty world i'll do everything I can to get back home

also depends on where you are in each respective world. you could be the one poor fuck who has to do all the work in the nice world or the king of the shitty world

I do not know. I have not seen a lot of female-led isekai. Not sure what to expect, mostly because I do not have attractive girl easy-mode IRL.

This. Also OP is a fag.

I'd probably spend as much time as possible figuring out how travel between worlds even work. I'd probably take apprenticeship with a scholar or science team to, in case I'm not clever enough, at least help out and learn something.

Depends on the world, if it's something like Monster Hunter or Skyrim I'll stay for sure, but if it's something like Berserk or Dark Souls then i'll desperately try to leave.

No the fuck I wouldnt. I'd take advantage of this fresh start.

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How would you be any less of a loser than you are now?

I'm not that big of a loser. I'm just a fuck up who made the wrong choices. Now I am sitting here with a bit more wisdom hoping for another opportunity at manybyhings in life, but so far none is forthcoming.

If it's a generic-ass medieval fantasy setting I'd try to escape asap.
If it's a comfy sci-fi setting I'd stay.
I don't have any real ties here in normieland, I just can't stand boring medieval fantasy worlds.

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>just a fuck up posting on Jow Forums
>not much of a loser

I mean, if you know how to do calculus, you're probably above most of everyone in this new world.

And they would probably burn you at the stake as a heretic or something.

idk man, i just wanna fight cool dragons and monsters senpai

If it's a generic-ass sci-fi setting I'd try to escape asap.
If it's a comfy medieval fantasy setting I'd stay.
I don't have any real ties here in normalfagland, I just can't stand boring sci-fi worlds.

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>would you even try to get home
and how the fuck would I do that, retard?

MH seems fluffy (never played it) but Skyrim is as miserable as the rest. bethsoft didn't do the best job of actually showing how miserable it was, but as an average person there you're most likely to be impoverished, starving, cold, and will die miserably from your living conditions, some shitass monster, skooma addiction, or war. They made the game world look fluffier than it was. The Beyond Reach mod does a better job of showing that misery, and it has some incredibly beautiful areas too. Shame it's so unstable right now.

If I could get stuck in Dreamborne Isles for awhile, though, that might be worth a trip to Skyrim.

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They don't have cigs and 40oz in fantasyland, but on the other hand if some random Daev ov Skaliz can get bitches I'd have more of a chance of feeling anything again. Gon' stay and die of fantasy cholera,

At least MH is comfy

What kind of world would you want to be transported to?

I'd like to live on a nice colony ship with a comfy space apartment and with the amenities of a nice city outside of my living area.

After a few years of interstellar travel the colony ship gets put into a parking orbit and we go down to the surface and set up a small town and have day jobs researching and documenting the (not-too-dangerous) local wildlife and fauna.

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Pretty much Monster Hunter. Fantasy but no bog standard isekai fantasy

Nope, I'd max out my strength, magic, and agility. Then become a mercenary/exotic merchant, and buy a house in the forest. Put up some razor wire, and tell everyone to get the fuck out.

Maybe pull a Shieldbro, too. Buy a slave and marry her.