Anyone else too scared to even voice chat with people through discord? It's why I don't use it

Anyone else too scared to even voice chat with people through discord? It's why I don't use it

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Im like that. I think its mainly cause i have a speech dyslexia so my words sound messed up. Combine this with keeping quiet because of self conciousness and children being dicks and you end up with someone who is awkward and terrible and talking and communicating with other humans.

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I have a speech problem pronouncing some words and shit, too self conscious to speak up because I'm too used to being made fun of when speaking, I never speak when it's not needed nowadays, not even in real life

the reason I dont even have friends online LMAO or anyone to play games

I don't know how you guys make friends on Jow Forums. I don't have discord, is this what kids use nowdays?

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yea, but I don't because of reasons stated, I usually just shitpost here since I don't have any friends

i used to not be able to do it at all but still really struggle. 99% of e bfs and mines communication has been through IM, he can vc fine but i get scared to ask him cos of feeling worried he might be talking to someone better. it hurts to not hear his voice that often but im so insecure

people have friends on Jow Forums?

>, I usually just shitpost here since I don't have any friends

I thought Jow Forums was only about that

Im starting to become that way. The only good thing is that after awhile some people get used to my voice and can start to fully understand what im saying, so i wont have to repeat myself as much.
Im curious as someone going through college now how did you make it through?

females have it a thousand times better in this aspect since males tend to orbit and ask questions when you're a girl, glad you had an opportunity to improve

>people have friends on Jow Forums?
Well how those people meet up? I am very curious about how they do it.

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I'll play video games with you...I also struggle with voice chatting so it'd be nice to have someone with a mutual understanding of that issue.

I've got a friend who I've tried to convince to at least listen in on a conversation in group chat, not even having to speak with a mic, but she feels very weird/awkward doing that. She's a nice person, but very reserved when it comes to certain things.

not that user but what games do you play

that would just make both of us self-conscious and the situation twice as awkward but much love for the offer hope u find someone to play vydia with.


yeah that shit is kinda scary desu, especially cause english isn't my first language. Got to know some nice british normies playing cs and they've made me more accustomed to discord.

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English isn't my first language too, it doesn't feel good when the words I want to use don't come to mind immediately while the ameri and anglos easily banter, makes me feel like a retard

do you fap while you voice chat

Yup, know that feel all too well. Thanks for being the same as me euro (?) fren

I'm scared to voice chat. But it's even more that I don't have anything to say most of the time. I find even communicating in text hard.