I have no cute gf or bf to cuddle with and call cute names...

I have no cute gf or bf to cuddle with and call cute names. No cute gf or bf to tuck me into bed at night and kiss my forehead.

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are you in the midwest usa? im right here.

He said cute ugly bitch

are you as cute as a apple pie?

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if you mean femboy, no. i will however, be your boyfriend.

are you a sub, I want a sub bf because I am sub too that way we are gentle and sweet to each other. If you are super sweet then maybe

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sometimes if the person is super cute and i cant help but tease them a but then ill be teasing and switch[ but im much preferable to sub as well, being cute and sweet is the best i think.

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What games do you play?

What things are you currently obsessed with?

What are your redflags?

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Are you mean to people online...?
I hope not

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if they are mean to me or my friends, then ill respond equally. bullies get bullied if they bully people i care about. or harshly insulted at least

i suppose ill also add in
>fairly libertarian
>no smokes/alcohol/drugs for me
>yes i do enjoy guns
>i like dogs, allergic to cats
>i play lots of fps games

the games I play are war thunder and world of warships. i like to play ww2 games, I also play rts games and I used to play league but I dont anymore.
I'm not really obsessed with anything rn I'm going back to college in August.
my red flags in people are meany heads >:( I also dont like aggressive or manipulative people either.

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that's still mean. Even if they initiated it. being mean is mean

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i like you but i prefer cats. what do ;-;

yeah youre right, im not meek with things like that.

fuel my allergy meds....cats are cute im just itchy and sneezy with them

meek? I'm not smart with vocabulary like that :( I so know some big words though like photosynthesis, ambiguous, metamorphosis.

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I can be very nice OP, even pampering! I would like to see your feet in exchange though.

My feet???! ehhhhhh i dont know user....

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Seems like a normal price for fun, long chats together. Don't be unresonable user, I want to have fun too.

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easily imposed. quiet, gentle. im fairly protective of people i like. i dont like them being walked on or bullied. myself is whatever i have thick skin...

shush im trying to woo this cute user...

I didn't realize this was a negotiation...

all you have to do is not ask for feet pics. As well as not be mean to people. Even if they are mean first. Just ignore them or block them.

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How unappreciative, there's no reason to insist with you then user.

my feet are private

If you look like the cute anime girl I might cuddle with you
Im a guy btw

well I'm small and have blond hair... I'm not a girl though but I can cuddle with you.

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I need to know your location right now!

>not cute but want all of the above
I'm probably doomed to just let random dudes fuck me in the ass to cope honestly
>tfw no genuinely loving and cuddling significant other
>tfw no mentally unhinged bf

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i dont have a foot fetish unless its socked anime girls, or aesthetic asian cosplay pics, also socked.

if theyre mean to my friends or bf/gf someone might need to calm me if im going to be protective... post contact?

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i am a sub femboy in midwest usa

midwest... I'm in college again in August though so...are you a cute sub too...?

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Midwest qts, anyone near Chicago?

God damn
Why all cute people that wanna cuddle live in US and not europe

[Spoiler] I do get a lot of mood swings[/spoiler]

dang I'm a big dumb dumb. I'm a loser like always

I have gone to Europe before lots of nice people. all the anons I have met on here who are from there are super nice.

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what part of the midwest are you from?

indiana reporting in

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Where are all the southeaster homosexuals?

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northwest indiana here :)

well obviously in Illinois if I'm near Chicago. I wish I was cute, but sadly I'm closer to the bear end with facial and body hair. I just want a qt sub bf even though I'm more docile and caring in nature, I still would need to top.

how is the northwest? im right on the ohio river.

Thsts a secret...
are you a qt? If so what kind? Apple? Cherry? Blueberry?

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im mixed race so probably choco? but im light skinned so maybe closer to a caramel pie. c'mon user what state are you in, i gotta know how far i need to fly.

I'd assume it's because much of the South US is very conservative so they seek someone they can talk about their gayness openly, online anonymity givers them that and thus they are over represented online

why did you explain a question that wasnt asked?
he wants to know where the southeast gays are so he can get a boyfriend. not that it matters, the midwest is superior

none of those are kinds of pie :( I just want to know what kind of pie you see yourself as.

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its alright, very close to chicago, pretty much a chicago suburb. i might prefer somewhere more rural though

Ohio. What am I doin with my life?

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chocolate and caramel are pies....so is derby and chess pie.

those arent sweet fruits though!

not dating a based and redpilled hoosier. are you near cinci?

tell me more about yourself user, do you want to be my Chicago area cuddle buddy

my bad I misread it as 'why'

apple pie but only with vanilla ice cream on the side

>tfw no masculine bf
This is true suffering, why are these threads always just full of soft bisexual men paring up I want an actual man with muscles who isn't a complete bitch fuck my life

im a skinny tall boy (6ft 135 lbs), I like music and vidya

interested in crossdressing and the like

however im not very gay so my same sex preferences are primarily other skinny twinkish boys without much hair

>tfw am a little/switch bf
>tfw no loving mommy gf to mutual tease and bully
>tfw no switch gf to take care of when shes feeling tired or smol
>tfw no mommy gf to cuddle me and ouy me on her lap and smile and hug back and tearfully say thank you
>tfw no gf to tease lovingly about her insecurities and make sure she's loved
>tfw no insecure mommy gf to reassure that she's doing a great job and that I love her very much
My heart

op only wanted a confidence boost and attention. there was never a chance for anyone.

Nah, farther north

you sound nice, sadly not a twink
are you a masculine man yourself? sadly I also have the not totally gay problem of the user who I replied to where I'm into femboys/twinks.

no I'm not masculine at all, I just find myself attracted to exclusively masculine guys for some reason

I feel like twinks into bears are rarer on the internet that twinks into twinks. are you also a Midwest user?

>are you also a Midwest user?
UK sadly, it makes it so much harder to find someone on here.

Nice trips fagboy lmao

>tfw always see midwest anons but they're never in Missouri

>tfw eurofag
>tfw all the cute boyos in threads like these are NA
>tfw it doesn't really matter cuz no one would want a 6'3 lanklet twink

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Michigan by Detroit.