Hello anons, let's have a comfy thread

How has your week been?
How are you feeling? ...Why so?
Do you have any aspirations?
What's waiting for you after the weekend?
Watching anything?
Smoking anything?
Maybe listening to something?
Watching something?
Feeling comfy?

Don't forget to post some comfy pics ;)
And like always, you don't need to answer the questions,
they're just here to spark conversation

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hi comfy user its been a while. how are you?
>How has your week been?
okay. lots of drinking so maybe not okay
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
drunk, been drinking
>Do you have any aspirations?
to find a job
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
more job searching and a camping trip this wednesday
>Watching anything?
some korean variety show
>Smoking anything?
vaping a little
>Maybe listening to something?
the show
>Feeling comfy?
ill get there

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>How has your week been?
better than usual
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
I still cant tell if everything around me is real, walking feels like trying to run in a dream
>Do you have any aspirations?
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?work
>Watching anything?
>Smoking anything?
>Maybe listening to something?
>Watching something?
not really
>Feeling comfy?
kinda, Im fixingn my 90 jap shitbox in my garage and its strangely relaxing

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not that good, grades suck ass and now im dying at my 11 hour a day summer job, lots of alcohol and cigarettes...
Why and you drinking user?

everything around you is real user... i know what "running in a dream" feels like, try to get your shit together, get some sleep, try a bit healthier food and try to lift your mood, it should pass soon :)

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Hi there!
>How has your week been?
Traveled to another city with my best friend in the beginning of the week, broke my shoes, fixed them with garbage, met an old tabletop geek friend, discussed making our own tabletop game together, returned home, got sick, re-watched Naruto with my gf, got a day off from work to get better.
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
Pretty comfy I suppose though I would prefer being healthy.
>Do you have any aspirations?
To recover fast.
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
I'm working this weekend lol. At the end of the next week I m gonna travel to Riga for free for the corporate party though. Gonna get wasted (for free) + gonna enjoy some organ music.
>Watching anything?
Naruto lol
>Smoking anything?
Don't like that
>Maybe listening to something?
For some reason I can't enjoy music while sick.
>Feeling comfy?

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> How has your week been?
It has been comfy. I only get 6 weeks of vacation throughout the year from my university, and I am on my 3 week summer break right now! :)
I just got home from trip a few days ago. we went to the middle of nowhere where i was hiking and having fun in nature.

>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
Kinda anxious/nervous and confused.
So like all robots, I am a virgin. A camgirl that lives near me asked me to join her on cam, and also she said she wants to hook up with me. I am a virgin and, while it sounds like an easy way to graduate from this board, I am kinda scared to do it. Also, I do not act like a virgin normally, so most people assume I am not one. I want to tell her that I havnt had sex, but im really nervous and i have no idea what to do.
What do?

>Do you have any aspirations?
I want to graduate. I have a really stressful but high paying engineering job lined up, and i can either accept or reject the offer. Im thinking about denying it because life is really short and I am content with having lower pay for a happier lifestyle. I think about the shortness of life a lot, and this video: youtube.com/watch?v=LrRfjmv-5cQ
made me a little bit more sad. I either want to work towards finding a way to become immortal, or to just have a super happy, fun, non-stressful life after i graduate.

>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
;-; I go back to seemingly endless work.

>Watching anything?

>Smoking anything?

>Maybe listening to something?

>Watching something?

>Feeling comfy?

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oops, i miseed a few questions because my laptop is retarded and wouldnt scroll down.

>Watching anything?
SAO alicization. I was at school when it came out and i was way too busy to watch it then.

>Smoking anything?
I dont smoke.

>Maybe listening to something?
Lots of ASMR and music.
Does anyone have any music recommendations?
I dont like country, and youtube keeps playing the same songs.

>Watching something?
Uh... yes....??? SAO season 3.

>Feeling comfy?
Super comfy :3

>How has your week been?
Pretty good. I spent the Fourth with my dad, then I quit my job today. I will be joining the Air Force.
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
Neither here nor there. I always feel like this.
>Do you have any aspirations?
Build a house. Thats the only thing keeping me going. That, and rage. I hate having roommates, I hate having neighbors at an apartment, I hate the suburbs. I just want to build my house somewhere out of the way...
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
I work this weekend, then Ill start packing to move out of this apartment. Also NBA Summer League.
>Watching anything?
Finished Attack on Titan season 3, watching NBA summer league, been reading mostly.
>Smoking anything?
>Maybe listening to something?
Deathconsciousness, The Glow Pt 2, The Bends, stuff like that. Mostly just /mu/core
>Watching something?
>Feeling comfy?
Yeah, since Im back in bed.

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I have more stuff I can dump. So I will post random sections from Wikipedia articles.

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In Hinduism, Rasalingam or Parad Lingam is a Lingam, the symbol of the god Shiva, made of mercury (or possibly Gallium; see Composition below.)

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Frederick Richard Pickersgill RA (25 September 1820 - 20 December 1900) was an English painter and book illustrator. Born in London into a family of artists, he was admitted to the Royal Academy Schools in 1840. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy between 1839 and 1875. Most of these works depicted scenes drawn from literature (including Edmund Spenser and John Milton), religion, and history.

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Mid Ulster (Irish: Lar Uladh, Ulster Scots: Mid Ulster) is a constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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The village of Dorfmark is part of the borough of Bad Fallingbostel in Heidekreis district in the German state of Lower Saxony.

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Himatanthus is a genus of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1819. It is native to Panama and South America.[1][2][3][4]

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Gambrills refers to two neighboring places in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in the Baltimore metro area: the unincorporated community of Gambrills, and the Gambrills census-designated place (CDP). The area was named for Augustine Gambrill, plantation owner. The population of the CDP was 2,800 at the 2010 census,[1] up from 1,759 in 2000. Gambrills is served by Route 3, Route 32 and MARC, the Maryland commuter rail service. There is a busy MARC station in the neighboring town of Odenton, with regular rail service to Baltimore and Washington, DC.

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glad youre feeling comfy although still being sick :)
what plans did you have for the tabletop game?

>Camgirl wants to hook up
that sounds real fishy user, it kinda sounds like she just wants to lure you into her live streams, if its a site that you can tip them on then it would make a lot of sense, but hey, you never know, just be real careful and dont get attached this early, helps if it wasnt serious :)
As for telling someone youre a virgin, i dont know how a camgirl would feel about it, but if you do get serious with someone i think they would be real happy (even if they dont show it) that theyre the first one for you

about the short life stuff, even if you dont "live for the weekends" its still really short... i dont know how to feel about it, but i just drilled this into myself "If i die i die, cant do shit about it"

about music recommendations:
this is a little playlist i made for whenever i smoke, there are a few comfy ones in there, hope this helps a little, im filling it even now

gonna end this paragraph here, glad yer feeling comfy >:3

what would that house be like user?
also what would the land surrounding the house be like?

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>How has your week been?
Okay. Nothing out of the ordinary
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
Glad that it's finally the weekend
>Do you have any aspirations?
Want to read & write more
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
More work. But only a few more weeks until I'm on vacation, so that's good.
>Watching anything?
No, but reading some poetry by Keats.
>Smoking anything?
>Maybe listening to something?
"Winter Wind 1 Hour / Relaxing Snowstorm Sound, Winds Blowing Snow Across Forest Meadow"
I love listening to nature sounds in the background, even while in my apartment.
>Watching something?
You already asked that
>Feeling comfy?
Going to make some tea, I'll be comfy after that.

The Chinese crocodile lizard (Shinisaurus crocodilurus) is a semiaquatic lizard found only in cool forests in the Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou Provinces of southern China, and the Quang Ninh Province in northern Vietnam. The Chinese crocodile lizard spends much of its time in shallow water or in overhanging branches and vegetation, where it hunts its prey of insects, snails, tadpoles, and worms. Individuals in captivity may be fed baby mice.

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Hey, thanks for reminding me about it. Gonna continue watching it now. Btw did you notice how it's similar to Bleach?
>Does anyone have any music recommendations?
Not for everyone's taste but maybe you'll like that. Some fun experimental folk.

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what do you want to write user?
rain sounds are comfy, i like the 3d ones, though most are just some shitty clickbait ones, once you find that perfect 3d one youll never replace it...

>you already asked that

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I dont know. Haha! Its the only thing keeping me going, and I dont even know!

Two stories, mostly wood floors I think. Most rich pricks houses Ive seen are brick or are ultramodern. I just want something kinda normal looking that I can call my own. I want a garage for a car and a motorcycle. I also want a garden so I can work the earth with my hands.

The land around it...preferably a small community, maybe an hour or two away from a city. For example, if I wanted to go into town, I would like to drive by open fields. Rural environment, green grass.

Full box of d6 and d4 @ no dice rolling involved.
Hex grid + cities + resource management strategy game for fans of civ3 and stuff like that.
Picture related lol.

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Wilson Baker FRS (24 January 1900 - 3 June 2002) was a British organic chemist.[1]

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I've gotten into writing letters directed to the girl I like that I will never send. Strangely enough this has been a good way to vent my feelings and I even take a moment or two between sentences to think about what should I say and what words should I use.

Wahlenbergia gloriosa, commonly known as royal bluebell[2] is a perennial herb in the bluebell family Campanulaceae. It has egg-shaped leaves near the base of its stem, linear leaves higher up and usually a single purple flower with a tube-shaped base. The flower is the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

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Hey there user!
>how has your week been?
Kinda meh, doing the same things over and over again makes me depressed af
>how are you feeling? ...why so?
Destroyed physically and mentally
>do you have any aspirations?
to break the loop I'm living
>what's waiting for you after the weekend
nothing really
>watching anything?
playing vidya, not watching/reading any anime/manga atm
>smoking anything?
chesterfields blue
>maybe listening to something
mainly black metal and synthwave
>feeling comfy
kinda desu

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I did this too. It started with a couple sheets of paper, then I got a pocket notebook. I just wrote to her whenever I felt like it. During class, at work, etc. It helped me get through a lot. And it made me feel less lonely.

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The Pere Marquette River is a river in Michigan in the United States. The main stream of this river is 63.9 miles (102.8 km) long,[1] running from Lake County south of Baldwin into the Pere Marquette Lake, and from there into Lake Michigan.[2]

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Kostinsky is a lunar impact crater on the far side of the Moon. It is nearly attached to the northeastern outer rim of the crater Guyot. About one crater diameter to the southeast is Ostwald, and farther to the north is Olcott.

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The Cam brook is a small river in Somerset, England. It rises near Hinton Blewitt, flows through Cameley, Temple Cloud, Camerton, Dunkerton and Combe Hay. It then joins the Wellow Brook at Midford to form Midford Brook before joining the River Avon close to the Dundas Aqueduct.

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sounds alot like something id enjoy, though i would prefer a garage over a garden, love messing with stuff and potentially building a homemade rust bucket

ah, never been a big fan of civ myself, never really stuck...

ill assume youre the user i asked what he wanted to write, i dont know what to say to that, i want to say "send them" but i dont want you to... i know what it feels like

sounds like me when i was going through my "doomer phase" my suggestion is to at least try to have a more positive view on things, sorry for the shitty advice, im drunk and cant think straight

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In sedimentology, a prism is a long, narrow, wedge-shaped sedimentary body. These types of sediments are typically formed during orogenic deformation; for example, the arkose detrital sedimentary rock found in fault troughs.[1]

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Thanks for the playlist. Usually recommendations I get aren't good, but these ones actually are :)
Also i just wanted to clarify that she is definitely trying to lure me into the streams. Im not the type of person that gets attached to people at all. I just wanna lose my virginity, and Im kinda nervous about it. I still havnt even had my first kiss. I just want to indruduce myself to new experiences, since life is pretty short. I just dont want to regret it later. Also, Im not even going to consider dating anyone until i am out of college since my schedule is too hectic to give any individual my attention.

A lot of people have the mentality of being able to do nothing about being mortal, but for me, I feel like finding a way to become immortal is our only purpose in life. Until it is complete, we should be researching how to do it. I feel like my thoughts make me kinda like a mad scientist or deranged mathematician (my majors) lmao.

my week has been pretty monotonous. I've smoke some weed this evening and I've been crying a lot. I tough about me not showing lobe to my family and not being normal. I shouldn't be smoking weed. I don't want to feel this way. I can't even describe it.

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Same about the not showing love to family. I cried a few nights ago. I love my mom, im just so apathetic and neutral around people. I show love by giving space to people and I like being left alone. I wish I could repay my mom in love for how much she loves me. She sent me a card saying she never stops thinking about me. Ive only called her once or twice all year.

I hate that Im like this. And it makes me cry

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i want to call her and tell her how much I love her and how much I'm grateful to her but its midnight and I'm high and I think I could fuck everything up and I'm afraid she could hnderstand that her son feels so desperate that he used drugs

ah, thank you

about the immortality stuff, i kind of dont want that at all, gotten hurt enough already, hell, had attempts on my life too, got busted by my father, the only person who ever genuenly cared for me. after that i became too big of a pussy to ever try again.

thats what im going through right now, i just sat down with my family and had a talk with them, it helped, and i mean it helped alot, maybe give it a try?

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I want to send them too, I even had a dream that I sent one of them to her but I woke up shortly after that.

Btw not the same user you wrote about.

awh, he left then, i really get wanting to send them, but for me what i fear most is rejection, it would be extremely awkward to even look at her and i would barely be able to sleep constantly thinking about it, what if she spreads the word too? i will become a laughing stock, what if she comes to hate me after the letters? what if... what if... what if...
fuck im a pussy

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>How has your week been?
its been pretty lame but its good
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
depressed, bc im probably gonna have to kms
>Do you have any aspirations?
not really
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
my last week as a free man
>Watching anything?
south park
>Smoking anything?
>Maybe listening to something?
misha the cringey child
>Watching something?
going back to old content creators and watching old stuff + whatever they make now
>Feeling comfy?

>How has your week been?
pretty okay, didn't do anything particularly interesting but it wasn't negative in any way so that's always a nice bonus.
>How are you feeling? ...Why so?
extremely neutral, to the point where it's almost exhaustive. the daily monotony of life has become all too much and all i can think of now is how thing could be different.
>Do you have any aspirations?
i have no aspirations yet i am a dreamer nonetheless; thinking of what could be is infinitely easier than thinking about how to get there. by dreaming i can see the destination but someone who aspires has to go on the journey.
>What's waiting for you after the weekend?
the same as always- searching for a job only to receive no replies as my apathetic ideas leave my unemployable and i am too lazy to change
>Watching anything?
not currently, i watched made in abyss earlier that show is pretty comfy visually and it has a nice soundtrack
>Maybe listening to something?
>Feeling comfy?
a little

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Got done running but got sunburned even tho it was cloudy. I went to the gym but I was very tired and didn't max out. Qt receptionist said goodbye to me so I smiled at her. I had my headphones on my head but not on and I heard her say something snarky as I left.
On Saturday I'm going hiking with a local club. But I have a feeling that I'm not going to enjoy it.
No drugs or alcohol this weekend unless I make a friend on this hiking trip
I hate being alone

I'm having a comfy onahole fap and drinking some beers. It's my in between work out day so I'm just enjoying

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