Still can't bring myself to tell my dad I'm trans cause I don't want him to feel like he failed at raising me

>still can't bring myself to tell my dad I'm trans cause I don't want him to feel like he failed at raising me.
I just don't want to disappoint him more than I already have.

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Stop looking at porno, it's making you queer.

Just don't be trans, then you'll never disappoint him

Well I already started HRT like 6 months ago so it's a little late to 'don't be trans'.

it's not a choice, we don't really have any way to actually cure gender dysphoria, transition is just a sort of bandaid but it's the best there is
but that goes both ways too in that you can't just all of a sudden "catch" gender dysphoria, so any anons that are only thinking of taking tranny pills because they watched too much porn or because discord shills "tricked" them into it are fucking retarded and should not indulge in any tranny shit at all
not saying OP isn't the latter, but just clearing up something a lot of people don't understand

I wonder how many mtf trannies actually just have AGP. Being trans seems way way too common nowadays.

Why would AGP be any more common than being trans? People act like AGP is fucking normal when it's actually a really, really weird fetish.

many, fetishes developed from porn. What is also common is a feeling of "wrongness", which might be attributed to being the wrong gender. Currently there's a fad that a person's being is inherently male or female, and that one should internally experience a strong feeling of being male or female in their mind, the idea of "gender" being something outside of physical sex. Of course, most people don't have the experience of the "soul" being gendered, and some interpret this as being the "wrong" gender.

Your dad won't be alive forever. You can always boy mode around him as well. You don't have to present as female 100% of the time to be trans.

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Why don't you just smile more? Like you're always frowning and feeling bad about yourself. Other people cope just fine, why can't you?

Do you have discord OP? I really want to enable and support a cute trans girl.

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All I want to do is top a femboy

No I don't have a discord. And not to be rude but that sounds pretty gay desu.
That, however is definitely not gay.

Also making a pretty big assumption with ''cute''

Really? Did it make your dick shrivel up or something?

but that's the fun of trans girls, you get to watch them evolve and become cute over time

Makes sense I see your point.

>I don't want him to feel like he failed at raising me.
But he did.

Good. There is no reason to share your fetishes with your parents.

Well, a little bit I guess. Mostly so far I've just got really small breasts.

How is that any different than getting gyno from roids?

Not her but HRT can and does allow trans women to grow real, large breasts. They won't be D cup, but it's not like all trannies are A cup either. Genes are more important than anything.

This is OP's youtube channel if you guys didn't already know about it. Some dude named Earl that wears dresses.
>transvestites wonder why people say they are mentally ill

well gyno is actual tits as well believe it or not. gyno also depends on genetics and steroids merely increase the risk of developing gyno that already existed

Ew no thats not me. Im not that ugly.

Sure okay Earl. Did you ever get that pizza? Ypur parents are going to kick you out soon if you don't stop abusing them and your brother.

Not that I care too much but why do you think that guy is me?


tranny fucks actually think theyre fucking women AAHAHAHAH

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What are you going to do? Call me "he"?

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How'd you get a picture of me?

be cute, dress nice and let him plunge your girlhole for reparation
>Being trans seems way way too common nowadays.
trannies only make up like .5% of the population tho, do you even see 200 people on a daily basis?
>t. tranny

It's funny, people always say that there's way to many trannies now but I don't think I've ever seen another one.

Even 1 tranny is too many trannies

Just skip to the end and kys

get off of it your sperm will come back after a while

hello, be my gf. i am a successful man making $140k a year, he will forgive you as a woman if you're set for life.

it's because trannies are a very vocal minority and also because a lot of people confuse the real world with the internet

But I don't want to get off of it.
Yeah right. If you really make $140k a year then you could do a lot better than me.

i'm a chaser, i want to forcefully feminize you.

Oh I see, I can get behind that.