I have an idea to expand r9k's influence over all of Jow Forums...

I have an idea to expand r9k's influence over all of Jow Forums. Basically we make memes or videos that make being asocial seem cool and because the normalfags think in terms of social hierarchies this will appeal to them. Who wants to help me turn Jow Forums into one big r9k website?

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isn't it already is? besides /b/, of course. all other boards are just there for robots to discuss other things.

Ah I see... from pic related I see you're a man of culture as well...

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>Satanic Warmaster
Boring and uninteresting entry level black metal.

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Burzum is not entry level. Burzum is black metal. Period.

What is the fucking point of doing this? Jow Forums's entire culture is produced by disaffected white men in their 20s, and it's narcissistically focused on that point of view. Even if you got other people to accept your ideas, you'd just turn around and complain about all the posers and fake normies intruding on your safe space.

>not entry level
Every normie knows about Burzum and some of them even think it is a band composed of various members, so yeah, Burzum is pretty much entry level stuff.

Well if so you have to put Darkthrone in the entry level too :/

Darkthrone is entry level stuff also.

What's not entry level so?!

>make memes
>get influence
>appier cool in the eyes of normies
Holy fuck, i thought you 14 year olds had some internet points to collect or somethin...
Alright fag, lets say we get became the mostest coolest board of all the history of imageboards, then what?
And i feel like the answare isnt that we all get gfs...

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Oh, you know, stuff like Harrakiri for the sky, Deafheaven, Ghost Bath, Liturgy, Myrkur, Ulver.

Now, being serious, what kind of black metal do you want that's not entry level? raw, more melodic/symphonic, atmospheric or more folk-ish style? Or you want straight up forgotten bands that no one gives or remember?

OP, you're just like every other plebbit fag coming to Jow Forums to do "le epic raids" and other shit like that. Fuck off you stupid faggot. You have to be at least 18 to be on here.

give not entry level atmospheric bm recommendations
not him btw

Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone are entry level
>b-but muh opinion! they are boring!

They may be entry level but they sure aren't boring, Burzum shaped almost everyband from the 2nd wave

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Darkspace, Paysage d'hyver, Hate Forest, Nychts, Evilfeast, Trist (the one from the Czech Republic is good but it is DSBM, listen to the German one for atmospheric/ambient if that's what you're looking for), vampyric blood, Sanguine Relic, Forest (russian band) and i don't remember much more since im not really into the atmospheric black metal shit, more into the raw-noise type.
Some of those are kind of well known, but definitely not entry level shit.

I never said they were boring, just not that interesting or original in a sense. I do listen to them from time to time. But they are definetly normie-tier black metal bands.

Now, now, that might be true, but it is only because the Norwegian scene got a lot of news coverage that it made such a big impact around the metal community but there were definitively better acts of black metal going on around the world at the same moment those fuckers were making the news, and most of all it was all just a meme of edgy teenagers trying to be the most "evil" and shit.

My bad, i did say they were boring, sorry.

It's the only BM album I've listened to but "Put - Pesni Smerti". Just type pesni smerti in youtube and it should pop up.
It's a russian band, they also use a accordion which's really cool

entry level is what posers say


And i bet you're not, right?

what comes close

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A.. Are you literally the "I'm only listening to REAL underground black metal"guy my mom warned me about?

Have you listened to every other Paysage d'Hiver album? Specifically Kristall & Isa and Winterkalte. Check out the few other artists on Kunsthall productions:
Patrician taste.

No I'm not, I discovered black metal before most of you and I don't care if a band I liked back in the day eventually got famous
In fact I'm happy for them

I don't even taste to black metal anymore, since i got sick of it.
But yeah, thinking that those are GOOD or godly bands that changed everything is a lie, and sadly most underground black metal sucks, but the few hundred exceptions (considering we are talking of only unknown bands to the vast majority of people even in the black metal community) are way much better than those fucking bands.

Quite good, i like it.

I'd agree that bands like Gorgoroth, Satyricon, or even Immortal , Emperor, and Darkthrone aren't that interesting and most of their notoriety is from being at the right place at the right time. But Burzum actually has to be the greatest black metal artist. So many have tried to recapture the essence of Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and none have come close.

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This is it.

Based and Grishnackpilled

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appreciated, i wasnt aware of some of them

what are you into nowadays?

this, despite being well known and all old burzum is still fantastic.

I'm not even talking about who got 1st into black metal or not, that shit doesn't even matter.

And of course, i would be glad for them too if they actually evolved as musicians and made more interesting or original compositions and not the same fucking album again and again and again. Same shit with trash metal, there's only a few trash metal bands that are innovative and not just a copy.

It is true that album is quite good and kind of innovative for black metal around those years, but it is kind of overrated. I don't even know why some of you are getting butthurt about my opinion, after all, that's it, just my opinion.

Mostly ambient music or noise and power electronics, a bit of goth and post punk too.

You fuck with dungeon synth?

Some, mostly old style stuff, why? got any recommendations?

Just wondering. Seeing that you were into ambient I assumed there would be a chance you'd be into DS as well. I'm also mostly a fan of the oldschool, very few modern releases posted on bandcamp come close to having the same charm. I like Elffors new stuff though, reminds me of Mortiis.

You got any favorites?

No offence dude, but i can't stand Elffors for some reason.

Favorite hmmm let me see, i would say it would be some of these depressive silence, thangorodrim, lamentation, yearner, asmorod, frostveil and some new bands that i forgot the name, i will have to search on bandcamp but i dont want to do that.

Why would we shit up the other boards? This isn't reddit

Fair enough, Elffor makes for better background music than an actual great listen. I get it though. And nice taste, will have to check out Frostveil.
You might know already, but the guy from Depressive Silence has another similar project that's just as ethereal.

Yes, indeed, very dreamy like and ethereal. I will add that project and listen to it tonight to see if i can sleep.

Being asocial for social clout? Sounds silly m8