Most frequent board thread

Jow Forums + Jow Forums + /Lit/ + Jow Forums = ???

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in that order

>Jow Forums + Jow Forums + /Lit/ + Jow Forums = ???

i try to only stay in one board at a time but it would be /b/, Jow Forums, /x/, /a/, Jow Forums the order of boards i hopped with time, and i go to /gif/ and /d/ when im horny

Can I be a copecel if I'm black with a decently fit body.

Jow Forums + Jow Forums + /tv/ + /lit/ + /x/ = ???

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spooky snob

/mu/+/b/(rarely spend much time there anymore but whatever)+/mu/+Jow Forums+/x/

wut you're even more of a copecel

=based that's what
Those boards are some of the best at their peak and the shitpostiest at their worst

Jow Forums + /sp/ + /tv/

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Jow Forums + /x/
that's about it

Jow Forumso/k/a/r/t/

Jow Forums+/ck/+Jow Forums+/his/+/lit/+/tv/+Jow Forums=?

nerd or oldfag

/a/ + Jow Forums + Jow Forums + /sp/+ /s4s/

In order from most to least used

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Jow Forums + Jow Forums + Jow Forums + Jow Forums + /lit/ + /out/ in that order
The only one I'll use consistently is Jow Forums, though

Jow Forums by far. I occasionally look at Jow Forums, Jow Forums and /his/ but they're all way in the background.

/mu/ + Jow Forums + /gif/ +/v/ = shutin zoomer

/mu/ + /his/ + Jow Forums + /x/ + /fa/ + /an/ = ???

Megatesla? Main tank? Montana?
I don't understand the question so the answer is probably no