Dumb sketches for (you)s

Give me things to doodle and I'll make an attempt. Please don't expect me to do all of them though. I'm just drawing until the page is full. Also I don't like to draw porn

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Draw a unicorn swordfighting a giant robot in space. Unicorn is using his horn and robot is using an actual sword.

Could you draw a frog flinging it's tongue out to catch a fly but instead of a tongue it's a long ass penis?

Can you draw a cute monster girl of some kind, user? I dont mind what sort but one with small tiddies would be qt.

Hmm, maybe you could draw a cool ass shuriken or something like that. hf user!

or just some dude, maybe something for a pfp. sorry for double post.

Can you draw a mouse furry with a green mohawk and a punk jacket/jeans with chains?

Alright that'll take some effort but I'll start with that

Awesome, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Could you draw a cute vamp girl being real happy and excited? Thanks OP

try drawing a wojak using your imagination.

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Alright didin't really come out how I wanted. I'm not really sure how to draw anything mechanical, and the unicorn kinda looks likr a donkey. Sorry

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Draw a (wooden) stick/staff/sceptor with cuneiform on it.

Orbital at the end like Super Mario 3. You know, generic.

Actually, don't because that's too easy. I'm just bumping your thread.

Looks okay to me family.

I wish I had a cedar stick with something carved into it. I have autistically desired cedar stick for a long time and have not had even a cedar twig in 12 years.

I need to move back near the forest again.

That's awesome user!

Thank (you) so much, you've really made my day.

God bless you

draw megumin pls senpai

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Do NOT draw shit anime.

Ooh, what would you carve on it user?

Tell me more

Some kinda slime girl ice cream thing. I apparently don't know how to draw tits either (it isn't porn if there's no vagene, right?)

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i don't want you to draw anything, OP. i just want to see your feet.

Yeah hope you like nasty hairy foot you massive tralalala homo. Also I tried drawing a shuriken, but I'm really not sure how to make that cool

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The word magic in ancient sumerian.

Or something similar with an infinity symbol or similar on it someplace.

There's lots of varying times their cuneiform changed. When it was stil pictogram tier was kind of aesthetic.


I deleted my images of varying Mesopotamian pictograms and or cuneiform writings.

Gotta go do something real quick. Will do this next

Draw a sad boi looking down upon the world on a high horse that's as tall as a skyscraper

That's really cool user!

The chart you linked reminds me of the evolution of chinese characters.

It's amazing how similar primitive scripts look.

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Alternatively something more autismal. Like pic related symbols but would not bother to tell my favs.

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All humans started with pictogram then during the evolution it looks similar as it will still halfway look like pictures as it transitions.

>reeeee me no like anime
fucking summer normalfags

Also, like China the Mesopotamian region had a very long trade route. It was on the same tier as the Silk Road.

Cute bara guy with the genki smile pls. Bonus if he has horns

What prompts the change from pictograms to scripts do you think? Complexity of ideas that need to be expressed?

That anime is shit.

Do not draw SHIT anime. Not all anime is shit but that zoomer one definitely is.

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Where would you suggest I look if I wanted to learn more about this stuff?

Pictograms need to be slowly drawn whilst cuneiform is with a wooden reed so you can rapidly write more and more information. Plus, less pictures means it evolves into a twenty odd phonetic alphabet to save time while you're at it. cuneiform evolved into phonetic twenty-odd after a bit before it became eventually Hebrew.

Pictures by the thousands wastes time even if they are pretty and mysterious looking. Orientals still use the halfway point of which is why there's thousands of non-phonetic drawings/writings from their trade days of silk road but it's not efficient. Kanji and whatever else it's called, I forget. Koreans, japanese, chinese, they all share it like those Mesopotamians shared their stuff, though varied, during their trade days.

Blah blah waste of time so it gets short and sweet. No drawmings, just presses, and sounding out words instead of drawing a meaning.

Just read about it I suppose. I was teaching myself (ancient) Sumerian for shits and giggles one day and downloaded a dictionary and Sumerian history book and also watched a documentary or two.

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I appreciate it, thanks for the food for thought.


That's actual food for thought.

Decided to bust out the alcohol markers for this one. Forgot they fuckin bleed through pages though to now the shit behind this page has two red dots for no reason

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Could you draw a very angry rat with knight armor

Sorry but I actually like Konosuba even if I prefer Darkness

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That looks so good! Thanks OP!

Okay not really a full page but I'm tired and feel like I've put in enough effort for today. Drawing too much anime is causing my art style to change. I'll probably be back sometimes next week, but maybe tomorrow if the day isn't too long

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Thanks user, I look forward to your next visit!

This was a great thread, thanks OP!

You rock my dude