Do you collect anime figures?

Do you collect anime figures?

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I will when I get my own house and I will hide them from my parents.

I have like 4 Nendoroids. I don't really collect them, I don't go out of my way to buy them. But if I see one of a girl I like and its not grossly marked up, I'll buy one.

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>not making your parents buy them for you
beta as fuck.
I just preordered two.

Why would I waste my money on that?

>being a sperg

I collect my little pony figurines. And plushes

Plushies more so than figurines, especially fumos. I do have a few Nendoroids though, and a Figma. A few cheap-ish prize figures as well.

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Yes, mostly of my waifu. I don't live alone so I have to put them all in my secret closet shrine.

Now a days I'm collecting Hot Wheels

>tfw will never have enough money to have a cute pink room filled with stuffies and anime figurines
why live

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Kotobukiya has good mlp human figs coming out

Already have pinkie

Only one out here is the beta too scared to like what he likes.

I don't follow it anymore but they look really nice quality

imagine living with your parents and calling other people beta lmao

Yeah, she's really well made. Super cute.

Why yes I do user. Only from 1 series though. What do you think?

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let me see your fumos

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i did collect them through my teenage years, now i just want to get rid of them all.

oh I'm glad you're asking
actually just got some good stuff today

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No i'm not autistic

I have a single mech figure that I assembled and painted. I always tell myself to get new ones, but when the opportunity comes I'm suddenly poor as fuck for no reason.

I do indeed. this is my shrine in my closet where I will eventually add scrolls on the wall, maybe install another shelf and a light to look at everything. I also have a legacy dragonzord I got on a really good sale and a ringwraith I had in my garage for a decade. I have all the boxes still as well.

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Only vocaloid and only BJD's

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Have another Miku.

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I have Holo. I don't need anymore.

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Last picture I took of them. Have more now. Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu, Mokou, Suntanned Cirno, and Tenshi.

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Extra customized Miku for the collection

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Where do you buy those?

I want to but im too poor and all the nice figures are too expensive. So I just enjoy artwork of my favourite characters online for now

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Technically, you can only buy custom ones in Japan. But you can get a generic one on ebay. Depends on how much you're willing to spend or how deeply you desire one.

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For reals, what's the deal with the pricings on this shit. I can literally buy a silver coin minted in the 2nd century Roman Empire for less than the cost of a 5 inch piece of painted plastic.

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Jow Forums's file size limit is cancer. This is my collection so far. I ordered a guts figure and another echidna figure

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just buy nendoroids, they're only like $30~ or so and there's one for every character out there. it's funko pops that don't look shitty

yeah all the anime merch I like tends to be kind of pricey. I only really spend money on manga every once in a while, but figures are a different story.

Even though they are cheaper I really dont like the design of nendoroids at all though...

then your only other choice would be prize figures (which vary in quality) or buying used, might be a better idea to buy used if your looking for less mainstream characters

I barely buy figures, but usually get a lot of garage kits or gunpla, the painting process is a lot of fun.

>garage kits
absolutely based. Your waifu loves you more when you paint her with dedication.

I'd like some figures, but unless they nendroids they're either garbage quality or they're ridiculously expensive. Nendroids are cool but really they only do anime characters really good I feel like, and I'm honestly not much of a weeb. I'll watch some stuff but I don't care about any anime enough to warrant owning a figure for it

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I should be getting a display case for my Kancolle Nendoroids in a few weeks from now. And getting several more of them

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I buy figures for fembots I meet online

I have around half the nendoroid collection of the monogatari series. They were pretty expensive but its the show that unironically made me start my journey of self improvement and kept me from becoming an hero.

I'm not really a collector but I do own 14 of them with 2 coming out soon, I just buy the ones I like. I wanna try and get a hold of some secondhand older ones most of all and some more Nanoha figs.

Ah shit what was the name of the anime that figure is from? I remember really enjoying it from start to finish but it was so long ago I forgot the name. That is the ghost girl, right?

Does getting all of the funko pops of the TF2, and sometimes collect the TF2 figures count?

How do you even get enough emotional attachment on something to want to buy merch about it? Maybe my brain is just broken but I never felt like doing that.

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>funko pop

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I have a Nero (from Milky Holmes), not sure where she's gone though, my room's a mess

I also have this Serval

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Hey man, I'll take what I can get.

Yeah I've got 6 1/8's, 4 nendos and 10 fumos. Haven't bought any in a while but I don't have a lot of cash on me right now.

Only ones that I give a crap about.

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Not much of a collection to be honest.

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I hope you guys glue them regularly.

>file size limit is cancer
How about you actually utilize the benefits of .jepg, instead of posting retardly large resolution images, that are still out of focus, poorly lit and grainy?
See I can post the same image, and it'll only take up 1/5th the space yours does. AND you can't even tell the difference if you aren't staring at the darkest regions of the picture.

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I build gunpla and have a few Love Live alter figs, and a NECA godzilla figure. I'm also NEET.

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yes i dont display them tho they just live in my closet with a bunch of unbuilt model kits

I did, but I lost interest in anime and have been selling them

I threw all of mine in the trash, they're in some dump in China or India now. Had about 6 or 7 figurines.

yes please rate my collection

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Hell yeah, check out my two newest boys. I think my collection is nearing $1k at this point

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would hotglue/10

I might be a loser but i'm not pathetic

Nice, I've had the ARTFX Rosa on my list for a long time