31 yr old croat here

31 yr old croat here
I'm bored
btw dark souls 3 deluxe edition is $20 on GameBillet. get it anons so I can have friends to play with

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be gone accursed succubus

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How come you're this old and still have an interest in video games?

My boyfriend is a zoomer by Jow Forums standards and I grew up playing vidya with friends during uni.
Mostly couch coop games like SOCOM, Halo 2, Unreal 2004, and other shit
Oh and I love Metal Gear series. Fell in love with Snake Eater

Your wizard powers are no match for me
I shall take your wizardry from ye if you keep pestering me

are you a homosexual man? why are you preying on zoomers

If I were a dude I'd be an incubus
I like my guys young

stop playing games and get married and have kids, if you won't do that, at least post discord if you wanna play ds3

My boyfriend is too young for kids. He's 21 and still hasn't a decent job yet. Hell I'm out earning him by a good 130k yearly (not counting my other income plus my 2nd job). Don't want to burden him
We can just meet in game and chat via steam chat. Idk if my mic would work. My motherboard is shitty and the audio drivers bug out constantly. Hell last time I VC'd on discord it gave me a BSoD due to bad audio drivers

you new to the game?

Not at all
I have like 1k hours between the PS4 and PC version
Plus I've been a Souls fan since Demon's releases. I was a storm ruler/scraping spear memer

well that's a shame cuz I hacked and had to delete my 500 hour save, I have to start a new char

>Getting banned for hacking
Low int, user.

I know, if you want we can coop the game if you are into that

sta radis? ti se svida tvoj zivot?

Sure in like an hour
I'm actually about to mow my lawn

why are mowing the lawn in the night? but sure, reply later and I'll post my char's name and location here

Because it's still fucking sunny at "night"? Less hot too.
I'm free now so

What's a croat ?

sure, do a sign on high wall of lothric, password croat

See you in a bit
hacking into my boyfriend's account right now.

>making 130k
>working a second job


Our discrepancy is 130k
He makes like 30k or so. My 2nd job is another management job but at a parts store (my main job is branch manager for a bank). I got this 2nd job on a whim and for more money. I use most of the income from this job for spending on frivolous things or investments
My sign has been down for awhile
No summon yet. Are you still on Iudex?

You better be on PC user....
Because I am

nah, im right on the bonfire, lemme check, you got the password on ?

see pic. im at bonfire too

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shitty fucking game

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Make sure you're embered
Try checking your way of white corona you low int hacker. If it's usable use it to get unbanned from matchmaking

I'm not banned anymore and I am embered

just re-downloaded the game again last night. I lost my save file while stuck on the dancer.
Played it for like an hour today
gonna kick vordt's ass tomorrow.

I'll restart the game and put the password out and in again, do the same, if that doesn't work then oh well

What's your steam ID? On the off chance I have you blocked
Highly doubt I do though.
I just put it back down at the bonfire. Maybe closing then relaunching would help?
Neat. Nice dubs too

How's life in Croatia

branch managers make $160k? aren't they just tellers that get promoted?

Last time I visited it was great. Spent the entire vacation on the coastline starting from Stari Grad where a lot of family is.
I live in KY now though. Have been here since 2002

okay just learned penalized players can only play with penalized players, sorry user

Well that was a waste of my time
Fucking hell

>Neat. Nice dubs too
Yeah, it was my first souls game. But i love the atmosphere so that makes the occasional pain-in-the-ass stuff tolerable.
My first go around it took me like 60 tries to beat the fucking tutorial boss gundyr. This time around I beat him on my first try so things are looking pretty good.

Lol no, I don't know what "she's" on about. Probably lying and delusions like this rest of this board.

get off this board you fucking roastie you old ass roastie cunt, cunty cunt bitch HAHAHAH GTFO Hahahah

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She's basically making minimum wage lmao

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What can you tell me about slavic / russian women

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i have the standard on steam and ps4, want to play?

also a bunch of other gamesd

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