How old are you and have you ever been on a date before?

How old are you and have you ever been on a date before?

>18 1/2

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25 or 26

>No and haven't really talked to a girl since high school

>20, 21 this month

dumb zoomer

>on three with the same girl this year
No kissing her, though. Damn.

>just turned 19

You guys are losers I got sucked off at the age of 16

>one girlfriend for 1,5 years that was build on emotional dependance on both sides. She also had the mind of a 12 year old and didn't let me have sex with her once. Fucking bitch

im just not interested in having a relationship, i am prepared to work until i die, fun life

24 and yes it was a disappointment .

The concept of that kind of blows my mind. It's so alien to think that someone would take a considerable chunk of their free time and devote it to have fun with me and find out if I'm a good partner for them.

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>you guys are losers
Are you lost? Do you know where you are?


I hope its not too late. Ive rejected girls in the pass. Thks may just be karma

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>20 and 1/6th

2 months ago but always as friends. Never had a romantic date. And probably never will.

dis basically

>yes, two, technically three, dates.

HAHA you're a looser if you seek validation from people on r9k.

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How do u not know your own age you silly goose?

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>19 tomorrow

>yes, 19 first dates to be exact
>not including the year and a half i spent with my gf :^)
normie life rules

>one girlfriend for 1,5 years that was build on emotional dependance on both sides
are you me?

Not necessarily. I've been to a park with my oneitis before but neither of us thought it was romantic. Something similar happened to me when my mother tried to find me a girl or a friend to hang out with. We ended up at Dunkin Donuts drinking coffee together I didn't really treat it as a date. I thought it was quite boring

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Yes, but no second dates
However I have gotten a girl pregnant before


all my dates were fucking disasters

the one relationship i had was with an underage virgin. we lived together for 5 years. all the other whores out there are going to die alone


who else got too high last night and accidentally refound their sense of shame?

Just turned 34 recently, never been in a relationship. I've been on a couple dates in my life, they went well but never materialized into anything more. I've been told I'm good looking and have a great personality, I'm reasonably fit, make 75K a year and have a fun and interesting career... yet I can't seem to land more than one date per decade if I'm lucky. Take it for what it's worth but i'm pretty much ready to accept my lonely existence from here on out.

years 22
date 1
went out to get ice cream with a friend of mine from high school the summer before we went to college it was fun

>0; a girl asked me out once but I turned them down because I'm completely socially fucked
>expect to be alone forever

>many times but only with one girl, i really miss her

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>no. Never even kissed a girl.

> 20
no I've never had a girl be interested in me that was 300 pounds.


I've never tried at all

idk if this would really count as a date but I got some girl I kinda liked to go with me to the movies with me. I asked if she wanted to go out again a few weeks later and she never responded.

there's no hope for me. I'm ugly short and have no personality


Yes but it was years and years ago.

Same with me. Feels bad man

I'm not used to remembering it or being asked so I have to do a bit of math every time

What happened? I would like to know

Begone child. You're in your prime for dating and socializing, you still have a chance.

34, khhv, never even been flirted with

>no date
>no hand holding out of forced stuff in elementary school
>no kiss
>no hug
>no hope
>I envy the dead

its over for me best of luck to the rest of you

>literal teenagers think they have a right to post here or act depressed


>All these

>yes they never called back


goddamn millennial degenerates

the sad part is i have been flirted with and i think i could of had a shot with some but i never took the step forward its the same with friends i have never actually had a night out hanging out with anyone

i almost did once tho

The most action I've ever had is interlocking my soapy hands with a girl (she asked) and wiping it on the girls face after she playfully wiped it on mine (probably wasnt expecting me to do it back)
She was like 10 years younger than me and this was during work

>not one that ended well

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i honestly wouldnt have reacted to flirting too much of a coward. all my friends are nerds so no chance of schmoozing at a night out. though theyre all married now lmao ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

> 32
>Never even talked to a girl


classic wow is coming out soon so I don't imagine I'll be going on dates in the near future either

Nope dee do