User, have you ever kissed a girl? I feel like you havent

>user, have you ever kissed a girl? I feel like you havent

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18 and still have not.

yes, that's true, so what?

I did once when I was like 10

I didnt do anything
They were the ones kissing

this thread hurts the feels.

No, I have never kissed a girl.

No. And it hurts whenever I see a couple holding hands and sharing lunch.

I missed out on so much, and people still want to sabotage my improvement.

Don't give up, I first kissed a girl when I was 26.

She was really a slobberer.

Well, count yourself wrong then.
Why am I not this smooth irl?

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Awwwww so cwute

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Dont listen to the other user. Give up, I'm 31 and havent kissed a girl.

You are wrong, I have kissed a girl.

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>I'm 31 and havent kissed a girl.
Try brushing your teeth. My ex used to make this guacamole with WAY TOO MUCH GARLIC and now when I smell garlic it gives me a boner.

i dont get it man im not even that bad looking 6,3 and 250lbs i just dont know how one goes about meeting girls.

I dreamed of kissing a girl last night. Does that count? 19 years on this planet and my only experience of kissing a girl is in my dreams. Man I'm sad.

i get it bro

Looks like I got a year still, thanks user

Never have and dont want to. Its just a disgusting way to spread bacteria and diseases. Maybe a simple one second kiss would be fine but putting your tongue in someone elses mouth is fucking disgusting. Why do people do that shit

>ugly guy walks down the street
>women jump at him to ram their tongue down his throat because his breath doesn't have any noticeable smell