Is it worth it to date a nice but fat girl?

Is it worth it to date a nice but fat girl?
I feel bad because I find them hot sexually, but I can't imagine myself ever wanting to be in a relationship with one long term
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the only reason I wouldnt want one is because I'm scared their obesity would kill them

other than that hnnnnnng i wanna cum inside some white pillowy cushions

How fat are we talking? Jow Forums fat or actual fat?

More than thicc but definitely not obese

Yes, I'm only interested in obese girls desu. Even chubby isn't attractive to me.

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I just imagine the mental issues you must have or grow by being shit on by society and not changing while activwly trying to excuse your shit behavior. Expect issues with addiction and control.

When people say "fat" they mean disgustingly obese.

Fat = 130++ lbs
Disgusting = 160++ lbs

I'm talking average heights... you might be a 6'5 amazon who's 182 lbs and be hot as fuck, but we can't even do it doggy style so what's the point?

>Fat = 130++ lbs
Really? I'm 165 and very thin, although I am a guy

don't. Trust me. You will hate it the post nut clarity will make you wanna kill yourself. Also, you might throw up. Just don't its just a bad idea

My wife is 4'11"/230lbs

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I guess it's more fairy to say fat = 140++ and chubby = 130++, but the "chubby" range is super narrow and depends on body type, height and a lot of other factors. It's trivial to be 130+ without being chubby because you're muscular. So shit's more complicated than that.

Here's my straight answer though:
less than or equal 160 lbs = BONE HER
any greater than 160, like 200 lbs = NO SIR

>although I am a guy
Yeah well duh. I'm 165 too but we're 6' tall dudes with some muscle. A 5'6 woman will be more like 130 at most before she starts looking obviously "a bit chub" which only makes my dick chubs, but getting to a range like my own weight or BIGGER THAN I AM BONER-WEIGHT INCLUDED = NO THANK YOU SIR

hey, neat. My wife's 5', 100lbs. I wonder who's happier. Yours while eating a cinnabun, for sure. But if we're taking total happiness into consideration, I bet the extra 20-30 years of life'll give my the edge, eh?

>My wife is 4'11"/230lbs
At this point the waves in her folds have such a low damping (high Q) factor that you can fuck just by slamming her butt once then relying on the ripples to bounce back and forth through her to bring you to orgasm.

High five bro.


but you don't have a wife, do you?

>I bet the extra 20-30 years of life
Yeah but you never get to run and bounce off those sweet cinna bun buns rippling off your hun and eat rotisserie chicken and donuts out of her cheek folds and extra chins during sex.

Didn't read your thread just wanted to come in and give my appreciation for your image there. Boy do I love me a good Bang's root beer after a hard day of work

No, fat girls are all bitchy.

10 years in Nov. That's counting dating though. Waiting for her to get off work so we can do an hour of cardio on treadmills next to one another. Super gay stuff.
no please :(

>I wonder who's happier. Yours while eating a cinnabun, for sure.

She does love her treats

Shamelessly fat slampigs have the tightest and most pillowy pussy you'd ever have the pleasure of breeding in your life, the extra fat makes it such a tight fit and it clings to every little part of your cock. Literally plunges the juices out of her with every thrust. Plus, they can really handle the rough stuff, and their whole body feels like tits.

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>Didn't read your thread just wanted to come in and give my appreciation for your image there. Boy do I love me a good Bang's root beer after a hard day of work
i also love Bang's root bear

but not that nasty oliet Bang's which OP drinks

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>Be me
>Date chubby and T H I C C grillz almost exclusively
>They make the best grillfriends.
>Love to spoil me, cook, clean, love to give head, love to cuddle me.

If they ever feel self conscious about their weight and ask if they're "fat" then I say "Actually Angel, I want you bigger" and lovingly touch their booty.

Gets me hour long blowjobs every time.

>tfw my gf is literally almost 330lbs
I fucking love it so much holy shit

>Whole body feels like tits.

Ah, a fellow man of culture.

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ngl you guys are nasty dawg skinny girls are better smfh

based, what are you feeding that cow?

cringe and skeletonpilled

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I've already had 'em... although never anyone 200+. 180 or so was the most I think? I had one 160... one who was 240 or so sucked my cock recently but just looking at her body I was like "nah... shit's reminding me of Indiana Jones running from a giant boulder."

I escaped with my life without being crushed. Are you telling me I made a mistake?

sorry i don't like fucking waves on my women. Promoting obesity is very unhealthy and puts a very bad toll on women. A lot of them don't want to be fat and you guys just make their lives worse. I know because I knew someone that this happened to

The one who was 160 ate more than twice as much Chinese food as me and kept asking "are you gonna eat this?" then scarfing the shit down.


With a fat GF you need to constantly have like a secret hidden fridge or locked cabinet she doesn't know about where you keep all your food that you carry out at 3 AM and eat secretly so she never finds out.

Fat bitches eat all my snack food in no time... like within five minutes of getting back from the grocery everything I bought is fucking gone. NO. NO SIR.

Yes, fat girl pussy is like putting your cock into a warm milking machine.

My girl was already a fat NEET, I just made her my fat NEET. She's always been like this and has told me she doesn't want to be skinny.

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Watching a fat bitch eat a huge meal until she needs her belly rubbed is one of the finer things in life, though. You need to find some cheaper restaurants/recipes you can make at home that can easily provide enough calories for them without being too expensive, you need to think of it more like livestock feed for your qt cow.

>tfw i've watched my wife eat two medium pizzas, wings and garlic bread in one sitting

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I have a fat mom, and trust me, you don't want a fat gf. She's going to cost you 3x your average gf. They age the worst. Just trust me guys

I like that fat girls can seemingly pee very powerfully and have big bladders from the vids I watch

That's nothing, I dated a chubby stoner grill. She would smoke all my weed, eat all my food and want to have sex ALL the damn time.

It was a nightmare.

good ol diet bangs

>She's going to cost you 3x your average gf
This is true, I spend about $30 a week on groceries for me and about $120-150 a week on groceries for my wife. Don't date fat girls if you're broke.

>They age the worst.
This one's actually not necessarily true because having extra fat to keep the skin taut in their face etc often stops them from looking older as quickly.

Now that you mention it, this is also true.

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fuck off
fat people are better unless there like super fat

how do i get a 4'5'-4'11 thicc gf?

above 250 is to fat for a girl
above 350 is to fat for a guy

A nice cold can of Bangs would really hit the spot on this summer afternoon

they rarely leave their nests, but, check buffets.

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wrong, I love a sweaty hog ass bitch

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No. Not ever.