How does Jow Forums compare to what you thought or read about it before you started coming here?

How does Jow Forums compare to what you thought or read about it before you started coming here?

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like .001% of posts are those wacky ones that get screenshotted and everything else is really tame and depressing

I heard about it back in 2011 from a friend who showed me some gore on /b/. It lived up to my expectations, I have watched much gore and am a weirdo loser now.

pretty much this. I thought it would be like "le funny image macros" but it's more like a depressing shithole that sucks you in. I swear you never trully leave this place

A lot like real life, I suppose.

I basically started coming here for the lulz really.

I always thought it was for edgy hackers and alt chad bullies

>I always thought it was for edgy hackers and alt chad bullies
Yeah I'd say there's less hacking going on here than I would have expected.

I came for greentexts and stories to suck up time while I was depressed. Didn't expect all the other funny and depressing shit I found though

You found the normies OP. Good job

thought it would be more edgy and funny, instead it's really boring and depressingly normal, an average discord server has more disgusting, funny, gore and edgy content than this normie infested site

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>Dude you should check out Jow Forums, it's a cool new anime forum based on a Japanese site called 2chan!
It was pretty accurate.

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You are not welcome here, seriously.
Im granting you a lifelong passport and citizenship, consider r9k your second home.

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I've been coming here since 2007. Back then it's reputation wasn't what it is now. It was just a place with rage comics and Habbo shit, not the mighty "hacker known as Jow Forums".

I was told it's a great place to find lesbian hentai. And it is, if what gets rocks off is hand holding and cuddling

I came to experience the bbs culture and for the anime board. Now it is just an habit to browse here.

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>Internet hate machine
>The thing it hates the most is itself

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I didn't read about or know about it before coming to it.

When I came to Jow Forums barely anyone knew what it was outside of Something Awful (and its spinoff sites)

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I've been here since 2007, I was in grade 8. My understanding of Jow Forums was basically the "scary" place on the internet where you'll get hacked or fucked with somehow. I'm glad that didn't scare me away. I got to experience a lot of memorable threads and a lot of great laughs over the years.

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I came for greentexts and shit ive been on before but i dont browse very frequently

Dubs culture ruined the board for me and that was the first thing that I was exposed to. Also, computer viruses.

I thought this was where all the leet hackers were. The people "in the know". 199 I.Q intellectuals that could figure out who you are in seconds. Downloaded tor to check this shit and everything but was severely disappointed when I first found b

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I first went to /b/ after some of them tracked down some chick that threw a bucket of puppies into a river; so I thought that Jow Forums was a place for vigilante do-gooders to congregate, and I thought that /b/ was the only board. That shit would've been gay as hell. This is much better.

I think you mean normalfag, you normalfag.

I'm surrounded by retards and feel like a retard for liking this site for some unknown reason

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>Wanted to explore the deep dark pits of human depravity
>Instead went on a site full of people sharing porn, talking about cartoons, and thinking the N word if funny
This is what happens when people break rules 1 and 2

basically the idea of being anonymous and having no history of my own posts was very appealing

It was certainly edgy but the humour wore down quickly, and I haven't been impressed by a post in years.

I thought it was a dangerous site, the gateway to the deepweb, to illegality.
But then i found out it actually was a site full of edgy teens, gullible men-children and shills. Like reddit pretty much