Texting girl

>texting girl
>ask her what she bought
>she says a couple random things as well as "girl stuff"
Is she implying that she's on her period and wants to fuck?

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Only one way to find out

obviously, go for it friendo

"girl stuff" means magnum condoms for black Chad

What the fuck is this mate. this shit looks exactly like me.

>texting girl

fuck off normie. also am i autistic for not realizing this 'girl' wants to fuck from her text. i would not take that as a sign she wants to fuck...

you have to read in between the lines
>random things
its so obvious even the blind could see
go for it user she wants I T T

how is that obvious? i dont see how this is askign for him to make a move at all. she couldve bought tampons ffs and didnt want to gross him out. am i really this autistic that everyone else thought it was obvious wtf.

Why would she even bring it up otherwise?
Personal hygeine objects are an incredibly boring subject to talk about

theres only one way to find out
OP give us the exact text and we will identify any implication

because he literally asked her what she bought, she was just answering the question like wtf

are you trying to mock us?
it is and always will be the couple random things

wtf do you mean, why would random things mean 'sex me hehe' wtf

you probably have a low IQ because you dont get my intention
the treasure lays in whatever couple of random things she responded
if OP wouldnt be such an enormous gaping pile of shitfucked assmeat he would deliver the exact text wich would probably reek of implications because men and women need to fuck at the end of the day

She's even talking about babies dude

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he said she said 'a couple random things and girl stuff'. how is that at all saying 'fuck me'.

goddamn shes all in for that procreation stuff
she needs some signs like right now

have you ever watched the porn?
if not look it up but attention, you might learn something

What did you say back to her?

that bitch wanna get pregnant

the 'so there's that' part makes me think she could be dtf, dont fuck it up op

>nike bag
just do it OP she couldnt be any more clear

What the fuck is that supposed to symbolize?