How my fellow asian robots doing tonight? hapa friendly

how my fellow asian robots doing tonight? hapa friendly

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what's up my man.
I'm doing good, talking to, if you can believe it, a female friend over discord.

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every time i try making friends with other asian robots they all just end up talking about white people for hours.

listening to electropop

Im happy for you, man. Everybody deserves to have that warm, fuzzy feeling :D
yeah, that sucks. but its part of the experience I think.
post link

i don't talk about white people for hours. what a fucken boring thing to do

More Asian comfy pics
Makes me nostalgic

nostalgic for what? childhood, comfy times with family, or just travels?

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OP here. Ill be ur fren. does discord work for you

Hello. I hope all of you have a wonderful evening and enjoy your weekend.

>tfw wasnt born asian
>tfw will never grow up in aesthetic comfy azn town in the country side and marry my childhood friend after high school

Its not fair

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that shit is a dumb fucken meme in the 21st century. the developed world is incredibly vapid

all of it really, I still live in Asia (Japan now) but theres something very comfy about the pic in your OP, takes me back to when I was a kid with no responsibilities

>tfw was born Asian in Asian country
>tfw adopted by white family
>tfw never knew Asia

I still get treated like shit by whites. Asian girls have a no dating Asians policy. I feel for you user. Im not Asian enough to really understand the Asian-Americans. And im too asian for the white people to care about me.

Damn, that sucks. Is it really true that foreign born asians wont date their own race?

Over here its actually the other way... in Japan theres less women who date foreigners. Of course in Tokyo theres quite a lot of mixed race couples. Im dating a white girl myself.

Either way, I think just enjoy being yourself without tying too much of your identity to race. Too much focus on race becomes weird when dating.

I just got it off some comfy thread in one of the wallpaper boards

Drinking a bit and listening to some music. Very chill night, not a lot going on.

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She seems comfy.

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I see asian couples all the time user.

In my experience, the ones that are more connected to their Asian identity dont really discriminate on dating. But the Asian girls who are too westernized by the shit that comes from Hollywood and Manhattan only date whites. The latter tend to be the thottiest

my boy Rui Hachimura is doing work for the both of us, user

what kind of music, brobot?

A mix of stuff, mostly 80s pop. Some friends wanted to watch Farscape, so we're doing that now.

Hapa here. I'm doing alright I don't get internet installed until the 10th so no shitposting until then.
Still could be worse.
Yeah life ain't like that in Asia.
Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow

For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but with a whimper.

asian girl here, i actually pref dating asian guys.

You post in these threads quite a bit I noticed. Aren't you that crazy Viet girl?

no lmfao. im half chinese half jap, i usually lurk but im super bored atm

not her, but you might be thinking of me

i'm not viet

Don't know why you even come here it's all mental illness here.
Pretty sure she was Viet. Not like it matters Asian women on Jow Forums are still batshit insane.

u're right, but i have that dumb edgy sense of humor so its entertainment for me

I'm not viet but hope you have a nice night

sorry for being crazy

Is there a more pathetic group of people than asian males? Even niggers can get laid.

modern whites, especially the ones here on Jow Forums. You guys are jewed as fuuuuuuck.

Yet we get all the Asian pussy. Its so easy.

Meanwhile Pedro, Tyrone, and Muhammad are flooding your countries and neighborhoods; all this while the jew paints you as monsters and your brothers consume more so'y and products. The best you could do is racemix and hope your genes fall to the right nonwhite family as you said.
It is quite reasonable to say the white race is finished.

this thread is for asian people, coming in here to taunt people and brag is very pathetic

I have a white gf, though.

wut? my girlfren is the same mix as you.

Hapa checking in, of the filipino variety. I dont really feel close to my filipino side just because im from the west and grew up around white people and got treated "white" so to speak, but it doesnt help that im a weeb. Gonna go watch some anime now, so @ me any other hapas with your late night feels.

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There was a Korean festival in my city today. So many cute Koreans. I met one there and took her back to my place. She is sleeping on my shoulder while we are resting on my bed. Later she is going to cook me bulgogi. Probably gonna smash tonight.

The more I have to spend time around middle-class center-liberal whites the more I hate them and their hypocrisy.
>other asian robots they all just end up talking about white people for hours
Ah shit I'm doing it too aren't I?

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Japanese on my father's side.
Very chill night, just having a few drinks.

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>tfw asian
>tfw living in Toronto
>tfw literally a citizen so can't even fuck off anywhere

any other hapas not have any asian friends?

I'm quapa can I still get in?

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>be black
>match with asian qt on app
>we meet up
>hang out with her several times
>second time most of her jokes were targeted at white people
While funny as shit, it did make me think

not bad bro, just waxed my snowboard with the gf, going on a trip next week

that sounds lame dude, good luck with that

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