What a horrible night to have a curse

What a horrible night to have a curse

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A curse? What do you mean sakiposter?

Yes indeed, the jews shall be cursed with death.

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nigger avatarfag boil yourself

i am cursed with apathy this day
oh, its the jew slayer, hi there
even if you don't mean well, (you)s are still appreciated user hihi

I would really like to interact with you more since we have something in common now, i will keep up with your threads and posts.

based castlevania reference

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Ah, apathy. That's a curse I know personally, good night sakiposter.

ive never seen you goyim, is that because im eu and never pull all nighters?

well, glad to have you around
you know it
good night user, i hope you sleep well
im in EU too but i always post mainly at night because of my fucked up sleep schedule

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Do you live around Split?

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Sorry, I don't want to dox you. I'm just being annoying.

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Do you play the Castlevania games or just like the lore of the whole series?

aiste showing his psychopathic tendencies again

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Split? where is that lmao? also doxxing me would be pointless since no one irl even knows about my existence except my parents and some relatives haha
symphony of the night is a all time favourite of mine, i liked the others too but not as much

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i actually never played any Castlevania games myself, i just like the lore of the series, pretty much like any other game (Souls series, Elder scrolls, the witcher, etc).

you should play bloodstained, its basically sotn love letter

You're either bluffing or a very isolated Bulgarian. If you were Croatian you'd have no issue knowing what Split is, since it's spelled the same. I think you're bluffing though. Sorry, I'm not doxxing you.

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I got too high last night and accidentally refound my sense of shame. How do I rid myself of this normie curse?

you should really play symphony of the night, its so fucking good
i probably will when i have time, my backlogs are full on all fronts
i vividly remember drinking cheap bulgarian vodka back in high school and it was very nasty
how did it happen user?

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Idk it was literally just weed, I was planning on drinking too but I felt way too fucked up and thought that would make things worse. I fully charged my vape and took 5 hits of my cart, most of them pretty big, I guess I hadn't smoked that much but still my foundations in this reality just collapsed, I had a completely objective look at myself without the support pillars to hold up my mind and it was like I was the guy that walked out of Plato's cave and saw the sun. I might've actually been insane and just not there for a few minutes I felt like my mind was underwater, when some structure formed again I had to stroke my leg hair to keep my mind above water. I saw exactly how pathetic I was, and even worse I had started to have paranoid delusions like the only reason my friends were friends with me was because I was some lol cow that they would post about on kiwifarms. I guess it didnt help that I was thinking about if I would know if I was an npc prior to the trip, but now I realize I kind of am. In fact I finally realize how much of a trash person I am for even browsing this site.

*guess that I had never smoked as much as that yet

It's a quote, you stupid retarded autist

Whatcha up to tonight?

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jesus user this sounds like one hell lf a trip, how does one manage to stay sane after that? experiences where you have a retrospective on your life are cool and all but not on that intensity
hello based sailormoonposter, i was just somewhat going to sleep, 6 in the morning here, i am so done with life for today. how are you?

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Ah, sounds like a nice time to hit the hay. Still 10 PM here, just watching this sci-fi show called Farscape, and having a few drinks.

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The mind is more fragile but also more resilient then people give it credit for. I'd previously had a bad acid trip like a year before, and I'd stopped robotripping after one of those that went so bad I shit in a trashcan.

It just sucks this time because I somehow refound my sense of shame. I thought I threw it away somewhere in early highschool.

i dont speak english very well and im dyslexic

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