Is it just me or has this board gotten friendlier?

Is it just me or has this board gotten friendlier?

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it's infested with normies, all the ppl who used to flame normies have moved on

Depends on the topic

Yes it has.

How are you dojng tonight, Op? Any plans for the weekend?

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its kinda nice to be honest. itll turn sour again eventually though, i think.

Yes. In the age of wanna be sociopaths created by social media culture which normies adopt Jow Forums which usually are on the forefront of social trends are acting as a sort of reactionary against this plague of narcissist loosers.

it did, be that as it may but in some threads being friendly is comfy. Still want people here to fuck around

It will be funny to see Jow Forums eventually rebel against ad hominems.

Noticed it, it's been some days of really wholesome discussions and camadarie among anons.
I like it a lot. Way more useful than the negativity, anons been pouring some real pearls of wisdom recently.

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going to replay legends of heroes trails in the sky SC on Saturday and go to church on Sunday

People just ban racist now but the report racism outside of b option is strangely not on pol

you god damned faggot

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It's just you and I'm bipolar so I haven't gone back to being full nazi

>ban racism on Jow Forums
everyone would get banned lmao, myself included

Then should it be report racism outside of b and pol

i hope those are poison cookies

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based, fuck discord trannies too

It's improving little by little. Not sure how to approach the spam problem but it will be done

or they turned into normies since its clearly the right thing to do, no one wants to be sad forever

Racism is funny, you degenerate newfag. Hardly anyone means it. How fucking stupid are you exactly?

Satan fuck off

It sure has compared to past years.
>tfw 2016 was the year my life went to shit for good
>decided to make a thread because it was my birthday
>was already in shitty place mentally
>tfw got told to kms 20 times
That's how I learned to never ever celebrate my birthday again. I'm glad for anons that get support and encouragement today tho, it costs nothing to be nice.

This is why you celebrate birthdays
It reminds you that you are a little closer to fucking dying

It's just more passive aggressive than outright aggressive.
To much woman worshiping to have arguments anymore.