Do robots like art?

Corollary: do fembots like art? This can be an important question.

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I like modern art. White on white is the best kind... if you know what I mean.

Well considering you mentioned modern art it's literally impossible to guess. Unless of course that is the point to make unguessable art.

Depends on what you mean, OP. I like going to the museum and admiring the art there as much as the next guy, but I couldn't name any favorite artists or anything like that.

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I think you answered it.

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i like old lewds

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Art is wonderful when it's done with care and skill.
I couldn't give two shits about modernist and post-modernist "art"

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btw that painting is "Hylas and the Nymphs"
by John William Waterhouse

Here's another famous Waterhouse "The Lady of Shalott."

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Not bad. I don't want to post too much that's too lewd, but others are free of course.

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I like looking at art but I don't think I'm smart enough to really get it.
t. femanon

>do fembots like art?
I only like Chad's cock

Maybe you are getting it.

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Oh yes, very much. I use it as "inspiration" for when i feel like drawing, but i haven't finished anything since 2016, so i might as well try to find another way to get inspired.

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I love art but it doesnt love me. Stopping drawing is one of my biggest regrets and now its been so long (about 8 years) that I cant do it anymore.

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i enjoy looking at pieces in museums and trying to imagine what life was like for the artist or the scene in the painting. i like the fantasy aspect, kind of putting myself inside the painting.

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What did you feel as the inspiration died?

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I adore the works of the Hudson river school, especially the ones by Frederic Edwin Church

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That's as American as Robinson Jeffers.

Well, i don't think it was really "inspiration" but more like an obsession to get better. Actually, what really got me into it were the works of people like Dore and Durer and the likes.

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I heard once the best reason to write a book is that there isn't any on the subject good enough. Is there anything artists have neglected?

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Yes, no. Women "like" art in the sense of tumblr/facebook likes.

To be honest, i have no idea since i never intended to become an artist or took it seriously enough to give a shit about it in the sense you're asking. I just got obsessed with becoming good at drawing.

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That's okay. I appreciate art, but I'm about at a 6th grade level.

*when I draw.

You can get better, trust me, all you have to do is do it every day and your focus while doing so should be just getting better at one it, nothing more, i mean, i never took classes or read a book or anything, all i did was try to emulate what i saw on those paintings and etchings. And yes, i was really bad at it, but you do get good once you do it almost everyday all day long, if that's what you want, to get good.

I may as well. I have nothing better to do, if only for 30 minutes a day.

I don't really into realism or modern stuff. It looks nice but doesn't really move me. I do like stuff like Monet, Klimt, some Van Gogh and "not real art" stuff like Rebecca Guay and Yoshimi Ohtani.
Not sure what that makes me though. An expressionist maybe?
>tfw I will never experience fulfillment.

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