Jow Forumsshit is ruining Jow Forums

I get it, Jow Forums has always had its share of racists and nazis but they used to stay to their containment boards. I haven't visited /co/ in about five years, went back there today and it's full of race-baiting, queer-bashing, and "muh (((jews)))" type posts.
>inb4 some newfag says Jow Forums was always like this

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you should see what they are doing to the /lgbt/ board

there is no board they haven't invaded

>X is ruining Jow Forums!!!11
These threads have been around since Jow Forums was up and running, get used to it newfaggot

Get out of our countries and we'll quit the Jow Forumsshit, you filthy fucking nigger

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I mean threads like yours, specifically.

that's a cool birdie you got there

>treats others as newfags

>p-pol is ruining Jow Forums!
Yea it's totally pol, not the trannies and gays that post garbage every day. Go back to

Jow Forums was unironically always like this

He is right you know. (original) Jow Forums by nature cannot be political, because the ethos of Jow Forums is detachment fron society and other people. Jow Forums is social outcast culture. While there is a paradox there (a community of people that belong to no community), it definitely still includes animosity or at least apathy towards society.

Politics on the other hand are the discussion of how society should be run. You cannot be apathetic towards society and also be passionate about how it should be run.

Look at this guy for example. "Our countries". Neck deep into herd mentality. You cannot convince anyone that these people have anything to do with this site other than hearing about it on reddit during the election

Oops, didnt mean to mention you

Good, I'm glad it's ruining it for you. Sissy faggots like yourself who can't take that kind of shit need to go.

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Sorry to disappoint you user, but the social outcast culture here died years back and will never return.

None of this shit shocks me. It's just clogging up all the boards like the cholesterol in your overloaded amerifat arteries. It's tiresome when you want to have a legitimate discussion but you can't because Jow Forumstards start injecting race and their "based redpills" into every thread.

>implying posting on an anonymous anime forum is somehow masculine
Lmaoing at your life

Their ideals are admirable but their posts are total shit

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Im well aware. Thats why i said original Jow Forums, because the last couple years Jow Forums has just been reddit anonymous. And isnt that the entire point of this thread? The redditors have replaced the social outcast and made this yet another site to discuss US politics, as if we needed another one.

I miss old Jow Forums. There is nothing like it, trust me i have looked.

So edge. You feel like a big manly 15-year-old man now, little one?

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Well do your part and report ever racist post

>calling out someone for being "edgy" on FOUR CHAN

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Wait why are you using a pic used to insult Jow Forumstards if you are one?

Politics is a pendulum and most things are in some sort of balance. The left has all the power right now, so the kool kids over here are all right wing. Back in the '80 it was the other way around. Once the left had it's time, we as a society, will start leaning towards the right. Hopefully, and that will be some good 1-2 generations, until everything repeats again.

>The left has all the power right now

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how the fuck are you not racist, queer-hating, or (((jew)))watching in the current year? I'm serious. How can you not hate blackpeople? They literally want to erase white culture, history, heritage one nigger mermaid at a time. you're a spineless faggot.

however, nice pic related, great music.

Americans had no culture to begin with

Its not Jow Forumsshit. Its just whites. All whites are racist by nature and there are a lot of them on this site.

white, right-leaning americans have a unified cultural ethos that we can all understand based on the inception and development of the government of the united states. everyone else might as well be a weasel chewing at the wires of our circuitry. they need to be exterminated

>remakes of kids movies "erase" said kids movies
>this is something a grown man should be angry about

"Our circuitry". There we go again with that herd mentality.

Truth here, it's always american Jow Forumstards tbat feel the need to talk about their politics everywhere, effectively shitting up good gatherings.
Petty politics but completely understandable, yo ugrew up watching something and then you found out they changed the characters just to fit an agenda, not that it matters to me (until they mess with vidyas) but it doesn't hurt to discuss.
Also, /co/ is made for Stonetoss comics

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If this reply doesn't set off sirens, then I don't know what does.

Except in Battlefield the black soldiers were historically accurate yet manbabies still had a chimpout regarding it

I mean K SELECTED CAUCASIAN, American-born men you fucking seditious rodent. stop trying to dump your mongrel slop onto my words

thesis and antithesis

the containment board that is Jow Forums has grown due to the increasing polarization of politics and media in recent years. Some of that growth has been spurred on as a result of the social media echo chambers and filter bubbles that have emerged over the years. It's a natural reaction to that polarization, and the increasing politicization in nearly all forms of media. Jow Forums has usually been counter-culture to whatever is being pushed around. Adding gasoline to the fire with current events, and it's not really a big surprise.

Everything is politicized now, and there really is no outlet or escape anymore. It's just what flavor or side is prevalent on the platform of your choice Something either needs to change, or the bubble will burst at some point.


>no culture

I like gay people they don't harm people but fucking niggers do. is always the niggers causing trouble and getting fired from jobs for being lazy.

It's both as far as I'm concerned.

Fags aren't staying in their containment boards, why should we?

Why do Americans think whites and blacks are the only races that exist?

We actually NEED more Jow Forums. The discord shills are fucking insane

Why do Jow Forumstards pretend they are offending anyone? Like nobody is triggered because you say politically incorrect shit I guess we have something in common with your parents in so far that we find your presence unbearable.

t. amerimutt cockroach

the difference is that the politicization of Jow Forums was not just a politicization of the userbase and discussions, but a replacement of the userbase with political propagandists. Thats the problem here. Its not Jow Forums users suddenly became political, its that the old Jow Forums users got chased away by the larger group of political immigrants. Quite ironic when you think about who that group is

LOL, you seem pretty triggered

No it wasn't nigger. Pol is the stage 4 cancer that destroyed this place. Mother fucking Australians.

dude not just Jow Forums. REAL LIFE is infect by le culture war too.

every media, every tv show, many more conversations, turn on the radio its some hot take, look out at a billboard its some new PSA, politics is literally just who make me feel like they are winning the culture war, at work everything is new policy on *insert political issue* seminar, every person has their opinion on a sticker keychain profile pic god im fucking sick of it

can we get our work done, go home, everything nice and quiet any more? no. no we can't apparently. everything has got to be a fucking war. man vs woman, free speech vs pc, individual vs collective, black vs white, gay vs straight, left vs right

i dont give a fuck any more about any of it. i have no opinion. my opinion is that i am tired of this stupid bull shit. just fuck off.

including 80% of you fucking tards on this website and in this board in this thread right now. if you have an opinion, nobody gives a fuck. stop sharing. fuck off. you are disturbing the peace and quiet of the whole universe for the EGO of you having an opinion which makes no difference and means NOTHING

They used to not have containment boards you newfaggot fuck.

I can't find it now but there was a post explaining why Jow Forumstards are reviled, effectively the same way furries were.

It wasn't the content that was annoying, no, it was the incessant need to insert their {politics,furfag lifestyle} into every single conversation. It's very embarassing to see.

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>i have no opinion. my opinion is that i am tired of this stupid bull shit.

I feel the same way. I'm a NEET, so I don't really care about the politics of the outside world. I just miss how the Internet was before all this "le culture war" stuff took over everything.

thanks for sharing your opinion with us, user

I get why you think it's cringe but it's kinda true what they say, tho any kind of spam is bad in my opinion

>compares discussing politics with the degeneracy we all stand against
Do you have autism?

take your cancerous normalfag bullshit somewhere else, faglord

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>degeneracy we all stand against
Motherfucker look at the site you're on. Jow Forums has always been the home of the degenerates, the outcasts and the pariahs. It's only recently that Jow Forumsthedonald fags started flooding this place and trying to make it about white neocon christian values.
Theists used to be relentlessly mocked on this website.

yikes, big cringe

>but they used to stay to their containment boards.
Jow Forums didn't exist in the early days, mate..

It's been eight years since Jow Forums, and you can't tell me that /b/ wasn't the go-to place for edgelords since the very start.

>they used to stay to their containment boards
No, they ARE the boards. You were just too retarded to notice.

Liberals caused this. The reaction was entirely logical and foreseeable and yes things will get worse.

Do you know where you are? This is r9k.

no one likes pol

>Go to /ck/ to glean some webm recipies and laugh a little at the shitposting
>Thread with multiple people literally blaming (((the Jews))) for their being fat
>"Because they sell us processed foods"
As if "sheckelstein" held a gun to their head and force fed them big Macs
It's so goddamn pathetic

"do you have le autism"
being so fucking stupid as to think that's a good counter-argument.

Jow Forums 2011:
>/ck/ - Food & Cooking
>/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
>/tg/ - Traditional Games
>/v/ - /b/ but with video games

Jow Forums 2019:
>/ck/ - Food & Semites
>/co/ - Comics & Stonetoss
>/tg/ - SJWs ruined my Traditional Games
>/v/ - Jow Forums but with video games

I'm so tired.

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Is 8ch worth checking out, I've never bothered

Jow Forums is the biggest hypocrite of a board too. Ranting and raving about some bullshit that triggers them while accusing others of being triggered because people are annoyed that they are shoving their stupid bullshit into every fucking thread. /a/ is one of the last boards that doesn't tolerate their shit and has actually been able to maintain a board identity because they ridicule Jow Forums on site, ban wojacks and pepes, and 404 obvious Jow Forums bait shit.

Kind of the same thing said

Too accurate unfortunately. This site is dead

Cry me a river you filthy nigger

>Your delusion of Jow Forums in 2011
>Your impression of Jow Forums in 2019

If you can tolerate the christfags it's decent

its not true. They just blame everything on immigrants and boogeymen

>how can you not hate black people
because i'm mixed. i don't hate black people. i dont hate mexicans. i dont hate the chinese. i just hate poor and/or stupid, violent people. that's what most racism boils down to anyway. a hate for a stupid poor people.

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