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How does this make you feel?

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>today this happened
>I feel bad :(
holy shit I'm glad I never go to social media

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>our sex and our sex appeal is valuable

So... the solution is to devalue it by giving it out and wasting it freely?

A woman's sexuality is like a bag of gold bars. If she acts like a slut then she's willingly giving those gold bars away. When it comes time to marry if she wants to, would a man want a girl with a bag full of gold, or a girl with an empty sack? Slutty acts devalue the gift you're born with.

I dare someone to @ eggy on this post

Couldn't have said it better. It's a huge slap in the face for a girl to have sex with 20+ dudes for little or no effort but then charge a premium when the "good guy" shows up. You don't value a used car the same way you would a new one.

The sexbots are coming, roastie.

Nothing. Like I've been saying for years, fuck society.

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some people arent asocial retards user

edward hopper - night hawks. The windows almost aren't there

Agreed. I read all of that and had no feelings about it. Twitter is a waste of time.

>girls live on tutorial difficulty
More news at 11

>Openly admits that women sex is valuable and men sex is worthless
>The solution of course, is to make women sex worthless too

Fucking what? Women are the biggest retards ever.

Women got redpilled,
sorry nerds

women dont give a flying shit about men slut shaming them, but they go fucking crazy when other women slut shame them.

>because something something something the only thing of value women have to offer is gash and men actually have to work to be of value
yeah no fucking shit

>women live without consequences
Fembots refute this

that's why you always only go to Jow Forums (also social media) so that other mongoloids can bring the twitter to you, right? No wonder you mentally impaired autists are all incels

start a war

I think she's right. Slut shaming doesn't even do anything these days, even the biggest sluts can still find a betacuck before she's 30. Women are valuable as fuck regardless.

True but she will never be satisfied. She'll be constantly unhappy in said marriage and in life because she had to settle for betabux. Nobody wins in this situation. The woman is unhappy because Chad didn't commit, the betabux gets divorced raped and probably fucked, and the kids lives are now worse off. All because she couldn't keep her legs closed.

Yeah, but she can still cheat on him to be sexually satisfied, and still has divorce with alimony as a plan B.
Not to say she won't be depressed as she gets old and unattractive and increasingly less available partners, but it's still worth noting.

I think women don't really care once they have kids. Most just care about having kids so not to be the one that never scored a guy and a kid in their friend group. Once they have that kid, who cares about everything else. The government will force him to support the kid for 18 years anyways. Women know that no matter how much they whore around, they need to be mothers someday to have some worth in this world.

Pure indifference. I'm just here for the show.
Simple sexonomics. Sex and relationships are separate markets.
There is high demand for sex from men, allowing high prices, but women (as the gatekeepers of sex rather than relationships) may overestimate prices (their value as a romantic partner) upon conflating those markets, resulting in less demand from men for marriage/relationships the higher their supply of sex is.

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They will be punished, eventually. I, too, am probably going to hell, but it does not really matter.

Dude at the point most these sluts are forced to settle down they don't even count as used cars. They are old rusted out beaters that smell like cat piss and dog shit.

Just another display of insecurity. Like any single instance of hate out there. Males are really basic

Simply put, the more sexual partners a woman has, the less appealing she is as a mate. This is a logical reaction from males, both biologically and sociologically. In the age of available contraceptives and DNA testing, this can be combatted more easily (unless you live in France, regarding the latter), but we can still logically conclude that a woman who slept with ten other men last month is infinitely more likely to be pregnant with another man's offspring than a woman who slept only with you, disregarding diseases, as that's an entirely separate discussion. Of course, the betabux phenomenon complicates things as well; that includes men who either don't care or even get off to the idea of raising another man's seed. Paternity fraud is nothing new, but societally speaking, it is arguably encouraged in some cases nowadays. The question is whether their (and society's) ability to socially condition another male's offspring into it's line of cuckoldry will be able to overpower the biological father's superior genetics.
Again, I'm just here for the show.

Can someone please just show egg white this

So better to only put out to rich men who drop big money on gifts and bills?