Gf monkeypaw 2: electric boogaloo

Gf monkeypaw 2: electric boogaloo

You tell me your ideal gf or bf and i will gf them a fatal flaw (s) and you decide if you want to keep them or not.

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art hoe gf who enjoys anime and wants to move to japan and go touring woodblock museums

>9/10 to me 8/10 at least to most others
>no diseases
>no deformities
>no abnormal growths
>perfect long blonde/brown/red hair stopping at waist
>immune to all supernatural phenomenon
>will have the same life span as me
>we both die at least later than 65 years old
>IQ of 115
>she has similar hobbies to me and enjoys doing them with me (anime, hiking, reading)
>has no mental illness or addictions
>no tattos piercings or other wierd body modifications
>has a perfect personality for me and is nice and kind and would never annoy me or hurt me in anyway I am always happy to be around her
>she has only female friends and only sees them a couple times a month
>she wants to live in a nice area with me and we give each other independence but still discuss things together
>we have sex at least 4 times a week, she gives blowjobs, always cums when we have sex, and always goes to completion for both of us
>she is 5'4 and has a healthy petite BMI and will never get too fat or too skinny
>she will never divorce me, cheat on me, or hurt me physically or emotionally
>she wants to have kids with me and bears me healthy offspring but is okay with stopping after 3 or 4
>she is frugal and does not spend above our means but still isn't cheap and we splurge occasionally on things we both agree would be nice

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>tall artsy latina qt who will cuddle and go see plays with me

But she is. Centaur she has problems like being to big and too tall plus all the horse anatomy problems of horse pussy and horse sized shits in the toilet and the hair every where will you keep her?

Fine. Cute, gentle femdom gf who understands and comforts me despite my flaws.

kek you did the centaur last thread

I know let me do something else she is a mermaid and can stay out of water for an hour until she suffocates will you keep her?

She is a cannibal and will eat people but not you but every one else she will eat other food as long its mixed in with people will you keep her?

And it's an upper-half fish mermaid.

But she is a orc so super strong and tall with tusks and many tattoos and piercings plus she is like 80 iq so she needs help with some things and will have orc speak like" me want that " " her name loves user " will you keep her?

She's really into pegging, and will gradually increase the size of the dildo until you need to shit in a bag by the age of 30.

No regular mermaid she just has gills

Yes I will still keep her thnx

She has a huge bondage she will always tie you up before sex and she likes to rim your ass and eat your ass will you keep her?

I'll keep her, but can I convince her to not completely destroy my colon? I would rather not shit in a bag.

And every time she cooks it will be people also she will try to get you to eat people too will you still keep her?

Fuckin hell yes I will. What a based role cheers lad

No, that's mostly the reason she's into you in the first place.

That was not me who put that so yes she won't peg unless you want to also she faces racism for being a orc will you keep her?

Yes, I will still keep her

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Nice thread boys. Can I do a bf?

I want a cute little south east asian gf who will go to the gym with me and get swole, and won't leave me for chad or anyone else.

You have permission to proceed.

>around my height
>objectively cute, at least 6/10 in my eyes
>kind of an art hoe, but doesn't hoe around
>likes most of the same music I do, especially shoegaze. Not the exact same though, that'd be boring
>is cool with smoking weed, but not excessively
>no weird fetishes, kind of innocent

I could go into more detail but I'm not that dedicated

But she has 8 arms and 6 legs she is a social outcast and has huge self esteem problems will you keep her?

But she has a bottom half of a octopus and has 8 tentacles and has a cloaca instead of a pussy and anus she can ink when startled and loves to swim and paint using her ink will you keep her ?

oh what the fuck I thought this would be somewhat clever, not this /b/ tier stuff

If want clever fine i will give you clever

>loves me
>cares about me
>treats me well
>cute, cuddly, smart
>no stds

I've already seen the following fatal flaws that come with this irl:
>everyone else is also in love with her
Hnnnngngjekghggggh icrievrytiem

But she is a super villian and will try to destroy the world on a weekly basis and will fail will get her ass kicked litterly and figuratively every time and will be super depressed for a little bit and only thing she loves in the whole world is you. Also seeing her schemes like melting the polar ice caps directing a meteor towards earth will you keep her?

Yeah I'll keep her

Fembot gf with supernatural abilities that allows her to transform me into her period pad whenever she is on her period

>Super curly, dark hair
>5'8+ , or at least a little taller than me
>Dresses in dark clothes, kinda goth
>Either super skinny or dad bod
>Doesn't smoke or drink
>Is an interesting person and doesn't agree with me on a lot of views so we can have something to discuss
>Doesn't mind I can be obsessive and like to talk a lot.
>Likes gaming
>Is a NEET
>Will cuddle with me every night ;-;
>Older than me because it makes me feel safe

They are now a hermaphrodite with tits and both dick and vagina will you keep it?

I'm bisexual so of course. This is an improvement.

OP has already lost

>genuinely likes being around me
>Is okay with discussing any idea, philosophically or scientifically without moral or emotional bias, and enjoys going on thought journeys
>willing to stay a decent weight for me, just so long as she isn't super overweight, that's all I really care about physically
>that can be anywhere from borderline anorexic to quite chubby, I'm not super picky as long as she still looks like a female
>enjoys studying and pursuing the occult, especially paranormal and magical things
That's about it

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