Why don't fembots put their amazon wishlists on Jow Forums more often? They could get free gifts from robots

Why don't fembots put their amazon wishlists on Jow Forums more often? They could get free gifts from robots.

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I'd encourage this just so those that are pathetic enough to fall for it bankrupt themselves. Your thread is garbage shit though, OP. Kill yourself.

Because if theres stuff I want, I can buy it with my own NEETbux. Also why would I dox myself?

Don't you like the idea of the possibility there's a robot crazy enough to go to where you live and break in just to rape you and make passionate love to you while you're sleeping peacefully?

That one robot found a way to get their addresses from wishlist orders.

I finally have some spare money, I wish I could tribute on a fembot but if not I guess I will have to search around and see what to do with it.

I have personally asked femanons to post their amazon wishlists before and witnessed other people actually buy them things off of it. I have 0 intention of buying them the things but I know those beta white knights exist out there who will.

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imagine using needy, horny dudes with mind issues for your personal benefit.

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Anti-begging rule.

why dont you drop a discord or email or something?

i just created a this one fuckmyshitup#2959

I have $1.7k ready to blow on some fembots. Lets get an early secret santa going

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what dont spend it on them. spend it on me.

shut up kike gtfo

Stop catering to the kike of genders you fucking orbiters

Do you still have the links to the wishlists

I am qt. send me toys

>I am qt. send me toys

damn where do you live that you can actually keep all your neetbux?

lol a literall boomer wish list

here it is bb

Amazon keeps your address private.

>lol a literall boomer wish list
why was it deleted?
i wanted to know what was on it

who knows, just bunch of tools amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/HGRBB7NCHYWH?&sort=default

I need a new car robots

That's a little out of my price range, unfortunately.


I have a bunch of funko pops I won from a raffle at an anime convention that I don't want

you can have them

>I need a new car robots
ride me instead

Damn thanks tho user

Which ones do you want? How can I buy them for you?

Damn can you get me to work though user

Would user buy me clothes if I sent pics after? No nudes, that's haram

What kind of clothes are you thinking of

I will do dis too btw guiz

Do what
Buy funko pops?

I would
Hit me up

I just cannot fathom how pathetic r9k can sometimes get. You complain about normies being pathetic, but in reality you are the most deprived, disgusting, and pathetic beings on this planet

This is correct.

Begging to buy shit for strangers will only reinforce your low self esteem.

Also, they don't put their wishlists on because they'd get e-stalked by some of you.