Steals your crush's attention by being prettier than you

>steals your crush's attention by being prettier than you..

i wish i looked like her.
i feel no guy will ever love me, i'm not pretty enough.
she is literally BEAUTY.
It hurts me so much.

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Why do I have to look like this.

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you're fucking disgusting kill yourself whore.

this is terrible fucking bait kill yourself nigger nigger chicken dinner.

>Say it with me kids!

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I think you're pretty cute, but you're probably just super shallow since all that matters to you is looks.

please let me suck the shit from your asshole

i've been ugly my whole life i just wish i looked better
no matter how hard i try
ill never be enough

>good looking women complaining about not being ultra good looking women

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Because you dress yourself and cut your own hair. The fuck do you mean "Why"?

When I fantasize about having a realistic girlfriend or wife it looks like this.

Why do trannies love Nicki Minaj?

She's mine lads, I've claimed her first.
M'lady, how about you drop that discord and then i'll drop them panties?

I think you're probably not actually ugly, you're just insecure, which is why your hair is a mess and you're wearing some band t-shirt or something.

>please let me suck the shit from your asshole
why didn't you asked earlier?

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I'm female (female) and I don't like Nicki Minaj.

god fucking dammit how is this meme still a thing


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if she was insecure she wouldn't be posting her picture here

>nicki minaj


I know what you mean. I feel like I will only ever be what someone settles for. But I want to be the one he would choose if he could have anyone in the world.

i'm not a trannie but ok, you just proved i'm ugly.

we can't even see my face.

fuck off you
attention whore

How's it feel boi?

If it makes you feel better, she's turning 20 soon. In a few years she will form crows feet and smile lines.

Also, she's pretty but, she's a whore. She will only get desperate fat virgins at this point, but no true man will settle for some thot that makes money off her self. That's a shitty quality to have. No hymen no diamond.

true, but she dresses and does her hair like she's insecure, which is probably far more unattractive than her face

could be worse. you could be a man.

So you're just wearing that shirt for shits and giggles?

how does someone does his hair in an insecure way

This was written by a filthy femgroid that got absolutely MOGGED during her adolesence from Stacy. Belle's gonna start hitting it at 30, she'll be set up by then and probably get some 10/10 BF that backs her up.


It's not mine.

I try to take care of my hair tho.

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Why do you feel the need to look for validation in a place like this? Does a bunch of anonymous replies saying they'd fuck you make you feel better about yourself?

Yes, that would honestly boost my ego.

Post tits and a timestamp or gtfo whore

So hows the transition going? Looks like you'll be joining the 40% pretty soon!

literally 75% of Jow Forums would fuck you. fuck off.

also tits w/ timestamp or GTFO

my tits are ugly, and, I don't have a penis.

You don't know the rules?
Go to /soc/ to post your face and stop trying to get these lonely robots to fall for you and become orbiters, fucking hell.

You aren't obese and you look good. Maintain your weight and you'll only get prettier as you get older you fucking dumb slut

It's okay OP!
Your not ugly, your super pretty!
Even if you were ugly than we would still care about and love you! Hang in there OP!

Either post your tits or get out. Literally the only real rule on this board is no selfies. Fuck you.

ugly tits are still tits

I don't care about the rules lol

I'll never be able to get a 4/10 cutie nerd gf. Why must I be so old and ugly?

I would actually don't mind being your 4/10 gf.
As long as you love me and talk to me everyday.

as long as you don't have massive huge nipples you're fine, but by the time anyone sees your tits its probably too late

Pretty cute,its going to be sad to see you go. Enjoy the ban.

not the OP but if I gave you my discord would you add me?

"Every fuckin haters gonna hate brah" "they'll never be like zyzz brah"

they're just a bit saggy.

I'll enjoy it dw


Absolutely Based Zyzz poster, glad to see he's still remembered.

>they're just a bit saggy.
Will you send me your tits if I give you my discord?



Add me on Discord

Yes go ahead.

adding you right now!

Lmao. Fucking please, most women look like shit by 23. Her smile lines will start creeping in soon, just watch.

Thanks user! I'm just trying to spread positive emotions to everyone!

>thin girl with round face and cute hair complains about her lot
God, you're truly despicable. On behalf of truly ugly girls everywhere, I hope you tear your perineum you attentionwhoeing thot.

you are a very low 5. not ugly but you could use a clean up. get a better hairstyle

nice (you) farm you got going on here

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ooh add me too, Andy#8131 on discord

my 7/10 sweetheart left me and i need to talk to girls to boost my self esteem because i'm a needy fucking faggot

this is a strange way to say that I look alright, thank you user...
thank you user

Beauty doesn't beat personality. Yes even if you're a tranny.

But males are less interesting so it's an uphill battle desu


nice isn't it? i'm going to ship them to the other boards now

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Will you be my lesbian gf? Or my straight friend who cuddles with me.

Are you a tranny? Asking for a friend.

At least here I might get some honest people and not pussy seeking /soc/rockets.
I think I've found enough bots that will love me for a week at maximum.

Are you female (female)
No, I'm really a girl.

Yes, I am a female.

I appreciate the offer but i'd really just like a guy to love me. maybe if I give up entirely we'll meet again. thanks anyway

you miss 100% of the shots you don't take

thank you for your consideration regardless faggot *tips trilby*

>no add

"she's" fake

that girls looks like a fucking rabbit cartoon. bambi lashes, sharpie brows, fake freckles, dyed hair, absurd pose.

I'll love you forever and ever Femanon, i'm so god damn ugly and hate it. Please love me back...

You poor lost soul. I hope you find peace one day. And by piece I mean pussy.

yeah girlie i feel you. my guy shits on her yet still follows her on insta and likes her pics... big jealous mood

cute. try sideswept instead of bangs. your orbiters await

Get contacts or cuter glasses

go side swept. bangs 95% of the time dont look good. bangs wouldnt work for Belle either

>bangs 95% of the time dont look good. bangs wouldnt work for Belle either

Do you have a Discord by chance? Add me on my throwaway please

Officer Faggot

its true though. i know you disagree but why would i keep saying otherwise? a girl that looks good with bangs will look better with sideswept.

face posting now are we? Well this is me be my gf k thanks nig
Disc: Dorkmin#9681

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why the fuck is this still up

lemme get to know you, only if you are an actual female if you are a tranny dont waste my time

link me your discord

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well of course this is just personal taste, of course a good looking woman will look good with or without bangs, but i think they can turn an average girl into a 10/10 for me

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time stamp please,

original comment fag

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He, no. is quite far from beauty.

long hair + side swept would be better for her

you know what personal taste means right?

it would be objectively better.

you dont see a Stacey with bangs, guess why

>it would be objectively better.
explain then

bangs are not a feminine look. but sideswept and long hair is peak feminity.

you know how in animes the hair covers over one side of the face? cant do in bangs

how are bangs not a feminine look? they are the most feminine haircut

think of like this. a guy with bangs would never be feminine looking. but a guy with long hair and sideswept could possibly trap.

Now imagine that but with no people of opposite gender wanting to fuck you, not even the ones that browse Jow Forums.That's being an average looking man

Based dormin slaying thots

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Wow you're not kidding

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