How do you like your women?

how do you like your women?

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Pudgy is ideal cutemode.

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Dead and six feet under.

When their height is. -6'

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Always liked fat chicks

Not white that's for sure

Fuck you this original

And tall

I tend to like my women on the thicker side. Big boobs/bellys

Biological and original

2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14,and 15
I would kill for any of these

I'll take a 7 please

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Reminder that if you pick any but thin or thin with assets you're laughable

don't really care as long as she exists

5-7 is best

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>how do you like your women?

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thin, thick, or plump with assets

Sometimes 6 and 7
Sometimes 8 and - 11
14 is pretty OK too

>4 is probably best though

Guess, i guess.
Dej no.

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15 is my favorite but I'll take anything that's not 7 or 21

8 Thick and 3 Hourglass are top tier. All other females are garbage. I wish I wasnt so skinny, I feel like only skinny girls are attracted to me.

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yellow under 5"5 and slender

2 4
Anything else is disgusting

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1 to 15 is fine. 5 and 7 are best. 7 is the most muscle a woman should have, I love a stronk girl, but not a deformed freak.

Shit dude they all look pretty cute to me but if I ha to choose it would be between 1 or 3

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be my bf, im a solid 18

pls remove 9,10,12 and the entire bottom row thank you

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Maritza Mendez does it for me.

>how do you like your women?
Well, you know. The usual.

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skinny (and short)

They are all fat to me.

I like anything from 1-15, except 12. Athletic ones are the lowest for me and 4/13 get me the most

Everything after and starting with Voluptuous Chubby.
Based fellow patricians.

Special (You) for this guy. I see where he's coming from.

Hey, this changes all the time. But right now, I have no strong preference in body type, but I do prefer brown women. Tattoos are deal breakers.

Today is the day, I'm going to be ending it now early in the morning just before my parents wake up. I haven't slept in almost 30 hours.
Goodbye everyone, and thank you for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. HkT

Livestream video link + explanation:

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