Is this prime sadboi hours
is this prime sadboi hours

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You have a cute voice

yes thx, but did you even listen to what i said

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Arent you that faggot who was crying the other day about some roastie leaving you?

You also sound like a spic?

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but i am doing better :)

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I think you belong on soc and not r9k

i think i belong nowhere

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Don't say that, OP. I feel like you're a part of r9k now for me. I always listen to your vocaroos an try to leave a comment so you'll feel a little less lonely
but i do appreciate you

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Youre voice is really relaxing
As for the alone prat,why not go outside,if you dont have friends just go to a park or somewhere and listen to music while watching the people goinf about their lives

Hey man
my mic a shit
yea, all me bruh
i am deranged i guess

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Thank you for posting cat pictures. I now have more to add to my collection.

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its all im good for

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You probably have this one but it is my favorite gif so I want to share it

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I haven't seen those before! Thank you user.

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also hello frens

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i think the worst is over i would just be alone with my thoughts for al ong time
and i am gonna miss the, the nightmares i have dont make it any better and i dont think they will stop for months
im scared and alone but once i heal hopefully i will fill this void with something or someone

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Its okay if you dont want to go to the park
Maybe treat yourself with something? Watch a movie at home or play some vidya?
Sorry for reminding you of her

dont be sorry
is okay

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i feel you,but there are unfortunate realities my fren
thats how it be sometimes
also i mean to say bpd
but i have never seen a therapist so who knows i might be the sanest person around

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Mind you not all of us have been up to date with your story, sorry you must repeat

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Today is the day, I'm going to be ending it now early in the morning just before my parents wake up. I haven't slept in almost 30 hours.
Goodbye everyone, and thank you for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. HfL

Livestream video link + explanation:

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just subscribe to my r9k blog, meltdowns every evening

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don't get meds fren, lrn 2 cope and occupy the mind with other menial shit

tell me how i did

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hello i am sticky fingers the shadow beast please digest my swirling dog tongues

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that was good
what setting on audacity is that

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bathroom reverb nigga
im shit at this

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Rate my freestyle kek

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great post, brother!

everybody listen to this!

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