Does anybody else constantly fantasize about redoing life, knowing what you do now

Does anybody else constantly fantasize about redoing life, knowing what you do now.

It kind of makes getting through the life I'm in feel hopeless. I get lost in hour long fantasies daily where I always tried and took things more seriously, where I pursued things I now love at a young age.

Then I snap out of it and realize I'm this nobody that nobody cares about, working a dead end job and doomed to do so until I die.

I know its unhealthy and I'm only creating my own misery, but so many of the people I grew up around went on to do great things that defined them, and I'm just me. As miserable as it makes me, creating my own little world in my head is the only thing that gives me a temporary little escape.

I wish I was fucking dead.

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Stop doing that and face reality. That kind of behavior will do you no good.

I'm right there with you, OP
Dunno how old you are, but I'm pushing 30
I feel like this is the end
I wasted all of it being a fucking sperglord

Yeah every time I think about some past event, I'm overwhelmed by the desire to go back. But I'm stuck and there's no future now. I've wasted my life and I know that if I'm still alive in 5 years I'll regret not salvaging anything now.

Every fucking day dude if I ever had the chance to press a button and restart everything I would even if I didn't retain all my memories and did everything again the same way I'd still do it just so I could feel the short happiness I had in the beginning I just want to restart and try again

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Its the curse of a good memory. I remember every cringe inducing moment from the past. Every missed opportunity with women. It consumes me and haunts me constantly. I wish I could forget it all and move on. I seriously wish time travel was real and I could go back and have another shot. 29 now and trying to move on.

if you dont remember anything from your previous life then what the fucks the point in repeating the whole thing. you'll end up in the exact same place you were in the previous life,
unless you believe there will be some variations, then theres no way you'll turn out to be the same person then you were in your last life. that person will have your dna, but he wont be you.
why not just kill yourself if the last thing your (you) would do is push a button for hopes of a better existence?

Fuck fuck fuck why did I read this?
>Currently 27 and working the same dead end retail job I've had for years
>daydream CONSTANTLY of starting a YouTube fitness channel and getting money for doing what I love, always to pussy to pull the trigger
>daydream I'll start by doing a "fat to Jow Forums set of videos showing exactally how I got Jow Forums
>constantly buy shit so I can pretend I'm gonna do it (dumbbells, bench, squat rack, workout clothes, motivational YouTube playlist, ect.)
>tell myself "I'll start tomorrow, I just need to buy (x) and I'll get started
>end up binge eating the night before because "I'll never be able to eat this garbage again"
>feel SUPER GOOD when I wake up
>then I get to work
>treated like shit by managers and customers
>talking to people while hiding my power level drains my energy more then working out because I have to be "fake nice" all day
>customers constantly try to cheat me on returns and if I mess up management gets to shit on me for a week harder then they already do
>get paid just enough to survive, not enough to go to college or better my situation in any way
>end my day feeling so shitty I just go home and binge anime and vidia so I dont kms
Worst part is I know if I got Jow Forums even if i didnt make it on YouTube i could be a personal trainer (lifted in HS when I was a Chad, got plenty of experience), I just cant find the motivation though.
When the only time life isn't shitting on you is at your apartment, the last thing you wanna do is leave at the end of the day. Not to mention to get back to my former chadhood I would have to basically do nothing but workout, work, and sleep.

Tl;dr I know the feel OP, hope one of us finds a way to make it at least.

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I stopped at 27. At some point I just sort of accepted that I couldn't redo things and that other people simply had happy childhoods and I didn't. That other people were earning money and building up their skills and I wasn't. That they were having relationships and going on adventures and I wasn't.

Now I just try hard every day because I just want to at least for my later years have a normal quality of life. Things just kind of got worse and worse and things got scary enough that I got motivated to push on again. I try not to think about my childhood and for the most part I don't think about it.

Some people just live worse lives than others. It is how it is.

keep pulling off dangerous feats until you cower and die

>Does anybody else constantly fantasize about redoing life, knowing what you do now.

>Wake up 12 again
>With a knowledge of my almost 30y old virgin NEET watching science documentaries ass
>Would be a lot more ready for decision making when it comes to picking school and profession
>Invest in bitcoin when it was cheap
>Would dedicate more time in useful hobbies such as programming or even gaming (commercially) knowing how it will blow up commercially in the future
>Imagine being at primary school again with teachers being 15 years behind your knowledge of technology and science world
>Could potentially larp as a prodigy by knowing what science will discover/confirm in years to come
>Would still shitpost on Jow Forums "larping" but not really as a guy from the future knowing major events that will happen in the next 15 years
>Would still avoid women
>Don't care at all about the "first innocent love in your prime" since I know how fleeting feelings are when you are young and how people change/move on/move out and how shit women age
>Would still end up alone but probably in a better financial situation if I correctly make use of my knowledge and knowledge of future events

I've consumed plenty of manga/anime to wonder about such possibilities. Who knows maybe we are stuck in a loop and when we die we do it again but with a memory wipe?

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Imagine being someone that went through a preventable physical tragedy then being asked this question. On another note, if I could tell my kid self to eat as much as possible as to potentially grow taller, then go back to the teenage years, be a better friend then in turn make better friends. I think my life could have turned out better by this point, but probably not very much. I would do it again though, because I feel stuck in my current state, and being an adult is shit. Lived under the assumption that I'd off myself by the end of the day when growing up, so I didn't try or put much effort into anything besides having a lean body in hopes of fucking girls.

>Does anybody else constantly fantasize about redoing life, knowing what you do now.

Literally every single day.

The worst part is, I've done my absolute best every single day for a few years now and it just simply doesn't matter.

>The worst part is, I've done my absolute best every single day for a few years now and it just simply doesn't matter.
It's like if you fucked up at the start it doesn't matter what you do now.

>Wake up at age 6
>Use memories and knowledge to slowly get a Chad body and reputation
>Become the B student i could be if i wasn't lazy
>Use the extra time to learn more about investing and buy bitcoin
>Experience teenage love

We just need one more chance goddamnit!!!

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This. Sometimes you don't even want a ton man.

without imagination I would kill myself.

Everyday. Every single fucking day. And every day I feel like I'm losing myself more and more

>you will never be John Tutor
Would you attempt to save people you knew were going to die? Or would you avoid meddling with the timeline

I am of the belief that every individual has a certain path or destiny. I haven't lived up to my destiny this lifetime (not even close) and neither has many other people in my life. What happens is when we die, we are reborn and allowed to try again except our dreams are different. The dreams subtly shape our decisions and influence us to work up to our destiny. Other people are on the same journey as you and are likely to treat you better as they progress. There is a necessary amount of obstacles and some people have higher and lower thresholds of "perfection", if you know what I mean. Some people are destined to die young, some must victimize other people, etc. It's all part of a plan.

This helps me feel better about being alive. Whether I die in 5 minutes or in 50 years, I'm happy knowing the next time around, it will be a little bit better.

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All the time, as long as I get to keep my knowledge, however that would be OP, I would do what I should have done, not fucking up and wasting valuable time by consequence.

>Imagine dropping hints on 9 ele and other big things that happened in early 2000
>"Predict" Afghanistan, Iraq, Obama, Bitcoin, tsunami and earthquakes
>After each and every single one of your prophecies come true start larping about ancient civilizations coming out of the hollow earth to battle extra-terrestrials once again in 2070
>Go full Alex Jones but with history of having 100% success rate when "predicting" and telling future
Would be fun

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There are many things I would have done differently, if I could. There are a ton that I have done very well too though.
All that work and effort for my accomplishments, all the pain and suffering of being an awkward, bullied outcast made me the person I am today.
I may not have the best life around the world but I would say I have a pretty good life.
No use fretting about the past. Do what you can now. 10-15 years from now on, you'll probably be wishing you could come back to this age and all those things you could have done but didn't.

>these excuses
Son, you are currently shitposting on a south east asian pog championship forum. Get off the fucking phone and start getting angry. Channel your anger to go explosive on the weekends instead of shitposting them away.

t. old chad

The worst part is: I dont even know if I could improve it with a second try.

The cards Ive been dealt with are really shit.

This is probably the reason isekai is so popular now. So many people in the age range of 20-40 want to go back, they want a do over so bad. It's sad, and probably says a lot about our current society and life.

More than anything, I want to see my grandma and grandpa again. I don't them to die in disappointment. Also, I could prevent my dad from drinking himself to oblivion and my mom would be so much happier as a consequence.

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Pretty much that. People don't want to live their lives anymore

No and people who do that piss me off. Success is about work. People who don't work don't get shit. Get to fucking work.

Even though isekai is 99% trash I still end up reading/watching a lot of it and just daydreaming about having a do over, or going on an adventure and having friends or something to do that feels important. Its fucking pathetic.

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There's nothing pathetic about that. People watch professional sports wanting to be the players or watch movies wanting to be the main character.

>put back into my 4 year old body with 24 year old mind
>convince parents with prodigy brain to let me play prime Everquest
>graduate high school at the age of 8, Everquest starts to suck
>go to college, get a degree by 12, maybe 13 if I spend more time playing prime WoW
>work on my body while I go through puberty, Jow Forums and graduate degree in history
>get married and have my first child when I'm only 16
>work on a farm in North Dakota and have 5 kids by the time I'm 24, my current age

I'm gonna do it. I'm going to wake up, ANY day now, and I'll be 4! I've been praying to God to give me one more chance. Any day now, guys!

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Holy shit. Have you been watching 'motivational speeches' on youtube again? go fuck off.

>being this impotent
It's your own fucking fault.

free will doesn't exist, faggot, deal with it

I just wish I could fix past mistakes :(

A year ago, you were wasting your life thinking about how the year before that you were wasting your life. Work towards a better future or don't.

Even if that were the case you're a massive retard for tricking yourself into being this much of a pussy. Absolute trash you are.

What exact year would you all want to go back to? For me it's 2007 or even aug 2009

2006, cause it's the earliest point i would want to fix

honestly no idea what the fuck i could have done differently, except maybe lift weights and eat healthier in high school ... which my parents kind of screwed up, i wasn't allowed to

I would fuck everything up just the same way. The worst thing is that I have nobody to blame but myself.

Yeah. I wish I could go back to 12 year old me and tell him to stop being such a faggot

i got tired of fantasizing about it in my head and started writing it instead

I daydream about this constantly.
It really makes me sad. If only I could get a second chance, do things over.

you must be the sharpest knife in your family.

Would you guys prefer getting a life redo or be sent to a fictional world of your choice? Explain why.

1998 at the latest but no earlier than 1996, because I would be a toddler then and would scare the shit out of people with my arcane knowledge. Might get kidnapped by the feds for being a legit time traveler, then.

I used to until i ended up getting leukemia last year. I dont ever want to be stuck in the hospital getting chemotherapy ever again

My therapist warned me against this. It feels so good but it fucks your mind up, you end up torturing yourself with daydreams about what might have been. Every time you do it you reinforce the behaviour, if you're not careful you can literally dream your whole life away.

>tfw Maladaptive daydreamer
How the fuck do i stop. I daydream constantly everyday

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