Normalfag Bingo

You can get at least one row, right user?

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thats chad bingo not normalfag bingo

huh would ya look at that i actually can't.

no i can not get a single row

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Is this good?
Why am I still sad?

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I had a job once... for like a week
that's it

If I tick every box can I still hangout with you guys?

Obviously not. Why bother, we don't even like you.

Am I cool yet
Few of these are from elementary school

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I can't even tick a single box

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Sup bois its your Boi virgin normie

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>scored 0
what did i win for being this original!?

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Cyborg, reporting in. How's it going, lads?

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having sex in a public place is a weird one, it's not normie at all... more like someone who has an exhibitionist fetish.

>all the boxes not pertaining to women apply to me

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youre a literal fucking retard is my best guess..
your mental capacity is too low to make something of how privileged you are in life so you stoop as low as every other retard on this board.

Held at least one birthday party: yep when i was 7
Been to a house party: my cousins when I was 6 does that count
Taggied in photos with girls: does my mom and sister count?

I ticked most of the boxes on technicalities.

>moved out of parent's* home
Because I had to go study
>10+ friends who would come to your funeral
yeah, "friends". Just because they'd probably say "hey, remember user? He died. We should go to his funeral" doesn't mean they are close to me.
>have been called a good kisses
In 9th grade lmao. By the one girl I ever cared about
>Lost Virginity
To a prostitute
>Tagged in photos with girls
From uni and work
>Parents* are proud of you
I have no idea why, I have a shit job and did not bring a girlfriend home yet at 23.
>Not fat; in good shape
Lifting is literally the one thing that makes me feel alright. Too bad I can't eat enough to make them gains.
>Have tried recreational drugs
Weed. Twice
>Have had a job.
Again, a shit one. It allows me to be independent and live from day to day.
>Been to a house party
When one my highschool "friends" turned 18 and invited me to his party
>Picked up a girl from a bar or club
Club whores are insanely easy. That was the second time I had sex btw. First time was the hooker.

*Parents meaning mother. I never met my father. I don't know anything about him.

Alright step away virgins here is a normalfaggot most of these happened in high school so don't bully

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I cant x out even just one box
and you mfers here cross out like half the bingo
get the fuck out of here you normalaggots

Wasn't sure about being to a house party, because I've been at a mate's house before and I've gone to pre-drinks, but I've never really been to what I feel like is a genuine house party.

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I have a friend I got when playing games, I've known him for almost 2 years now, and while I'm not fat, I'm not exactly in good shape.

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I am sure this is all standard for most people here as well.

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>reads the fuckin graph
i aint git shit

Literally none of these
Not a single one

No row for me.
Maybe in another decade.

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to clarify
i saw death grips twice and kero kero bonito once with some friends
and i'm 5'4 90lbs which i'm fairly certain is underweight so i'm not in "good shape", but not fat i guess

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>inb4 gtfo
Someone give me more normalfag activities

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I'm fucked aren't I?
Onions original

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well, not that I really care

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Well I'm fucked, I guess

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fuck you, you retarded normalfags, gtfo of this board and website.

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I got pretty close

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U mad virgin fag?

Even then some of them are debatable.
Social networking if you count discord.
Parents only say they're proud because my brother passed away.
Not in the best shape I've ever been but not fat and still some muscle definition.

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getting there /b/ros

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this bingo sucks, but so do i

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Why the FUCK are there SO MANY NORMIES ITT
>not original

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Did I just win fellas

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I only got relationship lasting more than 1 yr, and it was online so probably does not even count.

D-does getting compliments from my mom count?

Did I win or did I lose?

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Birthday parties were when i was a kid, i hope it counts
Also prom isn't really a thing in my country

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there we go

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Certified /cyborg/ here AMA

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normie, you mean

I live with my grandmother instead.
Lost my virginity from getting molested as a child as well :^)

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Used to have a nice childhood.

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3 points? I'll take it.

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Almost a normie Chad.

If getting compliments aren't related to physical appearance then I guess cross that off too.

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What is this gay like being alone on your birthday bullshit?

Only thing keeping me from a bingo. Fucking gay ass zoomers.

27 here. Any hope left for me you think?

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This shit is unfair towards non-americans, prom shit isn't a tradition elsewhere.
And being skinny counts as good shape? Again, I guess to americans being non-fat is good shape.

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Are you a fem or man?

>never been called a good kisser
it hurts guys

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The amount of lardasses here is disgusting.
I would be a male, yes.

Why are you here if you had sex? Why are you here if the only other people you interact with are other normalfags and not robots? What could you gain from Jow Forums? Why have you ignored every time someone has told you to GTFO? Why are normalfags on here such assholes?

As you can see I'm missing several normal things about my life.

I'm here to laugh at you mostly and get 10/10 femanons to be my personal e-whores.

You fucking disgust me. I hope something on here finally inspires your suicide normalfag. I genuinely hope and pray that not only you kill yourself, but you aren't found for days and your family finds your bloated corpse, and they wonder why you did it considering how normal you are.

You have it all and yet you shit on everyone on Jow Forums that comes here to deal with their own issues. Typical normalfag and neurotypical.

Ahh man that sucks. So you got butt raped?

I try to help often as well. I'm laughing at you though.

MAYBE I'm a failed normal but I'm no normalfag.

Describe the "help" you provide.

Thank you user that made me laugh harder than I have all week. It's really not that hard.

I don't think it's in your best interest for me to keep responding to you :^)

See, I'm helping.

What's not that hard, being "normal"? If that's what you're assuming, you're completely wrong.

Failed normie here. Nobody gives a fuck. Fuck everyone here equally. Fuck this board and this site. Do whatever you want. God is fake and this world is poo

Boom I won twice. I guess I really belong on this board after all.

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I hate myself so much. "It gets better" is a lie.

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Exactly. Ths only thing you do on here is spoil the only decent social interactions robots can get, because like all normalfags you're narcissistic. I hope some of these threads give you a mental illness and you kill yourself.

Yeah, you don't fit in and your fake and ingenuine misanthropy makes me cringe. Be as delusional as you like, but the facts are you don't belong here.

That's cute. I'll just pretend that you're completely 100% right and I'm actually wrong. Except I'll still be here.

> compliments regularly
Usually people saying stuff like "oh good job" or "nice work".

> parents are proud of you
Low bar considering I moved out at a younger age than my younger brother and haven't been caught dealing heroin.

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So what happened to you? It seems people like you enough to fuck

He is right though, no need for pretending there.

What do you gain by using Jow Forums?

But he's not and I'll just do what I said I was going to do before.

He is though, anything you claim is automatically invalid cause you are a disgusting normie.

No I know it's not easy to be normal. I just think a lot of things on that bingo are quite simple. I'm not a normie so it's just a bit of a low bar.

> moved out of parents home
Did this twice, once cause I got kicked out, the other cause I had to move for a job.

> have been called a good kisser
Any doped up girl on ecstasy will call you whatever,

> had at least 5 sexual partners
Having sex in high school was really easy, I went to a high school for 'damaged youths' and the amount of whores there who would fuck anyone and anything is just fascinating. I got laid while driving cause this girl wanted to thank me for the ride to her boyfriends house.

> played in a team sport
Not like at a chad level, but I used to play basketball and tennis growing up

> use social network sites/apps
Messenger is how I keep in touch with the people I actually care about

> can make conversation easily
I'm on the spectrum and part of my therapy was learning how to make boring small talk without sperging out on my hobbies.

> have had a job
I still do.

> why are you on this board then?

Cause it's the only place where I can be me. I have to put on a facade every day and it's tiring. Here I can say what I want to say and the worst anyone does is call me a fag.

>go onto board called robot 9001
>find out a robot is a khv, but im not
>ill just keep posting here
Can you explain the logic? Anything you see on here was probably made by a larping normalfag, so then you reply, they feel the need to create another thread for more attention, and then it's just a circlejerk from there. There are so many other boards you could be on, and you could even go to /soc/ and have more relationships. It's not rational to stay here if you're not a robot.

>I have to put on a facade every day and it's tiring
I understand completely. I'm not on the spectrum or anything, but I always feel life is one unending game of pretend. Like I'm pretending to be a human. It really sucks.

And I guess none of these bingo tiles really account for context anyway. I'm for reference, the last vacation I had was the last time I had any friends, like 7 years ago. Same with the last and only house party I'd ever been to.

>Anything you see on here was probably made by a larping normalfag

just because you are doing the does not mean others are. jesus christ

and why are you telling me to go to /soc/ that is where you belong not me. and no one goes to /soc/ for relationships

So you're just fine with making yourself comfortable at the expense of robot's comfort. That's pretty selfish, dont you think? You don't think we have to hide things from people in real life or pretend to be someone else even to just get a job? Do you know the immense feeling of embarrassment we feel constantly? You don't.

Good to know there are other people like me who feel wrung out from the day to day life of being human. As for my social interactions, I don't miss them at all. Going to house parties/vacations is just a fucking drag. When I usually take vacations I just sit in the house and play vidya without interruption.

Any thread I make on here get no replies or shitty and shallow ones because normalfags dont understand the suffering robots go through daily. I was born into a shitty life and I can't change that. My only comforts are rotting away at the hands of people that made my life so terrible. You can't understand that, empathize, or possibly imagine what reality is like for us. Not like you would care anyways.

I don't even play video games anymore. I loathe weekends for this reason, it's 2 days where I'm forced to sit here and reflect about how much life sucks.

I played baseball because my mom wanted me to and i had a few birthday parties but it was only my close family. My job is pretty fun though i get to pet animals. Alcohol is a recreational drug right?

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can I fit in social circles

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That's not at all what I said. Maybe your life wouldn't suck so bad if you didn't constantly make yourself a victim.

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If you care at all about my unsolicited advice, I force myself to keep busy. It sucks that you have two days of doing nothing, but it's two days you have to try to better yourself. Small steps user, I know the whole 'it gets better' thing is a fucking joke, but it only starts to get a bit better if you make it better. Take control of who you are and be the you that I'd be proud of seeing.

Oh boo hoo no one replies to your shitty threads? Holy fuck I should come down there and fucking kill you myself and it would be a mercy.

The messed up part is I'd rather just be dead. I'm fine with my job and I'm not poor, just nothing interests me other than that.

I've come such a long way.

If only you guys knew, you'd have some hope for yourselves.

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And yet you're still here. There is no hope user.

Am I not a victim? In school, I was constantly bullied and made fun of because I liked science and I never willingly talked. At home, I was abused and neglected with nobody to talk to about it or understand. Even on the internet I am ostracized for being m I've been depressed for a decade, have never had anybody to care about anything I say or did. Jow Forums helped to make me feel better, but now you normalfags are flooding the board so Ive basically lost my only outlet to make friends. You have it easy compared to me, so don't try and make the things I say invalid by saying "im playing the victim". I have accepted myself for the way I am and I have accepted that I'm not a social person and I cannot have relationships, but I have several positive qualities as well. I can say at the least I'm not selfish, unlike you.

wrong file boy, you have to go back to /vg/

Not too bad
Stick it Norms
White Male
Far Northern European Ancestry
Blue Eyed
Green Party
Live with Aunt
Part-Time Night Janitor
Registered Sex Offender
(Exposed myself to some kids on an elementary school playground)
Court Mandated Recovering Alcoholic
Not Supposed to have Internet Access
Missing Thumb on Right Hand (Dog Bite)
Suicide Survivor
Can Speak Esperanto

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