No GF ever

Who else /boring/ here?
>leave house only for work
>never go out
>sit on the PC all day
>have nothing to talk about except memes, vidya and anime
How am I supposed to EVER get a GF, yet alone an asian one?
>tfw blowing all the spare income on thai hookers every month

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Did you post in the 'roll for azn gf' thread earlier?
Do you have any free time that you could be doing something a bit more interesting in? When last semester ended I took up muay thai, maybe you could do something like that.
In any case, go to Asia or get on an online dating site, meet a girl there, go visit her and if it's legit you can either import her or export yourself.

dude there are literally rapists and wife beaters in relationships right now. i don't think girls find you boring, you're just ugly.

You already know the answer
Kys already lmao

I'm into scale models and have a decent following on Instagram. But I work a dead end minimum wage job and have nothing going for me. Not enough money to bei an sexpat. But mostly because local hookers are cheap enough.

Boring = ugly. I just sugarcoated it. I'm not ugly but I'm not attractive either. Women don't even notice me. Average is bad because it's not interesting looking and therefore boring.

Could you get a second job?
Are you working full time?
What country are you in?

In the past I'd blown a fair bit on hookers also so I sympathise with your circumstance.

I started hookers because I was lonely and horny. I did the math and betabuxx cost more and give less. I get to enjoy nice pussy.

Germanistan. Part time but enough hours to make it almost full time. Pay is slightly above minimum wage and not enough to go on vacation and shit if you have to pay bills.

That sucks friend, I'm sorry.
All things considered, you could be doing a lot worse. Maybe budget to see hookers less often so you can save and then actually go to Thailand.

>realize that even if a gf 100% walked into your life right now, there's no way in hell she wouldn't turn 360 degrees and walk away from you in a straight line

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That'd mean fucking like a wild man for 2 weeks and then save up the rest of the year versus fucking a (most likely thai) girl once every week.

How much does it cost for an hour with one over there?
It's $180 minimum here and that's assuming you find a private escort, brothels are mostly $220.

Same except no hooker

I always book 30 minutes and pay 50 Euros, which is $56. All inclusive. Oral both, kissing, sex. I had 2 I paid 20 extra for no condom but not all girls do it and it's risky.
A thai costs 1.000 Bhat for short time, which is 30 Euros. Take that and add cost of flight, hotel, etc and it doesn't make sense unless you fuck 5+ girls a day.

I mean I'm no looker but I've gotten compliments on my physical appearance before from strangers. Plus there are plenty of ugly guys out there who manage to get gfs
No, the main issue for me is that I'm a fucking boring autist who doesn't know how to express any emotions or relate to people at all. Women like me on tinder but then ghost me after a few messages no matter what approach I try because they can probably tell how awkward I am

>turn 360 degrees
>walk away
pick one retard

This is my main concern desu. I think I'm just too boring for any girl to like me.

kill yourself immediately please
oh my god just die right now
you need to go back or just die preferably the latter

back to r*ddit newfag

The summer kids are at it again

>calling others newfags when you don't even know that it's standard procedure to reply to that meme pretending not to know about it

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>haha I was just pretending
Nice cope

Do you take your own pics? I rarely get matches but I've been told I'm fairly handsome by my coworkers.