Gooooood morning Jow Forums, wow this must be the earliest good morning thread I make in a while...

gooooood morning Jow Forums, wow this must be the earliest good morning thread I make in a while, I think this might be it, the fabled norman sleeping schedule

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nobody cares weebshitter have u mental breakdown elsewhere
k bye!

>late afternoon
>normal sleeping schedule

don't think so m8

Hell yeah another Saki thread

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>wishing everyone a good morning is a mental breakdown
someone forgot to take his pills today haha
I usualy wake up at 6 or even 7 in the noon, 3 is a big improvement
you know it, also seeing my pictures being posted by someone else is kinda weird and also you could get a 30 day ban for it if you aren't careful

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Ah sorry, didn't mean to copy your flow senpai

its for your own safety, really, people have been banned for using aiste's pics too, jannies can't see your ip iirc so they just flag posts and the mods have to ban the posters

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Jannies only delete posts. It's the mods who ban. They likely won't ban anyone using your pics, since you always post from the same range. People only get banned for using my pics because I constantly shift my IP range.

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why does that character's left eye show through his hair? it looks incredibly retarded

hmmm, it makes a lot more sense now, thanks for explaining professor aiste
because see-through hair is the thinkin' man's fetish

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Have you not been banned in the past few days? Your most recent deleted thread in from yesterday, yet your most recent ban is a 30 day one from July 2nd. Unless I'm missing something.

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It's pretty typical in animation to do this because they want to be able to draw hair styles like this, but still be able to full show emotion

Do they even still bother? You've been posting since I started wage slaving at Popeyes, which was almost half a year ago. I think you may have been posting since like September when I worked at McDonald's, but I'm not too sure. If so, both you and the mods are autistically stubborn faggots clearly

Yes, they still bother, but just not as much. but I don't post as much either.

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Actually yesterday I reported my own thread from a different IP. It stayed up for hours, eventually archiving.

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nope, I got banned yesterday twice iirc, ai think the one from july 2nd is when I got banned on my PC, I don't think they show the mobile ones

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Good night user, I'm going to bed now.

Makes sense. Just want you to stay safe. You're the only truly kind person to me. I want to be sure you're okay. Kind of ironic you started out wanting to bully me.

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sleep tight user
I still want to bully you but in a nice way

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You're such a sweetie, Saki. I'll try to take a nap too. Night.

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Love your threads user. Btw who is that girl?