My gf (legal) was born in 2003. I am 27. And I fucked another 15 yo (legally) when I was about 25. AMA

My gf (legal) was born in 2003. I am 27. And I fucked another 15 yo (legally) when I was about 25. AMA.

Let's see some seething post-wall raosties and their enablers ITT.

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whats it like to be such a huge nonce?

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What's it like to be such a seething braindead normalfuck? ;]

based but at the same time anyone with a gf needs to get the FUCK off my board

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She still doesn't call me "daddy" so I can stay here. Only then I will stop being a robot.

>tfw legal age in my country is 14 yrs old

Normalfags absolutely SEETHING

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no one gives a shit. in my country it's standard for low-income white trash.

Based. Makes my dick hard as diamonds. Normalfucks can't even imagine how fucking tight teenage girls' pussies are.
And they give the tightest blowjobs too because they want to do their best, unlike post 20 years of age roasties.

>I don't care
>I make a post showing how much I don't care
Yeah might as well kill yourself ;].

It's legal for a 40yo to fuck a 15yo girl in Sweden(as long as she agrees offcourseg). Cry harder normalniggers


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feels good to be a yuropoor.

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user how did you get in contact with them.
I am 19 and want a 15 y/o gf

Dating app. Although there are very few such young girls there. It's a rarity to see one at least here where I live.

What kind of apps do you recommend?
Tinder or something else?
t. Nordcuck

Japan is based af

I met her and the previous 15 YO on badoo.

But I am Poolish, but you may still try it. There are quite a lot people there.

Okay thank you for this information you have gathered.
I thank you very much user.

that's just the legal minimum, only one very rural area still has it so low, and if you're white you'd end up dead in a cave as the village secret

you live in germany?

what the fuck is a nonce? do you redditors have to make up words every month?