/britfeel/ in the subject field for are ctrl+f'er lads, edition

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First for Big dicked aussies

do they have your favourite dicks or have other nations got one's you find more desirable?

First for a cheeky extreme close up of my cock.

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or for using the catalog search
Jow Forums.org/r9k/britfeel
takes you straight to britfeel in the catalog



bob made for a good burger, had no choice frens

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very interesting lads

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Push user, push! I can see the head!
*hands user gas and air*

Hes very shy lad. Needs a bit of encouragement.

We were over 500, he was well within his rights lad.


Oh youll get the job you soft cunt relax. Jesus, there's kids being gassed in Syria right now and you're falling apart over a job at fucking Sainsbury's. state lad.

the old 1 did but not using ctrl f

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Push harder, you're nearly there. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?

mine was the 500th. perfectly timed if i do say so myself.

I just wanted my post to get some (you)'s lads.

It's Japanese, lad. That's all I know.

That was me being a dumbfuck, when I started the thread I put /britfeel/ in the name field by mistake.
Apologies for any confusion.

For those who got their first gf in their 30s or who are still alone in their 30s, how the fuck did you manage to survive for that long?

I'm 24 and the thought of remaining alone for another decade is terrifying

Andrew, other thread I said
It's understandable if she's insecure about it, just keep reassuring her and ffs don't say anything inappropriate until she's sure you mean no malice.
It can take ages to get over a hang up if someone has said something mean in the past, just be kind (which I'm sure you will be).

Why do you only have the one photo of your dog.

i thought that, but i've done a few errors when making threads so didn't say anything.

My mom got a neckbierd after dad left, he was a proper creepy cunt. She got someone to do manly chores like mow the lawn and he got regular sex from a rich divorcee.
Keep that in mind if you need something to strive towards I suppose.

Thank you for not calling me out, I was fully expecting someone to.
I thought yeah, got the right month, right time of night (thanks to weatherfu's directory of op images) then still managed to drop a bollock. I'll get it right one day.

Have absolutely no desire to be in a relationship and I'm perfectly happy alone.

Having someone around to constantly moan about getting the kitchen/bathroom done or wanting to get taken out to some shit shops/restaurants sounds like a proper nightmare.

For me? It's putting Warwick Davis on the end of a big stick and cooking him over a fire like a marshmallow.

Cheers, replied late in the previous thread.
I guess all I can do for now is wait.

When we get married I'll sure to be invite a few of you to the wedding.

38 here. Constantly afraid of revealing my powerlevel. Actually being alone I don't mind. Generally speaking.

Proper enjoying Minecraft at the moment de lads

Lads you'll never guess who I spoke to on the train yesterday for about half an hour

a 29 year old woman

Maybe there's hope for me yet!

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I really want to play minecraft. Every time I do though I end up just building the same shitty block house. I've got zero fucking creativity.

Excellent, I will buy new shoes especially.
How long does a lupus flare up take to calm down? Has stress at the prospect of meeting you triggered it maybe?

the directory is good but it's not every image we've had, just the last year and a bit i think. not sure if there's 1 with all images on, that'd be good. also it's good to post old random OP images at times. even if the odd person chimps out.

i'm off to go find a nether fortress tonight as i need blaze powder
what version, there's a realms thing for windows 10, and think another user was on about setting a server up to play modded. think that might have been java they played on

I'm the same. I don't think I could ever have someone in my space, I'd go mad and end up snapping or being moody and saying "nothing" in a passive aggressive way when asked what's wrong.

Andrew stop posting your willy on /britfeel/

Seems like Ill have to buy something to get the shitstains out. Any cheap recommendations?

Did you get her number? Make arrangements to pick her up and go out for a drink?
You know, normal things that don't involve fantasy 16 year old amish girls?

Should definitely join the realm, I'll post a link if you have Windows 10.
For me, it's farming wool so I can make dark blue carpet.

Few days, it just vanishes apparently there's no gradual decline like a normal rash. Stress and having been unwell could certainly cause it.

I've never even taken a photo of my dick.
The joke he was making was it has a japs eye.

I think I've got some unusual ones, my problem is I forget to label them before I hit save so I've got massive directories full of random shit with Jow Forums filenames, it'll take ages to go through and look.

>Constantly afraid of revealing my powerlevel.

Have you had any close calls? Do people get suspicious?

Interval at Book of Mormon

It's really fucking good

Favourite songs so far are "turn it off" and "hasadeba abaway"

Might go see it again

Did you know that microwaves dont work for products that dont have H20 in them?

There's a Vanish aerosol spray foam, get it from a poundshop rather than a supermarket.
You could also try popping a washing capsule in warm water, frothing it round then sponging the stain. Don't rub it or you'll push the shit further into the carpet fibres.

would love to bash his little midget skull in. twat

No I didn't. She had a bf anyway.

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>if i make a pizza bf will want half
just want a whole pizza to fill me up

Just be chill and patient, all good things and all that.

Indeed I did BritNormie. Because the microwaves (the electromagnetic ones, not the ovens themselves) cause water molecules to vibrate rapidly and heat up, which is what cooks the food.

>tfw no Shipanon fun facts

Cheers. No kidding, no matter which product I get Im putting the receipt through my neighbours letter box with a note and my bank details.

I'll fill you up *unzips dick*

I once put a potato on a piece of kitchen paper in the microwave intending to bake it and the paper to absorb the juice that comes out.
The paper went on fire.

>uses your bank details to sign you up for charity donations

i need to add a white sheep to the farm.
want some blaze powder though, got a few new chums in my abandoned village on solo, but need to turn them back
wish i'd have saved more. i have a few on this pc and think i've taken all the one's from my old laptop.

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>tfw amazon offer of 120 quid for 10tb external hdd has finished
want some more storage but don't like paying more than 2p per gb desu and i'd rather pay closer to 1p per gb
2tb and 3tb are cheap on ebay most are 2012/2013 tho

>products that dont have H20 in them?
name some

Fucking kek. I was thinking about that scene when she mentioned her bf

Dreamed of a girl i used to know. Hope she's fat now

Additionally most people probably dont know that Microwaves dont work on ice.

At least you had a go Shippy.
I noticed a lot of people were accused of being me this week btw, this is the first time I've spoken to you about amish girls, I haven't said a dicky bird about your AoC thing you're talking about.
It'll also be the last time because it's not a subject I'm going near with a ten foot pole.

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I need to write a modified Tineye script that searches my drives rather than the internet for images similar to the op image.
Sure it can be done, but I am lazy and busy.

Beef Jerky probably has very little water. Or a jar of salt.

Kitchen paper
Tin foil

Didn't you have a sexual relationship with a much older man when you were 14 which lasted into your 20s?

You're a literal rapist, the lowest if the low, even here

What? No I didn't, where did that idea come from?

pop some grapes in 1
ah, i'm not that clever so wouldn't be able to do anything like that. good luck with it though

I don't know why Poley is trying to bait me but if anyone can let me know wtf he's on about I'm all ears.

Lads can someone tell me how normal this is, of the few nerd friends I've had that actually managed to get a gf, the whole relationship seemed to be driven from the guys side. I know one now who constantly texts his gf asking if she wants to go somewhere/do stuff/make plans and nothing ever seems to come from her side, like if he stopped calling or texting her she'd never speak to him again and just move on.

The only guys I've known who had women chase after them and constantly texting them were guys I'd consider stereotypical Chad types, or is that just normal for guys who aren't nerdy introverts?

>Pakipoo seething at biological women even while he's at the theatre

Grapes cut in half for maximum effect.
Used to love doing that, alas, I do not have a microwave any more.

aialways cook my baked potatos in microwave like this but thats never happened to me.

he just wants attention as usual, we've all ignored him today

>amir not realising HE's the biggest POS in britfeel

That's what Moni had been spouting off.
That and the rape stuff.

yeah i was meant to post a vid as well but forgot

A hashing algorithm for similar images may work, they don't have to be exact replicas which is I think how most reverse searches work.

Ah, vaginal jealousy, got it. I still don't see why that makes me a rapist but whatever.

I dreamed I was forcing myself onto my gfs friend the other night. One of the few sexual dreams I've had that I didn't consciously cause to happen. She's less attractive than my gf in every way too.

It had never happened to me before either and I'd been doing them like that for ages so as you can imagine it was quite a surprise having flames coming out of my microwave.

Sometimes I use to pretend i was with other girls when fucking my ex.

No that wasn't pigeon roastie, that was my mates gf

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And you believed him?
I ignore his posts so I don't know about the "rape stuff". Don't take it from that horse's mouth, take it from mine. He's making it up, he doesn't know anything about me.

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Excellent. Also, if you have a large microwave you intend to replace take it in a field, run an extension lead to it and put a bottle of champagne/cava in it. Stand well back.

>Don't take it from that horse's mouth

Hearty kek

That's what I was thinking too lad. There might already be something like this on github to save my lazy arse from writing it.

Poley stop stirring shit with people
No-one bullies you so repay the favour

I want to do that with a fork in 1. Nowhere to do it though

Yeah, I imagine they must. It's hard to explain, but I think being alone makes you grim. You understand that no one is coming to save you, and that your death doesn't matter. I think sometimes people think I'm trying to pull on their heartstrings, like I'm looking for sympathy. I just want to hide it. But it's hard to hide the emptiness. It's all very subjective. Mostly I'm just embarrassed rather than depressed.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

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I am a social cactus. I have evolved to survive isolation

I have the field if you have the microwave.
And preferably a large magnet for clearing up afterwards.

>Don't take it from that horse's mouth
Fucking based pigeon lass. Does Keith have any kids yet?

With all due respect id rather drink the bottle. Im open to putting me shit in a microwave though. My mates brother put a rat in a microwave once. Hes in prison now. Cant say Im surprised.

Embarrassed or self conscious?

I've been to Mt Athos, it's an amazing place. I imagine this article is quite old, because I saw a few monks driving around in jeeps when I was there

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Both I would say.