On a date with my friend

>on a date with my friend
>shes pretty cute but never show her any interest
>she never shows any either cuz friends
>in car driving
>stop car pretend theres a phonecall
>she seems concerned
>whats wrong user
>I cant tell you
>please please tell me user
>okay but close your eyes
>shes confused but complies
>lean over and kiss her
>doesnt even open her eyes kisses back
>makeout with her for half hour

Its really this simple
Youre welcome

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>on a date with a friend
This bit seems pretty hard to get to

So you licked the tongue of a whore without getting anything out of it. congratz.

Adorable and checked
Now gtfo normie

I drive her to class. Started off pretty beta I must admit

Im proud of you user now insert your peepee in her veevee

You didn't "start off as beta". You are beta. You're a fucking slug

And then you woke up?


Im gonna fuck her this sunday though we already planned it out

I am jealous. Good for you man.

>on a date with my friend
And how do you get a female friend in the first place

by being beta. It comes natural to these normies

Shut up you unloveable roach

Gratz you made it

Hahaha what a fucking gayboi.
That's some beta game right there. Grow the fuck up.

>," user finished typing his bitter diatribe, as his third cumshot of the day fell on his encrusted keyboard.

Leave my board bitch

Top jej
No u

>Its really this simple
oh right lemme just go hang out with my female friend
fuck off normalnigger

good for you normbro, sorry the responses are a bit spiteful but that's just how this board is. only good at tearing people down when something good happens in their lives. hope you make it to last base on Sunday.

No idea how this worked but good shit man. You took a shot in the dark that could have looped around and shot you in the chest yet somehow got the best possible outcome. You sly dog, you.