What brings you joy in life?

What brings you joy in life?

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Drinking a 12 pack of modelos and riding my motorbike across the open desert

Knowing i've got a good job and a loving girlfriend. Continously being active and improving myself are also important.

my husbando... i love him so much... i think i might cry

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Music and.... food

bringing people down. Generally being resentful and spiteful.

Listening to my records

having a bad time making normal things seem much better.

Im basically a masochist

Absolutely nothing at this point.

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drugs. they will be my undoing but dammit someone has to do them.

Knowing the people I love are somewhat all okay

big brained metaphysical communion with god on the daily

Cumming and ferrets

-getting revenge on my enemies
-seeing normies suffer
-video games

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Based a wholesome-pilled

Knowing I've made your day a little bit worse.

>bigbrained physical communion with yourself*

Fixed that for you.

Usually nothing but today i was walking through the park and a cute dog came over and dropped a ball at my feet and i threw it for him a few times until his owner came and it was pretty good.

going into a day dream and pretending my life isn't a nightmare

Knowing fugly rich chinks are impregnating the lovely Eastern European tradwives Jow Forums pines for as we fucking speak

To put it simply: nothing.

furry porn
chinese food
getting things in the mail
obtaining rare or special things
my pet chicken

aside from those, i could die at any moment and i'd be thankful for it.

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at this point? Nothing
Once, I was happy. But time and questions ruin everything

Weed I guess


the smiths, brian Jonestown massacre, Depeche mode, nirvana, echo and the bunnymen, noirre, Cocteau twins.

without art I would have no reason to exist.

Literally nothing. It used to be videogames but all of them seem to be broken and bugged to shit (I shouldn't even have to mention how anything I mod turns out) and all the websites I visit always end up on a downward spiral as far as the userbase and activity is concerned.
I really wish I had my personal pocket universe/dimension to act as a sort of omnipotent carer for, I wouldn't have to deal with all the infuriating inconveniences that fuck over my existing preferences.

Kill yourself you giga-normie.

Based and furry-pilled

>knowing I have achieved and experienced enough for one human life
>knowing there is no meaning of life hence my nihilistic approach to every adversity
>apart from my health there is no going down anymore, only way is up from the bottom
>being a unique individual with potential to improve and learn still
>music from film OST to black metal

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that's awesome. dogs are great. so are cats, in their own way.


A bottle of cold water.

pokemon creatures > a crummy bottle of water

Unhealthy food, and lots of it. Think i'm developing carpal tunnel from my obesity.

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anything that could be considered a war crime

Making others happy and having my company be appreciated

Anime and videogames an having strangers on the internet that appreciate them as much as I do. If I don't think about anything else then it's enough to keep me happy.

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browsing Jow Forums
fuck the jewish google employees

what are you doing on this board then? You are probably just a delusional incel.

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nothing. all i feel anymore are alternating waves of emptiness and hatred.

Men that look like OP pic. Looking at beautiful men is one of my favourite things to do, I am considering becoming a model scout.

My ex was the only thing that made me genuinely happy before i met her i was devoid of emotions but now I'm a mess and it's been 5 months and I still think about her everyday i know I'm a retard for relying on a bitch to make me happy, Don't put all your eggs in one basket kids.

absolute normalfaggot tier: liking nirvana
pleb tier: hating nirvana
patrician tier: liking nirvana

Good conversation. A warm cup of coffee. Cigarettes. Baseball. Beer.

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What exactly did you like about her so much user?

Browsing Jow Forums. Alcohol. Larping as a middle aged man online. My dog. Fishing. Uhh

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based, we would be bros

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How is he so perfect, bros?

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Playing boogie woogie music on my piano.

Masturbating my peepee

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How can you all live with being so fucking cringy.

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Gambling, lottery, wine, cigarettes, /a/, Jow Forums, NSDAP archives and songs, and Kino (Russian doomer singer)
But 80% of my joy comes mainly from doomer music

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Its the only time im in a good mood and not utterly depressed anymore

Table tennis

Big tough guy, huh? You step in the ring with me and i'll put you in a coma. How does that strike ya?