Robots, do you really understand what it's like being an ugly fembot? I don't think you'll ever really understand...

robots, do you really understand what it's like being an ugly fembot? I don't think you'll ever really understand, it's worse than being a male robot, believe me.
>your value is based on your physical appearance
>people only interact with you out of pity
>boys have no qualms about letting you know how repulsive you are, in public or otherwise
>girls are even worse as you're the butt of every joke, always giggling and laughing behind your back

ugly girls have no worth in this world, at least ugly boys can work hard and make lots of money.

should I kill myself?

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Lmao just get a robot bf.

No such things as fembots. GTFO

lmao ugly whore kys

not even robots want fembots, they only want alt Stacies, i.e. e-girls

There are no such things as fembots, every female is some robot's Stacy

i've been rejected multiple times by robots.

>do you really understand what it's like being an ugly fembot?
No, and we can't ever do
Even in a VR simulation where we take the form of an ugly fembot our experience would likely fail to match yours.
Only thing we can do is try to sympathize from our own experience, in this case, telling you than you can work hard and make lots of money too

dumb virgin whore no one cares about your problems.

guys have the exact same problems except
>no one interacts with you out of pity

>telling you than you can work hard and make lots of money too
not true, stacies are more likely to get hired

this is Jow Forums and i'll post whatever i please

Get a STEM degree and escape into a lifestyle of hoarding knowledge. Have cats for company. No one will miss you when you die, but you won't miss them either. Fuck people, read books.

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Nice meme. Go on any soc thread and put female in your description, you'll find some retard who wants to be with you forever. Shit, you could even get contact info on here. Really just about anywhere on the internet. There will never be a moment in your life when you feel hopelessly lonely. This post is equivalent to every other e-girl angsty bitching. Being a "fembot" is easy, shut the fuck up.

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They were gay

This is 100% true. An ugly guy can change his situation by becoming rich or training himself to be aggressive, social etc. But an ugly girl can't do anything. Some are still too ugly for a good man even if they're thin. Guys don't give a fuck if a girl is worth money or has a fun personality. The number of guys willing to overlook physical attraction is very very small


I doubt it, they were likely failed normalfags. you probably added some discord fag that talks to dozens of friends everyday, that certainly is not a robot
I'm sure you could find an actual robot that would really be interested in you but you'd never stoop to that level because real robots wouldn't be attractive enough for you


You got it wrong, robots abslutely hate stacies, it's fembots who love Chad.

As secretaries maybe
Where the good money is? You need talent, and you can acquire it

You are 100 percent right. Is there any way to explain why at 25 a girl would still be a kissless virgin if not for her ugliness? Attractiveness comes before personality/ intelligence 9.9/10 times. The only times I have been talked to are old men (like senior citizens card old) who would fuck anything.

robots literally post 10/10 stacies all the time, just check the catalog.

just go find some nigger with a slanted forehead.

ive thought about this, talked about this, and know a few ugly girls myself and jesus christ am i glad im not one. being an unattractive woman is about the worst shit ever i feel bad for you

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Nothing could be worse than being you.

>real robots wouldn't be attractive enough for you
that's not true, i don't care about his physical appearance, but robots do. you're all very shallow, sadly

Thinking of going the lesb route desu. I am sick of being alone.

just stop being fat, problem solved. if you are average weight and not deformed, the worst you can be is like a 4/10. most femanons would most likely be at least a 5/10 if they weren't fat.

I can't comprehend that you'd look so ugly as a girl that not even one man out there finds you attractive (barring old men with one foot in the grave)

I'm certain you're only exaggerating, every girl I know, even the fattest, ugliest, nastiest girls with the most insufferable personalities have multiple men pursuing them. I know a fat girl from highschool with the shittiest personality ever and even she secured a tall, relatively handsome and well-off guy to marry.

i have things pretty okay all things considered but honestly being an ugly person is bad all around. slightly better for men but its really relative to how ugly they really are and how likel it is that someone has a fetish regarding their looks

> can just get an ugly boyfriend (he may even be loaded)
> can just lose weight and get a nice body
> can even fuck drunk Chad


I honestly wish you the worst OP

Yeah, 10/10 women are pleasant to look at. That doesn't mean they wouldn't settle for anything less.
Hell I only need you to be a biological female and that's it, I just need to feel loved.

I'm sorry, you forgot something:
Camwhoring is a bannable offense on Jow Forums, including posting others.

You're going to let the rulebreakers skew your view of everyone else here?

I havent left my room in 9 days do you think I can get a bf?

>Guys don't give a fuck if a girl is worth money or has a fun personality.
this is so true. even the ugliest of men can have a gf if he has money. robots have NO excuse

never talked about wanting a Chad bf though. read the thread, i already said i tried to get a robot bf and they all rejected me

how many times have masturbated in those 9 days

thats a huge meme. im not fat. robots still won't date me. it's all about the face. they'd rather date a chubby/fat girl with a qt face than a ugly skinny girl.

yes, even from the comfort of your room as you sit in squalor. besides 9 days is extremely amateur, is it amateur hour in here? plus I highly HIGHLY doubt you are THAT ugly.

>that's not true, i don't care about his physical appearance, but robots do. you're all very shallow, sadly
again I really doubt you've talked to actual robots simply for the fact that robots aren't very forthcoming. robots are too shy to be the type that's constantly begging for your discord
also it's pretty hypocritical that you're trying to convince men to stop generalizing all women as being successful in relationships yet you generalize that all men are shallow. protip: being a cunt won't help you on your bf hunt

no, thats just what the fat fetishists want you to believe. most of us would rather have a skinny girl with an uggo face.

Yes I'll be your bf and legitimately try my best to have interesting conversations with you

Need some proof you're an actual fembot and I will breed you out.

i don't want to generalise men but all the robots I've talked to were the same.
where do i find REAL robots then? the ones that don't leave their houses?

You know that people have sex with ugly women all the time, right? You are aware that if you walk down the street or go out almost anywhere you can see incredibly ugly or unattractive people with partners yes?

It's not a meme, you can make up for not being pretty by being things like, y'know, enjoyable to spend time with, talk to, do things together, take anal, be willing to explore fetishes in general, not be a huge fucking nag or a bitch.
Man, do you know how many people would be completely satisfied in their lives if they just had someone they liked spending time with to play video games with, eat with, and nut on their face each day? Unattractive or otherwise. I'll answer for you; a lot of people user.

Robot man here, letting you fembots know that I haven't fapped all day and I'm just sitting here with my hard robot cock.

I have left my house a grand total of maybe

You got rejected by some normie lurker that wanted some easy puss. Let me guess: 7/10, average-tall height, otter mode and a decent job?
The game is easy when you have XX chromosomes: just dont be fat, and if you want something serious, dont be a whore.

I dont ask for a pic, but please post a look alike.
Guaranteed you will get a dozen robots crying for your attention. But this is a b8 thread, dont know why Im even seriously replying.

Like 1 time
I had to get food fuck me
I have never had a bf and im pretty ugly not fat though, you ok with that?

Become a comedian, guys like ugly funny women, pic related, she's ugly but guys like her

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>not creating a porn persona and just wearing various fun masks
>not generating thousands of dollars by capitalizing on this

thank me later

>fuck me

shes not as attractive as a real A list actress but she has a fine figure and she likely shits it up for her role as Dee

This. Thread really should have just stopped here.

>where do i find REAL robots then? the ones that don't leave their houses?
wait you were meeting these guys IRL? yeah those definitely aren't robots
>I have never had a bf and im pretty ugly not fat though, you ok with that?
I mean anything works for me really, even just someone to chat with because I really don't have anyone to talk to a lot of the time (especially not women)

as long as you aren't fat you probably aren't ugly to me. what's your body like?

I would date any ugly girl here.

no, they were robots, fat depressed NEETs with no social skills. if not even these kind of people want me, what is the point?
>post a look alike
pic related. doesn't really look like me but i look very generic, like her i guess

untrue. a bunch of robots ghosted me after i sent them my pic

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Lmao bitch i would gladly accept those "downsides".

Can I have your picture?
I promise not to ghost you
I haven't ghosted anyone yet

she's not remotely ugly, not even slightly.

this, the thread is kinda starting to seem like a bait thread now

>wait you were meeting these guys IRL?
no, i met them on here

>"come on, you can't be THAT ugly"
>"you're probably a lot more attractive than you think"
>finally muster up the courage to send robot a pic
>radio silence, no reply for days
Do not fall for their tricks. Most guys here are just fishing for 6/10+ and when they find out you're not you get the kibosh.

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and why's that user? i only leave my house to buy food

5ft5, very small breasts like 34b cup max not even sure myself, I have larger lower body than upper body, like longer legs like someone who is 12.

don't judge your worth on what robots think, their priorities and ideas are pretty fucked up. What else are you doing with yourself besides complaining about being ugly on the internet and seeking the approval of robots?

oh gotcha well my point from before still stands that you have no way of knowing that these were actual robots. I've talked to a lot of people here when trying to make friends, and they claimed to be robots and talked about how they're supposedly "depressed losers" but then I find out they're actually normalfags that have hundreds of discord friends to talk to. I wouldn't be surprised at all if these were the types of people you talked to

I've had 5 fembots ghost me in this scenario

sounds nice, this is me

For starters men probably have lower standards than you think they do, especially if you are fun to be around. Even if you look like a complete hambeast there will probably be a lot of men out there who won't have much problem hanging out or having a relationship with you or fucking you if you are their fun, confident, friend, just don't aim too high and you're golden.

For seconds, don't kill yourself you daft egg. Life is tough sure, but it needn't be completely shit. If you're lonely and need someone to just talk to while you get your life back on track try phoning the samaritans, no shame in that, they're top chaps.

>complaining about female live in modern society
Shut the fuck up and become a camwhore. You don't need to show your face to the viewers.

I'd rather someone I'm compatible with than someone who's attractive. Average and below average is more than alright if we get along well.

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>robot ghosts a femanon
>"don't worry fembot he wasn't a real robot"
the gaslighting here is insane. I think what pushes it over the edge is that you do it to yourselves too.

no thanks, i don't need other people telling me what i already know.

this. robots talk all the time about how they'd date any girl, but as soon as you send them a pic they'll block you

>your value is based on your physical appearance
incorrect you have inherent value because of your capacity to produce offspring

it would be more correct to say a ugly infertile woman is on the same level as a robot

>people only interact with you out of pity
tfw ignored, wow you actually get human intereaction and complain about it, entitled attitude you have that you can complain about how you get your interactions.

>boys have no qualms about letting you know how repulsive you are, in public or otherwise
No not always, got some sneaky passive agressive lads or just blunt people. however yes they are more likely to be up front.

>girls are even worse as you're the butt of every joke, always giggling and laughing behind your back

to bad it wont change, women are womens no.1 haters, they also enforce beauty standards etc then blame men, they are truely their own worst enemy.

>ugly girls have no worth in this world
see first part tldr babies
>at least ugly boys can work hard and make lots of money.

you have that capacity, you might not have the same work ethic or drive but in the western world you can make money

>should I kill myself?
I'd prefer if you didnt

I deleted my post, thanks for confirming this is bait though.

I was simply fucking relating it to experiences I've had trying to make friends off Jow Forums. I feel like the qualities of a "robot" that she's looking for would only be found in people that don't actively seek people to talk to, making the search hard. I can't relate to those types of people at all either so I'm more on her side, it's why I've never managed to make any friends even from here, they all stop talking to me when they realize I'm an actual robot who sucks at talking

Yeah but are you actually a virgin?

i'm trying to improve myself but it's hard when everyone else will judge you for your appearance. not only online but irl as well. it depresses me

SHut up whore I'm a 7/10 who settled down with a 4/10 gf because I'm tired of stacies
Women always win

If you actually look generic you're fine
I've seen ugly fembots
You probably aren't one of them

Girl in pic is nowhere near ugly, you are mentally ill.

care to be more specific regarding your self improvement?

>she types all of this even though she has had bfs and isn't a virgin

join the military or tinder you stupid whore. extremely easy to get laid because you are going to be the only girl in the military and the niggers from tinder are thirsty fucks. they will literally fuck some HIV positive landwhale who has the worse personality in the world.

I'd just like someone to talk to, although I'm sure you'll just make some excuse for why you're not interested in talking to me so I don't really buy that you have no options. even in this thread there's people offering to talk to you, that alone is already way better than how it is for men even if none of those conversations would lead anywhere. if I'd made a thread like this there wouldn't be anyone begging to talk to me like we have here

yes i wouldn't be on here if i wasn't

>300 guys asked this creature out
kill yourself

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I live at home, family buys food. I only leave the house for occasions when I have for the most part. I'm also older than the average person here, so you wouldn't want me based on those two things

there is nothing wrong with what that girl looks like, shes pretty cute

bullshit ugly women have social media and makeup they have it easy.

yeah, but the guys looking to talk to OP aren't just looking for friendship. Imagine if you posted about your 5000 btc wallet, you would get a lot of attention from people, but it would all be based on what you have, not who you are. That's what it's like for girls here. Don't be envious of that.

>You probably aren't one of them
that's what they all say before i send them a pic

but i am

>skincare routine
>exercising daily
>eating healthier
>going on walks
it's hard and doesn't seem much but it's what i can manage.

i'm 26, what about you friend? Have you ever moved out before?

how old are you? i'm into older guys.

yeah but I'd be fine talking to OP just for friendship because I need friends as well

yes you are on easy mode but you will probably have to settle with a nigger if you are ugly. niggers have the lowest standards I have ever seen in my life.

What femanon are you? Would you be interested in a cyborg 29 year old guy?

keep up the good work on your self improvement. Let me ask: What are your goals with this routine, or are you just doing a bunch of stuff you know is good for you hoping you feel better? could you be happy if you were single forever?

>i'm just talking to this rich person because i need friends

sure thing buddy

You're gonna have to prove to me that you're ugly

or else what oregonally?