Eyes of robots

eyes of robots

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Im tired of existing

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Those are eyes of sociopath

those are the eyes of a cutie... OP be my bf NOW!

RIP, he will kill you he is probably a sadist

>hurr durr thousand yard stare

My original eyes

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>eyes of a cutie

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Damn i look like i took something

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End my life originolio

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Fuckin kek
Why is everyone here looking like his dog died and i look like i took to much snow
Tfw we all not gonna make it kek


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yes, who is he? i see this picture being posted all the time. please i want him so bad...

I tried to smile

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In the morning when you rise do you open up your eyes and see what I see?

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We really are quite the cheery bunch

How much hrt originallydrddtfxh6

you look like a Chad. go away
be my bf

permanent dark circles

i hate them

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Not a tranny thx tho lol

>survey threads
>eyes of robots
>handwriting samples
>vocaroo samples
Why are you making NSA's job so easy?

Do you hate "berserkers" by chance?

what are berserkers

Murda in da 1st degree

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how old are you? you look like a 40yo

i am 26
how do i look 40

Bags under eyes and lack of eyebrows

>Bags under eyes
i have always had those

>lack of eyebrows
my hair is a mix of dirty and light blond, it just blends in with my skin


It was pain my friend... Pure pain...

are you a deranged tranny?

Not gay, sorry for getting your hopes up

I'm just permanently tired of everything and anything

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>already hit the wall
lmaoing @ men

no im a girl (female)

Hello darkness my old friend, originally

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Blease be my gee eff

>>already hit the wall
>lmaoing @ men

i didn't hit any wall, i never wasn't on the wall...


what's with those eyebrows?

Originally messed up first time

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Youre eyes all look dead

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Croped from a sideways pic

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Why is that? If you don't mind venting here.

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and youre not a robot

Ayy oroginalioli

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Thats 100% a tranny

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God I'm so fucking ugly

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I don't know desu everything is si exhausting

I hate this shitty phone

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>i must go
Love that

tsutsutsu originallio

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Dark circles gang reporting in

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Looks like you lack some serious sleep there

He might be a big ugly and fat but thats a sick cunt haircut.

Jus a rly ugly femcel

can relate to that, i usually said i was born tired of life already

God damn I never realised how bad my eyes look.

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>tfw too insecure to post even something as little of me as my own eyes

rate ebin :DDD

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i think my eyes are nice but,

brown eyes are best

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it's a myth that lack of sleep causes dark circles

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Bros i fucking hate women

seems like all robots have hooded eyes

be my sleep deprived bf please

I'm fucked eyelet to be honest kms

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>anons saying that people's eyes look sad and dead
You do realise where you are right?

Anyone else have eyes that are different heights?

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having no soul eyes and also big eyes are two of the few things i like about me

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the amount of mutts and shitskins here is depressing

Jerma what are you doing on Jow Forums?

>implying the only people who can feel lonely are white people

My eyes themselves don't have different heights but my eyelids rest at different vantage points.
I'm this fag
You can sorta see it

kek i know who you are. didn't know you posted here.

My eyes physically hurt.

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You have white skin but eye of a nigger

did you take something?
be my bf already

Those are some seriously hypnotizing eyes user

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You got hunter eyes. Sexy.

Yeah, I see what you mean, but based on that picture it doesn't look too bad. I don't think I'd have noticed it

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I get complemented on their color a lot.

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Origanolioli comment

They stay that way no matter how much I sleep
Only if you're a girl (female)

What the hell, GTFO CHAD!

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I can't control my blinking, and they have grown weak to sunlight. i haven't taken anything it's just been like that for the past few months

>Only if you're a girl (female)
i am
i've asked several robots to be my bf ITT but everyone ignores me.

am I the only one that thinks this is a model in the making?

I'm not fucking white you huge retard

are you originally psychotic?

GTFO Chads and stacys

This is not pol you faggot

is it just me or do i look half dead

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lmao, if you think I'm a CHAD you haven't seen the rest of my horrendously ugly face

thank you user!!!
they look cooler in the dark, bc my pupils go buckwild.

from what i can tell, your eyes look really nice too c:

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you look like such a cutie... also your skin looks so soft.

>i am
please be in Brisbane

You look like you need to wash your face

well it is soft... i guess?

i actually do that like 5 times a day, every time i go to the bathroom. But acne doen't get any better

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Make it 6 times than u greasy bastid

get the fuck out you anorexic attention whoring cunt
go get fucked by the 40 year old loser you're banging