Talk to drunk girls

>talk to drunk girls
>they say that a guy being a virgin is a dealbreaker because they don't want to teach someone how to have sex effectively
How the fuck are virgins supposed to lose their virginity if it's such a dealbreaker then?

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i dont know man, it was the opposite for me, i met a girl in a club and lost my virginity to her the same night because she wanted to take it

Just don't tell girls you're a virgin?

implying normies can't tell when you're a virgin

this. if you cum too early dont make a big deal about it and go for round 2 if you can

Who cares if they can tell? You can effectively hide it until sex. Once you stick it in, you're no longer a virgin.

them saying they dont want to teach sex to virgins is bullshit. all they want is some chad who does all the work while they lay still like a dead fish

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if you're autistic they can tell before sex

It's because you care about other people knowing you are a virgin and you feel insecure about it. People can't tell just by looking at you but if you act awkward when sex comes up as a topic then they can tell.
Also the truth is most girls don't care about a guy being a virgin, the people who care the most are usually virgins themselves (ie this board). Nobody irl gives a shit, and if they do they're assholes and who cares what they think.

i act like a fucking retard who snorted crack off a dead fish and that hasnt stopped me from fucking.

need experience to have your first job
need to have sex before you can lose your virginity

You've understood that if you are an honest man on this earth, you will never get anywhere.
You have to lie and be fake to get normal and natural things.
It's a clown world out there.

>wanting to lose your virginity to as drunk stacey in the first place

i mean the girls you meet while drinking are likely to be wanting to hook up and hooking up means having decent sex at least. you can still lose it with them but how you look is obviosuly a big part of it. i used to think having sex with virgins would be great but its really shit since you have to worry about how much pain she is in and how much she is going to bleed

Because normalfags loose it with some Chads leftovers at HS.

The system is not made for 20+ virgins.

don't tell them you're a virgin
or have sex with a girl who likes you for you

I prefer a virgin desu so we can learn together

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What if i told you there are women out there RIGHT NOW that literally only want virgins.

They only notice if you look and act like a virgin bro. Fucking improve yourself

>Also the truth is most girls don't care about a guy being a virgin
What are you basing this on? Because everytime the topic came up in real life, most girls said they DO care.

By the time she notices she went to bed with a virgin you will have already LOST your virginity, you silly incel.

I'd tell you to get out of your fantasy world

Only basing it off personal experience, but I probably talk with girls a lot more than anyone else itt since most my friends at uni are girls

Oh spicy attack, this is a reality which in im right and youre wrong, you still have to display confidence at the end of the day faggot. how else are you going to lose your virginity? learn techniques from your friends

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You were supposed to lose it in high school when it was acceptable to be a virgin

For most of Jow Forums it's too late, girls don't want older virgins.

there are some but its hardly a majority. plus they only really want virginities of guys who are decently attractive to begin with and most of those arent virgins anymore. its like men who like to take virginities. its not really that fun but if theyre attractive enough youll do it for the fun of the hunt itself

Virgin Eaters. Queen of thots honestly.

>You were supposed to lose it in high school when it was acceptable to be a virgin

I wish I went to that high school

>need experience to have your first job
>need to have sex before you can lose your virginity

It's not fucking fair. It can't be that hard to show a guy how to fuck and girls won't even do that.

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Any woman who says she doesnt want a virgin because of having to teach him how to fuck is likely just a self centered cunt who wants to lie there like a dead fish while you put in all the leg work. Half the fun of fucking is finding out what works for you and your partner and what doesnt.

Why are you taking them at their word? They don't like virgins because it signal that you aren't desirable.
It doesn't have to make sense, as long as women think it makes sense.