Slow day for the board, so let's compile the Jow Forums NPCs just from what we see in the catalog

Slow day for the board, so let's compile the Jow Forums NPCs just from what we see in the catalog

Feel free to comment or add more NPCs

First one around today is our "I love my gf" troll

>Always same pic
>Never misses a day
>Low quality bait,

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Friendly reminder that all jews shall be purged.

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the only thing you'll do is bring them back to me but when you return to me ill send you to the deepest pit of hell

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The sideways picture troll, which only was mildly amusing when an user posted the fixed pic

>questions to femanons or about becoming women
> used to be daily, frequence has decreased thankfully
> Around 20 replies, always the same question so people don't bother anymore

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We also have this one going on, harmless but pointless

> It has a pepe so it now fits Jow Forums apparently
> Could be entirely automated
> less than 10 replies, nobody gives a shit

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Next we have this thing known as sakiposter, but let's call him liveblogger #5

>good morning/afternoon/evening/night/r9k
>thinks this is twitter
>It's just a (you) thread with avatarfagging
>expects everyone else to create the content for his threads
>20-50 replies, maybe because he tries to have actual convos

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Of course, we have the flavor of the month spam, Belle Delphine ads

>Many threads per day, up until 7+ in the catalog at any given time
>Popular variations are the classic hate: "I hate her" "I hate her pathetic orbiters" and the generic discussion opener "What do you think?"
>Every single thing she does is apparently worthy news
>Popular bait, good chance of getting a 50+ replies thread

Forgot pic originally
as if we needed more

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Rude, can validate that poster isn't NPC.

>can I be your cute boyfriend who can listen to music with and cuddle and go to hot topic with bla bla bla

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An oldie but not a goodie unfortunately, women are disgusting threads

>Greentext story camouflaged as questions
>Always the same complaints, vapid, uninteresting, boring, slutty, heartless, etc
> Summed up as woe is me, women cause me pain
> Seldom get +50 replies but most of the time die with less than 20, it's just the same story once again after all

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All robots should go on Grindr and actually have sex

Not really sure of the name of this one, but it's liveblogger #4

>Multiple pictures with the same style
>Why yes, I (insert random thing here)
>Not r9k exclusive
>Tries way too hard to mix in "board culture"
> Avg of 7 replies or so, pretty shite threads. Less successful avatarfag out there

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tomoko bf poster

Another classic we have here, fuck reddit!

>Pic is either the logo or a particular reddit post
>Always the same stuff, echo chamber, fuck upvotes, etc
>Usually goes with a story about how my shitty trolling got promptly banned
> r9k also got tired of it, it's rare to see one of this with 30+ replies

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Here's one of the most boring ones imo

>Always the same questions with the same pictures, user why so lonely/virgin/never kissed/never had a gf/etc
>Sometimes variations with shitty roleplay, user I want to kiss you/be your gf/be with you/etc
>Around 5-10 times per day
>Can be fully automated
>Consistently reaching 10-20 replies still

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I love her so much wouldn't know what that's like

We continue with the "girls" collection

This time it's white girls chilling

>how can anyone compete?
>This one is actually rare, usually it's just the same set of 3 pictures
>at war with the yellow fever spam
>sometimes derailed quickly by blacked of black girl shills
>around 20 or so replies per thread
>frequency of a thread per 2 days or so, bit lower than daily

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liveblogger #1 is here

>completely unrelatable posts
>Rotates the images but doesn't have a big collection
>Thinks this is his journal
>Has found something to do lately, but before it was usually around 5 threads per day
>Avg of 5 replies per thread, most of them asking him wtf is he talking about

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Maybe the most popular NPC trend around after Belle Delphine advertising

> Thinks this is a subreddit
> Several times daily, don't reach the frequency of Belle Delphine ads, but you can always find at least one in the catalog at any time
> Half the times OP doesn't even bother answering
> No matter how inane the thread is it still receives at least 3 or so questions

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Part of the 2020 series, the Yang shill

> Almost always about the freebuxx
> Limited lifetime
> Like 4 or so threads per week, more if there's an event going on
> Robots not interested, barely achieve 30 replies at best

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Part of the survey series, the ideal spam

>Seen at least 5 times per week
>Always the same survey and always the same mechanic
>Only fembots get the replies, robots get angry that only fembots get the replies
>Extremely low chance of something happening from these kind of threads
>Nearly always the same answers too because there isn't a lot of people here
>Consistently popular, robots love shouting into the void about themselves it seems

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Here's a somewhat recent one from the girls series, the arthoe shill

>Generic questions, including the "Why don't you" cookie cutter thread
>A set of like 6 images
>Not daily but happens several times a week
>It always derails to standard women discussion
>20 replies on avg

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We continue with another big trend

>oneliner - what would you do?
>even if the pics change, the rp situation doesn't
>the answers it gets are always as uninspired at the question
>30 replies on a good day

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A similar one, but so bad robots feel it's psyops

The tranny roleplay

>greentext about enjoying crossdressing/feminization
>blaming the board/Jow Forums
>frequency around once every 2 days
>Not as popular as the classic tranny shill, but sometimes can get enough traction

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On the girls series

>questions about assholes
>almost always about the smell
>replies are exactly the same, a couple say is disgusting, most approve or go tfw no qt
>can be automated
>appears daily

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Seems like you have nothing better to do too, but i like this thread, nice job dude.

Not on the catalog, but the worst one is the guy who is here every day posting
>dude just go on grindr and get TOPPED
on every fucking thread

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>Why yes, how did you know I was a liveblogger?

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I am doing some boring work, and it's just a visit to the catalog and cropping a thread so not much effort needed.
Hopefully this way regulars can notice the board is so bad because they allow all this boring shit to happen

On the gatekeeping series

>Empty threat
>Inconsistent checklist, sometimes you are not a robot if you have less than 5 friends, sometimes you are not a robot if you have a single friend
>A couple of times is just shitty bait
>Frequency a bit below daily
>20 or so replies, it's just a lazy shitposting round that tires robots quickly

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No wonder robots feel they're psyops, this one is in the top5 for sure
Tranny shilling

>Try to force arousal for trannies
>"Innocent" questions or wwyd roleplay oneliners
>Images are varied with people that can pass of course
>Many threads per day, maybe even ahead of the AMA crap
>Not wildly successful, but quite active. Would be interesting to know why robots fall so easily with these ones

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liveblogger #2, maybe the most recognizable out there

>multiple variations of the same 2 pics
>likes to shit on the board making multiple threads whenever he's around (daily)
>the second thing you notice about his threads is a reply telling him to kys
>his persistence paid off and now a lot of his threads can reach close to 100 replies
>tries hard to talk about a lot of things unlike the other livebloggers

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Belle Delphine is the best thing on this board

any fembot thread that gets more than 20 replies is a cancer