You know what guys, I'll just admit it:

You know what guys, I'll just admit it:
>I want a virgin Stacy wife who will love me and be awesome
Fuck fembots and fuck all other ugly stupid inferior bitches.

Fembots just beg for cock and for bf because they are inferior and can't get any better.
They all have Stacy desires, but they can't get it.

So ask yourselves robots, do you want an inferior woman to settle for you, or do you want to be a Stacy's alpha stud?

First of all, you need the alpha attitude and confidence.
Don't give anyone fake respect because you are scared or soemthing.
You ARE the shit.

Second, work on all aspects of your life.
And don't focus on your body way too much, so many incels fall into this trap.

So there you have it guys.
Ugly women deserve the worst of betas, and you are not that.
I believe in you.

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Fucking BASED. I dont know if were all gonna make it, but I WILL

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Just be confident bro. Just be chad bro

>He doesnt even believe in himself

Some will inevitably fall to their victim mentality and limiting beliefs.

That's just how it is, but there's a lot potential for all of us.



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sure jan, see you back here on monday

>Crabs in a bucket

not even fucking original

> believe in yourself. Women just want a confident guy. they don't care about looks.

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omg what a prophet

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Damn right.
By "Stacy" I just mean a woman of superior looks, intellect, health and fertility.

I guarantee you dont look like that
Find the beauty in yourself

I don't even intend on getting properly "swole", since it's not healthy in the long run.
I will not ruin my health to look better for women or whatever.
I will get them anyway.

By the way, if you want to feel more powerful, train some martial arts, do some self-defense courses, etc.

>just be confident
another unoriginal comment

>low T excuses
I expected more from you user.

yeah bitch we all know you robots are hypocrites pieces of shit who only want stacies

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>I expected more from you user.
why? why in the world you have any hope for me at all? are you even aware on what board you are on? I think you need to leave

>l-low T
This post can be boiled down to
>just be confident bro
>work on ur life bro
which is meme advice

>fembots just beg for cock

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>implying they don't



Fembots don't exist. A "female (male)" is not a real female, sorry trannies.

You must be new here, user