What does a qt girls ass usually taste like?

What does a qt girls ass usually taste like?
I can't imagine that it would taste like shit, they just look so perfect.

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I ate a Mexican stripper's ass in January. Tasted like skin.

I never ate a girls ass, of course. im not a fucking fiend like some of you starving incels. basically the situation is, they poop out of it. would you like to lick a diaper? no? oh ok. then why is eating ass so interesting to you.

get a grip motherfucker.

why would anyone do something like this? thats where the shit comes out

I was drunk and stumbled into a strip club where a woman rightfully took advantage of my then-current state. I didn't mind it though, it was hot from what I remember because her ass was so goddamned phat.

>they poop out of it
Idk, do they?
Can you imagine a Stacy actually pooping? I thought so

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>Can you imagine a Stacy actually pooping?
I've seen it.

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You know that females occasionally throw up and spit mucus, right?

looks fake af desu, probably just chocolate

Every time someone on this board sees a Stacy doing some disgusting shit, they call it fake. I assure user, it's very real. I have videos of women who look like they belong in 80s teen movies doing some disgusting shit, even with animals. They do anything for a dollar.

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Ah, the brown clay clumped together trick

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Look up TagYourSponsor and see what these girls will do for an Arab with some money. Get shit on, fuck a camel, bang a child. They'll do it all.

Not my Stacy.
Those are probably just Beckys, or fembots, Only they would stoop that low

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Pic related agreed to fuck a camel

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Eating ass is normie stuff

You really want to know
>put on some underwear
>go for a run
>take off underwear
>lick where ur ass would be
A reminder that "eating ass" puts you at risk for some gnarly infections and diseases

maybe for chimps in the jungle but not for actual humans. youre in denial. youre a monkey larping as a human being if you like eating ass.

I feel bad for her.
Must suck having your instagram hacked, so people can fake stories about you

So where can I see videos like that?

>there arnt dwpraived money hungry women in the world
Pretty girls can be freaks too

>maybe for chimps in the jungle but not for actual humans
Not him, but he's right. Telling someone you eat ass, isn't even taboo anymore, it's just a normie sexual activity. Same with how anal used to be. Used to be seen as gross, now it's a common thing

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You've forced my hand. Time to pull out the big guns.

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In prison with Tyrone and Ramirez

A nudist, enjoying time with her pet...?
What's the big deal

Dont post anything more he gets the point.

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its common. not "normal". its peak degeneracy. learn to swim.

With camels? Not sure. You can probably find some Brazilian shit like that. But with white American Stacys with household pets, it's harder to find. I've been hoarding videos of white girls for years and the sites always get shut down. Try pornscum and pornsocket.

Oh she's enjoying it alright.
He doesn't seem to understand.

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Please for the love if God dont reply to me you cretin

>its common. not "normal"
Two sides of the same coin.
The more common something becomes the more normal it's viewed in society. Especially with each generation.

What an unruly dog.
Sometimes you tell them something and they just dont listen. Can't blame a savage four legged beast for wanting to smell a qt girl though

Does seeing Stacy in such a state bother you?

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literally everyone does it
if eat a pussy and ass is just near it you lick over anus every now and then and usually every female responds well to it
never tasted like shit and a woman would probably never let yo near her ass/pussy had she not cleaned her ass prior to it

Explain this one, Coper.

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I have a stomach of steel.
However seeing such things makes me hate the world more

Nice shoop.
I hear people are doing amazing things with deepfakes now

Fucks sake
Everyone rat on the dog fucker

I've never fucked a dog user, that's Stacy's thing

why rat on the wh*toid's sister?

I love coming into threads and seeing how quickly they devolve into degeneracy.

wait what's the status of b-stuff on Jow Forums? or even in US? I think I remember it being spammed few years ago but now it's like it's extremely illegal or something

of course it smells/tastes like shit. it's literally the same exact thing as a man's butthole

I don't think it's illegal in america, at least not on a federal level. As far as viewing.
I know the act though is illegal, but that varies from state to state

only eaten fresh asses
they taste like nothing, just skin.
Baginas on the other hand...

Theres nothing better than eating a cute girls asshole


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Thought so, still it gets filtered and moderated like hell, a gore is treated like nothing but this is treated like mods are just waiting for it

>still it gets filtered and moderated like hell
Yeah idk why.
Loli on the other hand is illegal in most places toothat's not America/Japan and some other places but it's fine to post to with zero qualms.