Reminder of the 2nd of the two abortions she had

reminder of the 2nd of the two abortions she had

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First thread today I didn't think much of it. This is the 5th. You are obsessed with her and you need serious help. You have nothing to discuss so you make things up. Seek help.

Does she have some social media? She deleted her reddit account a while ago

>It feels like there's no point to Ciara threads anymore. Any pictures posted are public on her Instagram and as long as you don't get kicked, sheep village on discord. There's no leaked private messages anymore. There's no nudes being leaked. And you start to feel bad about her being harassed like this once you're in a group with her for months. All the drama is over, the shock over her boyfriend is over, at this point it's just cruel and obsessive and I seriously think if you're going to just make things up and discuss the same bullshit that you need serious help and I sincerely hope you never meet her because I seriously think one of you would kill her.
agreeing with this. unless you have new nudes of her, this is just genuinely creepy. checked her instagram story and she's cuddling with her boyfriend. is that why you're upset op? imagine posting everyday claiming some girl who will never want to be around you making up abortion rumors. i actually think YOU need to see a therapist not only are you flooding the board with your lies you are an obsessed stalker and this point and you need to stop. im tired of seeing her on my board there's no reason for it.

>he doesn't know her new reddit
i'll throw you a bone on her instagram

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lol people still post cracky and boxxy pics from 10-15 years ago, ciara whored herself out on here way more than those two and posted her nudes and contact info here many times

I don't give a shit about her insta, i just wanna read some reddit posts about her wageslave job @target

>he doesn't know cracky lore
cracky so posted her nudes and posted her contact info pretending to be an user who just "found it"
either way it's creepy. what other people do/did doesn't make it less creepy. people acted like they wanted ciara to improve/change. once she did the hate seemed to get even worse because she got a boyfriend. i always thought ciara was adorable in the start but the amount of hate she got after announcing she started dating jay was atrocious

ciara posted here for years hundreds of times to get people talking about her

well, success!

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because people are such paranoid obsessive retards because anytime someone posts about her (despite her having collected hundreds of fans and thousands of jewtube subs) people accuse the poster of being her. i don't care if she posted herself at age 15/16 because there's a reason this site is 18+ and there's a reason children aren't given full rights to protect them from their own retardation. you people have problems moving the fuck on years later.

thank you for your opinion, I will give it the care and respect it deserves

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>A mentally disturbed underage girl posted on here years ago so she deserves to be harassed years later
Honestly I'm surprised she's not behaving like a horrible person now because I would absolutely lose my shit. You people are human trash and are beyond worse than she ever was. I remember when people were harassing her family over her when she was 15. absolutely unacceptable

How old is she now?



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19. hasn't been causing any shit I would say at least the past year. i know obsessed retards retaliate against her whenever she blocks them

she was 18 when she had her first abortion and she is 19 now that she has had the second abortion

bringing the total abortion number to 2

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>I don't like this girl
>better spend my spare time creating give threads about her in one day, stalking her social media, slandering her and anyone who's close to her

To anyone who believes this, OP has been posting these threads literally over a year now. They came out of nowhere. If you say there's no proof of it, they say how can we prove she hasn't had one. She never said anything saying she had one, and not one of her friends said she had one, so basically they just pulled this out of their ass with nothing prompting it. This was very soon after Ciara got a new boyfriend. Don't even argue with them about it because they're a troll.

um ok if you say so lol

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Why is everyone so obsessed over this below average roastie? I honestly cant see why such a fugly girl is the sshit. Are people so hurting that they think shes pretty?

I sincerely believe that it's only one or two obsessed retards posting in threads like this. People used to follow more for the high school level drama when she was 15/16/17. She got a creepy boyfriend who was double her age at 18, people cared for a month or two, it's been over a year so it's not interesting anymore. There's certain people who got blocked by her because they were pedophiles and now made it their life goals to try to make her miserable. I doubt it's worked yet

thank you for letting us know about your sincere beliefs!

>You are obsessed with her and you need serious help.
Well, I mean, I guess this is more of an autismo board. Honestly speaking there are some good threads but 90% of r9k is constantly disgusting retarded shit posted by autistic faggots.

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imagine whoring yourself on the internet and only getting 40yo dick instead of getting rich. ciara must be seething to her 30 yt viewers that wont buy her bath water

Here is a good thread:

She should sell that

>She should sell that
40 y/o dick? I've tried... :(